Best Casual Shoes For Men

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The old adage goes, "shoes make the man." Well, there it is if you haven't seen it yet. Unkempt footwear can completely derail an otherwise well-put-together ensemble. Even if all you have on is jeans and a tee, you'll look great if you've taken good care of your shoes and they're spotless.

The shoes a man wears are a reflection of his sense of style and character, and the care he takes of them reveals a great deal about him. Like you do with your cars Even if your supercar is the best in the world, its beauty will be marred by dirt, especially on the tires. Pick your footwear with care, and maintain its cleanliness. That's some advice we just can't give enough of.

In this moment, you may be unsure of the precise category of footwear that best describes you. We've got you covered with an assortment of sneakers, sandals, and everything in between for your casual shoe needs.

Just wear what makes you feel good and fits your personal taste. Ultimately, you have to find what makes you happy and satisfied. As long as you are comfortable in your shoes for extended periods of time, the opinions of others shouldn't matter too much.

So, without further ado, here are this year's top picks for casual footwear.

Traditional Red Wing Boots With A Timeless Classic Moc Toe

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc

It's too late for winter, but we just had to talk about these stunning Red Wing booties. Although not designed for cold weather, those in milder regions may be able to wear them all year round.

The colors and leather both look stunning. That's because the Traction Tred rubber outsole of these lifestyle boots will keep your feet feeling great for hours on end.

It's a pair of Dr. Martens 1460s.

Dr. Martens 1460

The Doc Martens 1460 is an iconic shoe that hardly requires an introduction. It's a staple in any shop, and over the course of its more than six decade history, it's gone from being a boot worn by soldiers in World War II to being worn by factory workers in the 1960s to being worn by fashionistas today.

It's a boot that can be worn by either sex, and Dr. Martens because of the high-quality and long-lasting wear they provide.

Cavalier Boots Thursday

Thursday Boots Cavalier

Thursday Boots' high-quality light-suede Chelsea bootie is perfect for spring and summer's chillier evenings and mornings. This is a fantastic middle ground if neither open-toed sandals nor sneakers are your thing.

They can withstand wet conditions, so you can go out in the rain without a problem.

The York Half & Half, Made by York Athletics MFG

York Athletics MFG The Frank Half & Half

When you want to look sporty but not too sporty, those sneakers are a great choice. The shoe, with its brown leather upper and black mesh underlay, is a great transitional piece between casual and athletic attire.

You can wear them for their intended purpose, which is working out, or you can wear them for any other purpose.

Cloud Chaco Bands For Men

Chaco Men’s Banded Z Cloud

You'll feel like you're walking on clouds when you wear these sandals. They're dependable and can withstand the rigors of any outdoor endeavor.

They are an eco-friendly, comfortable option during the warmer months thanks to the arch support and vegan construction.

All-Birds Tree-Dashers 25

AllBirds Tree Dashers

The Tree Dashers are AllBirds' newest eco-friendly sneaker offering. The company was founded on environmental principles, and this particular model is crafted from eucalyptus pulp, which helps to keep your feet cool during exercise and running.

The technical simplicity of the design makes them suitable for daily use.

As a Low-Gateway Teva

Teva Gateway Low

This pair of Teva shoes is a fantastic pick for any hiker. Teva shoes are a great way to show your support for the environment because they are made with 55% recycled polyester and sustainable leather.

These water-repellent shoes are not only stylish but also incredibly cozy. Buying a fantastic pair of shoes while not harming the planet is a win-win situation.

Wolf and Shepherd Gunner Driver #23

Wolf & Shepherd Gunner Driver

Wolf & Shepherd's driving shoes, an Italian classic, are made in Portugal. The memory foam in the insoles and traction pods on the outsoles combine to make for supreme comfort and safety on the road.

Not only functional, but also fashionable, with a wide range of color options.

Derby of Traveling Nisolo

Nisolo Travel Derby

Nisolo's version of the dress shoe is a bit more laid-back, but it's still perfect for the upcoming warm weather. You won't even need to break them in, they're that soft and pliable.

Not only will you look great in these ethically made shoes, but you'll also be able to do your part to protect the environment thanks to the cushioned insole and soft leather upper.

