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Given the volume of inquiries, I thought it would be best to devote an entire article to discussing Peloton's bike shoes. In other words, an authentic Peloton cycling shoe-related Q&A It evolved from an earlier piece I wrote in which I discussed the Peloton cycling footwear.

Questions frequently asked about Peloton cycling footwear

There are many inquiries about Peloton cycling shoes. This is essential knowledge for those just starting out in the Peloton community. Therefore, I've decided to use this forum to address the most frequently asked questions.

How do I determine what size Peloton shoe to buy?  

In the world of the Peloton, sizing is gender neutral. Therefore, you should convert to either men's or women's sizing to find the correct fit.

Below is a conversion chart from Peloton sizes to standard U.S. men's and women's shoe sizes in the event you're curious about purchasing shoes but don't know which size to buy.

If you normally wear a size 8 in women's shoes, for instance, you might be unsure of which size Peloton to buy. 5 First, since there are no half sizes, you should get a size 9. Two, a women's size 9 corresponds to a men's size 40 in Peloton footwear.

peloton shoe size chart

When shopping for Peloton spin shoes, should I size up or down?

My hubby and daughter both prefer the Peloton brand of spin shoes. They both asked the same thing. When deciding whether to size up or down, They both measured up in the end

Can I get a half size in Peloton shoes?

Peloton cycling shoes are not available in half sizes.

If you normally wear a half size in a shoe, I would recommend ordering the next size up in this case. Since there are no half sizes available, I believe it is also prudent to order a size up when purchasing Peloton shoes.  

Size recommendations for Peloton cycling shoes

Whether you're looking at Peloton or another brand, you shouldn't get cycling shoes that are too snug. Feet will swell from spinning. As a result, it's preferable to leave some room for growth.

Conversely, you don't want your foot to be able to move around too much in the shoe. When I first got my cycling shoes, for instance, I got a size and a half bigger than I usually wear. Having particularly wide feet necessitated my purchasing shoes with a wide toe box. There was no Peloton logo on them.

Although my wide foot was able to expand, the toe area was too loose. That meant I was on my toes a lot, and they were always in pain.

My feet shrank over time, and I finally caved and bought a new pair of shoes a size smaller. Then it all made sense to me

Find wide width women's Peloton cycling shoes We've compiled a list of retailers that typically stock wide widths. They're not from Peloton, which is a shame.

Must you exclusively purchase Peloton footwear?

If you're wondering if you have to buy shoes from the Peloton brand, the answer is no. If you want to ride with Delta Look cleats, the only other thing you need to buy are cycling shoes. Deltas are the type that have three holes in a triangle formation.

I've never purchased a pair of Peloton cycling shoes. I've been using Bontrager spin shoes since day one. They're compatible with my Peloton bike thanks to the triangle-shaped Look Delta cleat. These are what you'll need to attach to your Peloton pedals.

Here's more info on the inner workings of the Peloton pedals.

In the Peloton, what kinds of cycling shoes are worn?

The Peloton bike is compatible with a variety of cycling shoe brands, such as:

  • Bontrager
  • Lake
  • Nike
  • The Pearl Izumi1
  • Shimano
  • Sidi
  • Tommaso

When riding the Peloton, do you need to wear specialized footwear?

The short answer is yes, if you want to use the Peloton pedals, you need to purchase special "Peloton shoes." Peloton pedals are compatible with the aforementioned Delta Look cleats.

Conversely, if you don't want to use clipless pedals, you can ride in regular tennis shoes or sneakers. However, you'll need to purchase pedal-attaching toe cages or shoe cages. For your convenience, I've listed a few possibilities:

Which cycling shoes are compatible with the Peloton?

In order to function properly, Delta Look cleats must be used with Peloton pedals. Cleats are affixed to the soles of cycling shoes and allow the rider to clip into pedals with greater ease.

As a result, Delta Look cleats are the only kind that will fit the Peloton pedal. In this case, there is no competition between different brands. In this case, "compatible cycling shoe" refers to the shoe that can accommodate the specified cleat type.

You can use your old Soul Cycle spin shoes with your Peloton if they have Delta Look cleats, for instance.

Where can I get a new set of Peloton pedals?

Changing the pedals on your bike allows you to use a different type of cycling shoe. When riding outside, many cyclists who wear SPD-compatible shoes switch out their Peloton pedals for SPD-compatible pedals.

You could, for instance, opt for the sneaker-like TIEM cycling shoes. Pedals made for the SPD standard will need to replace the Peloton's. This is because SPD cleats can be used with TIEM shoes.

