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To think that Nike released the Flyknit in 2012 is mind-boggling. The very first pair I ever owned is still a vivid memory. Truth be told, I went out and bought two pairs the first year they were available. Until this day, I can describe every color and style of Flyknit.

I once owned a pair of their hot pink running shoes and later a pair of their classic black casual shoes. Both of these items were staples in my closet. Over time, the running shoes were subjected to significantly more wear and tear.

Maintaining a clean and odor-free pair of shoes is as important as protecting the shoe's delicate weave. Here, we'll go over the best practices for cleaning Nike Flyknits without endangering the high-tech yarns that make them so popular.

Here's what separates Nike Flyknits from the rest:

These shoes were an instant hit after they were released. They were unlike anything else available in the shoe industry. Trust me, I'm not lying when I say that The upper conformed to your foot, and they were airy, light, and supportive.

Those shoes have everything a runner could want. The yarn used to make the shoe is both durable and lightweight. These threads are used to create a seamless upper. Multiple knitted patterns coexist in a single Flyknit upper. There are denser sections where your feet can rest easier.

The shoe's flexibility and breathability are enhanced in other areas. How they pull that off, I will never know. My only knowledge of them is that they are fantastic. The unique knit fabric is what makes them such a fantastic shoe. Once they're dirty, you'll have to handle them differently.

Flyknits have a longer lifespan if they are cared for properly and kept spotless. My go-to cleaning procedures and strategies that I've developed Just below, I will reveal all!

Where can I find the proper cleaning materials?  


All the things you need for my cleaning strategies are readily available at your favorite store, whether you do your shopping online or in the aisles. So that I always have what I need on hand whenever I need to clean any of my shoes, I prefer to make my purchases online and usually in bulk.

The shoe cleaners I use on my Nike Flyknits are multipurpose, so I can also clean my other sneakers, boots, and shoes. Every time I get the chance, I try to do a few things at once.

Here are the tools I employ to maintain my Nike Flyknits in pristine condition:

So long Six Basic Goods I didn't lie when I said I don't employ elaborate or lengthy methods.

These days, nobody has the time for a laborious cleaning routine. You might already have all of these on hand, and if you don't, you can get them today or tomorrow.

If you want the cleanest, baddest Nike Flyknits on the block, you'll need to gather your cleaning tools and follow my method. The time has come to begin sprucing up those Nikes.  

So clean and crisp a scent

Now that you have the right tools, you can clean and freshen up that knit sneaker in no time. When it comes to my sneakers, especially my running shoes, this is a simple but essential step that I never neglect.

I always give each pair of sneakers a good sniff before washing them. All of my running shoes constantly require this. I have found that using baking soda and a plastic bag with a zipper is the simplest method.  

Place baking soda in a gallon-sized plastic bag and set it aside until the day before you plan to wash your Flyknits. Place the baking soda on top of your shoes. If possible, have the bag lie completely flat.

Close the bag and wait 24 hours. On day two, when you take them out, the shoes will smell as good as new. Before cleaning the outside of your shoes, tap off any excess baking soda into the trash can.

To properly care for a specialty fabric

Because I am careful to clean my Flyknits after every run, I am able to wear them for hundreds of miles without replacing them. Although the knit fabric isn't delicate, it does require special care.

Whether they're running shoes or just for lounging around, these will ensure that yours last the distance. Put these steps in place to clean your shoes:

How to Clean Nike Flyknits

  1. Sneaker laces should be taken out and cleaned in a separate container before being set aside to dry.
  2. To prevent shoes from losing their shape while being cleaned and dried, stuff a clean sock into each one's toe box.
  3. Saturate a gentle cloth with warm water and use it to wipe.
  4. In order to clean a knit upper, you must first wipe down the outsole and the midsole.
  5. Apply a small amount of gentle foaming cleanser to your soft bristle brush and scrub.
  6. Clean the knit gently using gentle circular motions; you don't want to damage the fabric.
  7. Use the same brush and circular motions to clean the midsole and outsole.
  8. Once you've removed as much soap as possible with one soft cloth, rinse the shoe thoroughly with water and repeat with the second cloth.
  9. Don't forget to put your shoes in a cool, dry spot.   
  10. To retie shoelaces

Is there anything special about the Nike Flyknit laces?

You shouldn't be concerned Your shoelaces are not forgotten. They must be given their own unique care.

One of two methods can be used to ensure that your laces are spotless and fit in with your newly cleaned knit shoes. Both hand washing and machine washing are acceptable. Both procedures are outlined in detail below.   

Washing the laces by hand entails:

  1. Mix some laundry detergent into some hot water and place the mixture in a bowl.  
  2. Simply putting your shoes' laces into the bowl and massaging them can help you clean them.
  3. Leave the shoelaces in water for 20 minutes.
  4. Under running water, the laces should be rinsed.
  5. Allow to dry completely before reinstalling.  

Washing machine instructions for cleaning lace:

  1. Put in a pillowcase or lingerie bag with a knot in the end for added security.
  2. The Washing Machine, Please
  3. Take out of the washer and dry in the air. Don't dry them, as doing so can shrink the laces and melt the plastic tips.

A cinch and a snap, right? I said I wouldn't give you anything too difficult, and here it is. You can now head back out into the world in freshly cleaned Flyknits, even if it's just to the grocery store. To be fair, running errands can be considered aerobic exercise. Where I come from, there is no condemnation.  

Question and Answers about Nike Flyknits

It is possible to machine-wash Nike Flyknits?

This is not something you should do. Flyknit's unique material is easily damaged by machine washing due to its fragility and the possibility of significant shrinkage. They can be unglued by soaking them in water.

Is it possible to dry Nike Flyknits?

Instead, the dryer's heat can weaken or even dislodge the specialized glue.

Do you recommend hand washing your Nike Flyknits?

You can rest assured that your Nike Flyknits will come out of the cleaning process looking brand new if you follow these steps. Spend some time cleaning them by hand. Keeping your shoes in good condition does not take that much effort and time.

It's true that not all Nikes are created equal.

Nike has a wide variety of footwear available, and they use a wide variety of materials. Due to the variety of materials involved, not all items will require the same cleaning procedures.

Each new season brings an even wider selection of collections and footwear. You probably have a few pairs of Nikes in your closet if you're a Nike fan like me. Other shoe types, such as Air Force 1s, Huaraches, and Slides, can be cleaned using the methods detailed on sites devoted solely to the task of shoe care.

The odds of a run being successful are nil.

You now have a refined method for maintaining the cleanliness of your Flyknits. It's cheap, quick, and won't compromise the airiness or lightness of your shoes, so you can wear them on any planned run.

A run could be anything from a quick trip to the store to a marathon. You can have them ready for you at the door or in your closet if you just keep them dry and clean.

You can still go about your day in those knit shoes, even if you go for a run in the mud or if you have to run errands in the rain. You can't just keep these trendy kicks in the back of your closet. Actually, they've been "fly" for nearly a decade. Let's make sure they stick around for a while.