Blucher with a plain toe and unlined suede upper: Alden

Alden Unlined Suede Plain Toe Blucher

These shoes are perfect for transitional weather, and their snuff suede is so comfortable that you may choose to forego socks altogether. They aren't too fancy, so you can wear them on a daily basis, but they'll still make you look good at a semi-formal event right after work.

Leather outsole and waterlock flex sole ensure long hours of wear without discomfort.

Twenty. Loro Piana Summer Walk Suede-trimmed Linen Loafers

Loro Piana Summer Walk Suede-trimmed Linen Loafers

These are the perfect summer loafers for strolling around all day in. These leather-lined linen shoes are perfect for hot summer days.

They are finished with supple suede and have a flexible rubber sole, making them suitable for long days of lounging.

The Supreme Royal Sneakers

Greats Royale Sneakers

Greats Royale's all-white low top sneakers are crafted in Italy from buttery cowhide leather and improve with wear. They're the best pair of everyday sneakers you own, and they'll make any outfit look better.

So long as you wear them with no-show socks, you're good to go.

GS-Star from Golden Goose

Golden Goose Superstar

These high-quality sneakers, designed by the husband-and-wife team behind the Golden Goose brand, are made from distressed leather for a retro look. The high quality materials and careful craftsmanship used to create them will allow you to express yourself.

The design takes cues from the skateboarding ethos but is still functional for everyday use.

Classic Nike Blazer Mid '77 Athletic Shoes

Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage Sneakers

If you're looking to relive the carefree spirit of the 1970s, these stunning sneakers by Nike are the way to go. Grain leather is used for the upper, and suede is used for the toe box and side panels of these high-top sneakers.

The brown leather contrasts nicely with the golden tones of the hardware and the off-white of the logo and laces.

Gucci Screener, Number Sixteen

Gucci Screener

This Gucci throwback is a nod to the classic runners of the 1970s, making it a great choice if you're looking to maintain a 1970s aesthetic. They are made to look worn on purpose by skilled artisans using premium materials, but they are actually very versatile and comfortable to wear all day long.

They're leather-lined and feature subtle but noticeable designer logos.

Basketball leather sneaker common projects 15

Common Projects Bball Leather Sneakers

The all-white colorway of these classic basketball shoes makes them a versatile wardrobe staple. These shoes, made by hand in Italy from textured high-end leather, are comfortable enough for weekend wear while still being professional enough for a more laid-back office setting.

You can wear them for long periods of time with ease because of the leather lining and the rubber bottoms.

Try on Sneakers

Veja Esplar Sneaker

These cozy sneakers are made in Brazil from eco-friendly and ethically produced materials by French footwear brand Veja. Featuring a leather and water-repellent suede upper, these shoes have a timeless, sophisticated look that pairs well with any wardrobe.

Eco-friendly materials such as Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, organic cotton, and recycled plastic bottles go into the construction of the shoe's upper, insole, and outsole, respectively. In addition to being fashionable, this product is also kind to the environment.

Tread Low: A Design by Mobs

Mobs Design Tread Low

This shoe by Mobs Design is an alternative to the all-white sneaker for those who prefer a more formal look. Colorful and adaptable, these choices are a welcome change.

The removable antimicrobial foam sock liner adds to the comfort and hygiene provided by the high-quality leather from which they are crafted.

Salomon XT-6 Edition Trekking Footwear, Size 12.

Salomon Edition XT-6 Trekking

These shoes are made for the miles you walk each day. This trendy sneaker was designed by Fumito Ganryu and Salomon for those who want to look good while exploring the great outdoors.

Salomon, a popular outdoor brand, is known for its innovative waterproofing technologies, which can be found in its footwear.

11 - New Beginnings - Nike Air Jordan

Nike Air Jordan New Beginnings

These high-tops, which first gained popularity in the 1980s, are making a comeback in 2021. Anyone interested in collecting vintage Nikes will love these.

If you can't find them on the Nike website, try a high-end resale market. They're hidden, but we think they're a treasure.

No. 10 Balenciaga, Side B

Balenciaga Track 2

On the other hand, these Balenciaga "dad sneakers" are extremely risky, if we do say so ourselves. These shoes are for the man who isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd; they're made of nylon and mesh and have massive rubber soles.