Peloton Shoes: How Do They Work?

Bicycle cleats can be attached to the bottom of a pair of Peloton shoes. Specifically, a Delta Look cleat is affixed to the outsole of the shoe. You can use the holes and lines for orientation.

Then, with the cleats in place, you can clip into the Peloton bike's pedals. As a result, riding an exercise bike in place is more comfortable.  

Remember that people who ride road bikes and mountain bikes also use pedal clips. In addition, cleats can be used with a wide variety of spin and cycling shoe brands. Therefore, Peloton is not alone in any of this.

If you're unfamiliar with the Peloton pedals and how the shoes clip in, this article will fill you in.

Do the benefits of wearing Peloton shoes outweigh the costs?

If you're going to buy the "works" package for your Peloton, which includes shoes, then you might as well get the best of the best. It's almost as if you're getting them for free, although obviously that's not the case.

New spin shoes from Peloton were released that year, in 2022. The Altos Cycling Shoe is a popular choice among cyclists. They claim that the fit is much improved over the first-generation Peloton spin shoe.

I went to the Peloton shop in my area and tried them on. A size 9 surprised me because I have a double-wide foot. Of course, I should clarify that I was testing out these Peloton Altos without socks. Perhaps they'd feel more secure if done so. Still, they were elastic and comfortable, and it took everything in me not to order a pair that day.

Read this article to learn everything you need to know before visiting the Peloton store to try on a pair of shoes.

peloton altos spin shoe cycling

Athletic Shoes by Nike Called "SuperReps"

I would put them in the same category as the Nike SuperRep Cycling shoes that I have seen teachers like Tunde Oyeyin wear. You can purchase a pair of Nike SuperReps for $120 USD from Costing $145, the Altos are not cheap.

But I'm not sure if Nike produces these brand-new Peloton styles. Many people have been wondering for a long time, and I haven't been able to find an answer either, who exactly is responsible for producing the Peloton brand of footwear. Fill me in if you are aware of this.

Does anyone know if Peloton shoes have cleats?

To answer your question, if you buy cycling shoes from Peloton, they will include Look Delta cleats. On the other hand, if you're going to buy your Peloton shoes from eBay, you should pay close attention to the listing to determine whether or not the shoes include cleats.  

Cycling shoes with cleats are required for use on the Peloton, but other types of shoes are acceptable. In terms of total cost, cleats are the Peloton's "least expensive" equipment requirement. They cost less than $20 and are sold on websites like Amazon.

You need to find the Look Delta cleat.

Remember that the Look Delta cleat is the type of cleat that is compatible with Peloton shoes. Deltas are so named because they are designed to fit into a triangle-shaped notch on the sole of a cyclist's shoe.

What is the procedure for affixing the Peloton cleats to the soles of one's shoes?

Peloton cleats are as easy to put on your cycling shoes as IKEA furniture. To install the cleat, you'll need either an Allen wrench or a hex wrench.

The cleats you buy should also come with the Allen or hex wrench screws needed to attach them to the sole of your cycling shoe. It's also possible that your cleats came with your Peloton shoes.

The cleat's set-up process is a breeze. If you have Peloton pedals, you simply align the holes (there should be three in a triangle formation) and tighten.

As an added precaution, insert the square "washer" between the screw and the cleat. The soles of your shoes will stay in place better this way. Attempting to make the washer perfectly straight is unnecessary. The straightness of the cleat is more crucial.

Finally, to make sure your cleats are installed properly, you may want to visit your local bike shoe or get a professional bike fit, like I did with Team Wipers. The cleats on the bottom of my shoes needed to be adjusted after my remote bike fitting revealed that they were hindering my ability to ride without discomfort.  

So, if you've been wondering how to set up the shoes you'll be using on the Peloton, or the shoes you'll be using on the bike, you now have the answers. Put the cleats on the soles, clip in, and get on the bike.

What is the retail price of a pair of Peloton shoes?

You can expect to spend around $100 for a pair of cycling shoes from Peloton. Buying cycling shoes from any other retailer or brand will set you back around $100.

Purchasing a quality pair of cycling shoes is an important investment. In terms of cycling footwear, you get what you pay for. And so, spare no expense on them.

What size should I get in my Peloton shoes?

You want some room when you put on a pair of cycling shoes you buy. You wouldn't want your foot to be slipping all over the place, would you? On the other hand, your toes shouldn't be squished up against the shoe's front either.

When you've been on your bike for a while, your feet may swell. It causes sleepiness or tingling in the feet for some people when this occurs. For me, that is absolutely true. As a result, you should leave some room in your shoes in case your feet swell.

