Learning to tie one's own shoes is a traditional milestone. While some children may pick this up easily, others may require extensive repetition. Follow these helpful hints, watch these instructional videos, and check out these suggested readings and activities to learn how to teach your kids to tie their shoes.

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Methods for Instructing Young Ones

All parties involved may find this frustrating; here are some solutions.

Remove your footwear

The process of learning to tie your shoes is made much more challenging when you have to do it while wearing them. Instead, put the shoe rack on a low table so that the children can reach and examine the shoes easily. (If you don't want to ruin the table, use some newspaper.) )

Place yourself appropriately.

If you and the child are both right- or left-handed, sitting side by side will allow the child to observe your every move. But switch places and sit facing each other if you and they are different handed.

Get the pipe cleaners out first.

Tennis shoe with green and yellow pipe cleaners forming a bow. Text reads Pipecleaners help with tying shoelaces!

You Can Trust Your Kids OT

Weak shoelaces are a common source of annoyance. However, pipe cleaners keep their form well and facilitate a step-by-step process.

Make use of contrasting laces

Black tennis shoe with split color laces that are half white, half red (How to Teach Kids to Tie Shoes)

Having a contrasting color on each side of the laces will make it much simpler to determine their placement. These specialized laces are well worth the cost, and your kid's shoes will continue to look cool long after they finish school.

To purchase Adapt-Ease Multi-Colored Tying Aid Learning Shoelaces, click here.

Wait your turn; repetition is the key to success.

Of course, this is true for teaching any skill, but when it comes to shoe-tying, it's especially important to demonstrate the proper technique. As much practice as possible should be given to your child or students. Even if you're in a rush, it's worth it to give them a few chances to try before you take over. The best course of action is to experiment with various approaches (listed below), and if the children become too frustrated, to take a break and try again later.

Approaches to Teaching Children How to Tie Their Shoes

Perhaps it will come as a surprise to you to learn that there are other, equally valid methods of tying your shoes, even if that is the only way you've ever known. A child may benefit more from one approach than another, so it's important to familiarize yourself with a variety of strategies.

The One-Loop Approach

Similar moves include the "loop, swoop, and pull," for which this move is named. You can't go wrong with this age-old method of shoelace tying. Also, check out this video of a kid demonstrating the same technique; we think you'll like it.

"Bunny Ears" 2-Loop Technique

Some children find it much simpler to use the adorable bunny "ears" and "tails" This version of the bunny ears method is great for students who need some extra guidance.

Customized Rabbit Ears

As promised, here's an alternate form that streamlines the bunny method to a fine art. Observe a mother giving a demonstration, followed by a performance by her child.

This is known as "The Ian Knot."

Put away your swoops and loops and learn the Ian Method Your shoes can be tied in a jiffy with just a few easy motions.

Tie Your Child's Shoes With These Books

Books like these are wonderful resources for either introducing a topic or providing students with practice.

To Tie One's Shoes

How to Tie Your Shoes board book

This adorable book has a sneaker for practice right inside! So smart

Get the children's book "How to... Tie Your Shoes" on Amazon.com.

Lace, in Both Red and Yellow

Red Lace Yellow Lace book to teach kids to tie shoes

If you're looking for a book to help your child learn how to tie their shoes, this is one of the best sellers on Amazon. In less than 10 minutes of practice, my son was able to tie his shoes," said one reviewer. The book's illustrations and the use of two-toned strings were especially useful. ”

Purchase it on Amazon: Red Lace, Yellow Lace

These Are Boo's Shoes

Boo's Shoes book to teach kids to tie shoes

Shoe-tying is a skill Boo would rather not acquire. As luck would have it, his good friend Farah Fox is here to convince him.

Boo's Shoes, available for purchase on Amazon.com

The Case of the Missing Lace: Charlie Shoe

Charlie Shoe and the Great Lace Mystery book

Charlie keeps tripping over his untied shoelaces. Sophie, luckily, knows a catchy rhyme that will teach him how to tie his shoes.

Amazon has Charlie Shoe and the Great Lace Mystery for sale.

My Own Shoelaces, No Problem

I Can Tie My Own Shoelaces book

Another book that comes with a pair of practice shoes As one reviewer puts it, "my son learned how to tie his shoes the very day we got the book." ”

You Can Tie Your Own Shoes Now is available for purchase on Amazon.

Preschool Shoe-Tying Games and Aids

In order to help children acquire this essential skill, there are some fun and creative learning tools on the market. In addition, other guardians and educators have proposed innovative solutions.

DIY Shoemaking: Tissue Boxes

Toddler holding a shoe made from a tissue box and shoelaces

Children's footwear is often quite compact, making tying the laces a challenge. An expanded practice area is provided by this simple craft.

Exploring the World of Laughter and Learning

The use of a wooden shoe as a pattern

Large wood model of a high-top sneaker used to teach kids to tie their shoes

Such long-lasting and easily-repaired wooden models are a great investment for schools.

Melissa & Doug's Deluxe Wood Lacing Sneaker is available for purchase on Amazon.

You could give lacing cards a shot.

Sturdy cards in the shape of shoes, with real shoe laces

To aid young children in learning how to tie their shoes, lacing cards have long been used. If your children have trouble keeping them in place, try taping them to the table or floor.

Toyvian Shoe Lacing Cards, Available at Amazon for Purchase.

Lacing cards can be made at home.

DIY shoe lacing cards made from laminated paper

You can make your own, so there's no need to buy them. Incorporate your own laces after printing out this free template!

Living and Learning More About It

Craft a bunny board

Cardboard with bunny face and shoelace loops to represent ears (How to teach kids to tie shoes)

If you want to use the bunny ears technique, a bunny board will help children better picture the ears.

Read up on it at Education.com.

Animate your audience with the Bunny Ears song.

When teaching young children how to fasten their laces in the traditional bunny-ears fashion, this endearing tune is the perfect accompaniment.

Cheer on your accomplished shoe-tying skills!

Printable shoes laced with twine reading I can tie my shoes with kid's names on them

Do something concrete to mark the achievement of your students when they master this "adult" skill.

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20  Tips, Tricks, and Activities for Teaching Kids To Tie Their Shoes