Each unique color scheme manages to stand out from the rest.

9 koio metro taupe

Koio Metro Taupe

Koio is an Italian manufacturer of luxury footwear. Amazingly stylish and comfortable footwear, made possible by high-quality materials and expert shoemakers.

The margom rubber outsole and terry cloth lining of this model keep your feet dry and comfortable while you walk.

Yecheil Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil

The notoriously brilliant Kanye West, who designed this sneaker in partnership with Adidas, clearly has a good handle on what the market wants.

If you're ever fortunate enough to obtain a pair of Yeezys, you should definitely consider doing so as an investment. Since they were first put up for sale, their value has increased by 27%.

7 Balmain B-Court Black & White

Balmain B-Court Black & White

These classic tennis shoes by Balmain are a more understated designer option. The upper is constructed from supple calfskin leather, the insole is lined with leather for added comfort, and the treaded outsole adds a touch of class to your stride.

It's a great option for a relaxed, modern look with a hint of luxury.

Sixth, the gold Celine Triomphe high-tops.

Celine Triomphe Gold High-Top

These luxurious Celine high-tops are the perfect way to flaunt your taste in vintage style. If you like these limited-edition urban sneakers, you should act quickly.

They are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also a delight to wear thanks to the high quality materials and expert construction that have become synonymous with the name Celine.

Number Five: Black Fusion by Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela Black Fusion

These one-of-a-kind Maison Margiela sneakers would be perfect for anyone who wants to stand out. The high cost can be justified by the high quality of the shoe's construction and the labor-intensive handiwork involved in its production.

These high-fashion sneakers may not be for everyone, but they're as unique as they come.

Shoes: Nike Air Max 270

Nike Air Max 270

Among Nike's sneakers, this one has been the year's biggest hit. One of the most relaxing pairs of sneakers available, thanks to the woven upper and the lightweight React rubber outsole.

They allow air to pass through and keep you dry, even when you're working out hard in the blazing sun. There's a rainbow of hues to choose from, so have fun!

Suede and patent leather by Lanvin

Lanvin Suede & Patent Leather

Very few people would guess that these are sneakers because they are so elegant. They're patent leather uppers with a suede cap toe and an off-white rubber outsole. You could get away with wearing them to a business event because of how professional they look.

Just pair them with a suit and you'll be ready to go. They also look great when dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt.

Second, Koio Capri Castagna

Koio Capri Castagna

You can't go wrong with these gorgeous sneakers from high-end shoemaker Koio if you're going for a flashy, affluent appearance. Castagna brown leather is beautiful and will add a cozy touch to any ensemble.

They're made from hand-brushed vegetable tan vachetta leather, so they're soft and flexible, and you can wear them all day long.

#1. Oliver Cabell Low I Frost

Oliver Cabell Low I Frost

An Olivier Cabell purchase is more than just a pair of shoes; it's a way of life. These simple yet sophisticated sneakers come from a high-end label that only uses eco-friendly materials and operates in ethical factories.

You should definitely treat yourself to them because they go with everything.

We're confident you'll find a 2021 look you love among the selections we've provided.

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Dr. Martens 1460 Thursday Boots Cavalier York Athletics MFG The Frank Half & Half Chaco Men’s Banded Z Cloud
AllBirds Tree Dashers Teva Gateway Low Wolf & Shepherd Gunner Driver Nisolo Travel Derby Alden Unlined Suede Plain Toe Blucher
Loro Piana Summer Walk Suede-trimmed Linen Loafers Greats Royale Sneakers Golden Goose Superstar Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage Sneakers Gucci Screener
Common Projects Bball Leather Sneakers Veja Esplar Sneaker Mobs Design Tread Low Salomon Edition XT-6 Trekking Nike Air Jordan New Beginnings
Balenciaga Track 2 Koio Metro Taupe Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Yecheil Balmain B-Court Black & White Celine Triomphe Gold High-Top
Maison Margiela Black Fusion Lanvin Suede & Patent Leather Koio Capri Castagna Nike Air Max 270 Oliver Cabell Low I Frost
It was Oliver Cabell Low I Frost who first said it.

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