Where can I find a pair of Peloton shoes?

Since both my spouse and daughter received shoes in the accessories pack, I was wondering if additional pairs might be purchased from the Peloton online shop. Alternatively, visit a Peloton storefront. So I dialed up the closest one to me. Now I know this:

Peloton stores and showrooms allow customers to try on cycling shoes but do not sell them. You can only get a pair of Peloton cycling shoes by ordering them online. Thus, "Does the Peloton showroom sell shoes in the store?" is answered with a resounding "No." ”

You can buy them with confidence online, but the Peloton store staff will make sure you get the right size before you check out. You can probably try on both the original and the latest version of the Altos Peloton cycling shoes at this point.

Last but not least, there's no law that says you have to wear shoes made by the Peloton brand. You're free to choose whichever brand of spin shoe you like, so long as its cleats fit the Peloton pedals. The local bike shop is where I got my Bontrager shoes.

Trek Bikes is the best place to get spin shoes. You can use this link to locate the nearest Trek Bike dealer to you. In addition, you can shop online at Trek and pick up your order in a local shop.

I just wanted to let you know that you can also buy Peloton shoes on eBay.

When using Peloton pedals, how do you attach and remove your shoes?

Clipping in and out of the Peloton pedals can take some practice if you're not used to riding a bike with clip in shoes. Not everyone can master this skill, so they end up just leaving their shoes on the pedals.

How to clip in and out of the Peloton pedals is covered in detail in this post.

How long do Peloton shoes usually last?

Since 2016 we've had our Peloton bike. My husband does not ride as frequently as I do, but he does ride on a consistent basis.  

Yet, his Peloton footwear has never worn out. Have you noticed any wear and tear recently? Absolutely, they are.

Some minor cracking has occurred on the side, for instance. The shoes, however, have survived more than six years with surprisingly little wear and tear.

See below for details on when I last swapped out my cycling footwear. However, they weren't officially affiliated with the Peloton brand.

When should I consider getting a new pair of cycling shoes?

I'll be completely honest and say that until I had been riding my Peloton bike for almost four years, I never once thought to ask myself this. After nearly 1,100 rides in Bontrager shoes, I can say they were a solid investment. That is, until one day they just didn't.

Why As I began to feel pain in my feet after each ride, I knew something was up. How long I rode didn't make a difference. My feet were sore on the sides afterward. After a painful ride on my Peloton, I double checked to make sure my cleats weren't displaced.  

The opinions of other cyclists in the Peloton

I asked the other cyclists in the Peloton how often they recommend replacing their shoes. And I'll be darned The time had long since passed when I should have gotten new footwear.

All of the people who answered my poll said that they always buy new shoes once a year. Those who perspire excessively or who may be riding for extended periods of time should consider replacing their footwear more frequently.

My worn-out footwear should have been a warning that it was time to replace them. Every time I undid the Velcro straps, they seemed to be in worse shape than before. Therefore, I went ahead and placed an order for new footwear today. I actually purchased a pair.

Bontrager cycling shoes are available on the REI online store. Bontrager shoes that are compatible with Delta Look cleats can be purchased from On Zappos, I was able to locate cycling footwear.

Shoes for cycling: Bontrager Velocis Road

Also, the verdict Here are the Bontrager Velocis Road cycling shoes I recently purchased. Similarly to my first pair of Bontrager cycling shoes, they are available in a wide width.

I would have gotten the fancy blue ones shown below, but only black came in wide. Color options include red and white.

And they're dual-cleated, too! So, if I wanted to, I could have worn SPD cleats. But you already know that the Peloton cycle requires a special cleat with a triangular shape; this cleat is known as a Delta cleat.

In order to take advantage of's free return shipping offer, you should register for an account as soon as you reach the website. Freebie access is restricted to registered users only. Therefore, hurry up


When riding in Peloton cycling shoes, do you wear socks?

Wearing socks with your Peloton cycling shoes is a must. It's totally out of the question to forego socks.

Your feet, like the rest of you, will get very sweaty on your Peloton rides. You can't wash spin shoes like you would sneakers. As a result, you don't want things to get too steamy inside.

Wearing thin, moisture-wicking socks with your cycling shoes is a must. Bombas and Swiftwick are my two favorite brands.  

Read this piece to learn which socks work best with your Peloton bike.

Conclusions on these issues pertaining to Peloton cycling shoes

I believe I've addressed all of your concerns regarding the Peloton cycling shoes. On the other hand, if there's something I should have addressed and haven't, please let me know. It is my intention to locate the data you require.