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Take a look at these 25 best designer shoes that won't go out of style anytime soon if you're in the market for a splurge.

A pair of designer shoes, while not cheap, can transform an outfit from "didn't know what to wear" to "just got off the runway at New York Fashion Week."  

Choose a pair of designer shoes in a basic color like black, ivory, or nude for your first pair. As opposed to a pair in a flashy hue like pink or red, you'll wear these more often. When you've made it as a designer shoe wearer, you can start mixing in some wild statement shoes with your more classic pairs.

Snakeprint Fendi F high heels

Depositphotos/Alberto Mihai com

Designer shoes, in contrast to the cheap footwear sold on fast fashion websites, are built to last and typically feature additional arch support for a more pleasant walking experience. High-quality designer shoes shouldn't make your feet hurt after standing for a long time.

In addition, many pairs of shoes can be sold for a profit on the secondary market if you take good care of them, potentially allowing you to turn a profit a few years down the road.

Get your credit card ready and your wine glass full, because we've compiled a list of the 25 best designer shoes to invest in right now, all of which are sure to maintain their value no matter what happens in the fashion world.

Where to Find the Best Designer Shoes for Your Money

Foremost, a pair of Gucci Ace sneakers

Gucci Ace sneakers

These can be purchased from Gucci.

Having a pair of white sneakers in your closet is a great investment because they can be worn year-round, with both casual and dressier outfits, without sacrificing comfort or style. It's impossible to find a better pair of white sneakers than these Gucci Aces. We can see why these Gucci sneakers have become so popular.

They're made of soft white leather and detailed with red and green webbing and a gold bee embroidery; the bee is a signature design element of the brand that debuted in the 1970s. Each shoe is adorned from toe to heel with Gucci's signature metallic snakeskin embossed leather; one heel is green and the other is red for a bold visual contrast. For only 0, you can add these timeless white sneakers to your closet staples.

The Hermès Oran Slides are a Close Second

Brown Hermès Oran Sandals

Locate them on the website Fashionphile.

Wear your Hermès Oran Sandals all summer long or on your next trip to a warm country. They feature a slip-on design and a distinctive "H" cut-out. These won't go out of style anytime soon because they are understated but still eye-catching.

The Hermès Oran Sandals are so popular that they come in 25 distinct hues. They have a leather outsole and are offered with and without heels to accommodate different preferences. Hermès's fuzzy new take on their classic Oran sandals is a social media smash. This modernized sandal is made from wool and is divisive, but if you want a pair of shoes that will make a statement, they could be perfect for you.

Glittery Pointed-Toe Pump with Two Crystal Bows by Mach & Mach

Silver Mach & Mach Glitter Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pump

You can buy them at Nordstrom.

These glittery Mach & Mach Glitter Double Crystal Bow Pointed Toe Pumps are impossible to ignore. The timeless pointed-toe silhouette and towering 4-inch heel of these crystal-detailed heels make them the ideal complement to any formal ensemble.

The front of these pumps is adorned with a large bow that is centered by a crystal cluster, and a sparkling strap that wraps delicately around the heel of the foot and buckles at the ankle. All you need is a little black dress to make a statement in the silver options pictured above, or you can opt for the glittery pink shade to add a splash of color to your ensemble.

The Four Chanel Slingbacks

Beige Chanel slingbacks

Buy them over at Fashionphile.

Celebrities and fashionistas alike adore the Chanel Slingbacks. These beige flats with a black toe are sophisticated yet playful, and they'll go with anything in your closet.

There is a 2 next to their name. Wear them out on the town, and your foot won't slip thanks to the 6-inch heel and slingback strap. Designer footwear in beige with a black toe, all black, tweed, and some seasonal colors, crafted from goatskin and grosgrain.

For their timeless design and high resale value, Chanel's classic everyday shoes are a top pick among our favorite casual designer shoes. They are also appropriate for use in the workplace or at a formal event. You can add this gorgeous classic shoe to your shoe collection for around $1,000.

A pair of Golden Goose Superstars, for the fifth time.

White and gold Golden Goose Sneakers

These can be purchased at Neiman Marcus.

You can't be into high fashion and not have heard of Golden Goose sneakers. Golden Goose is one of a kind on this list because they are best known for their high-end sneakers rather than their other apparel offerings. They've been in the shoe business for so long that they've presumably perfected the science of making the most plush and stylish designer sneakers money can buy.

The aforementioned white and gold Adidas Superstar sneakers are a firm favorite of ours because they sport a classic look and the right amount of detail without being flashy or garish. These white sneakers with gold accents are easy to pair with any outfit, as the gold is a fairly neutral color. At $530 and up, this versatile sneaker comes in a rainbow of colors and designs. The popularity of Golden Goose shoes has been steadily increasing over the years, and they show no signs of abating.

The Superstar Glitter Metallic Sneakers are the ones to get if you're a fan of eye-catching fashion. Both pairs of sneakers, typical of the Golden Goose line, have the brand's logo embossed in gold next to a star cutout on the side.  

Golden Goose is known for its low-top sneakers, but the brand also makes a wide variety of high-top versions of its most popular designs.

Gucci Princetown Loafers, No. 6

Gucci Princetown Loafers in black for best designer shoes to invest in

You can buy them at Nordstrom.

The Princetown loafers by Gucci are a style staple that will elevate even the most laid-back outfits. Black leather loafers look amazing with high-waisted jeans and blouses. You can even wear them to the office by pairing them with a pair of slacks and a sweater.

Slide your foot into these calfskin loafers with brass hardware accents, and they'll feel like slippers, only better. They have a heel of only half an inch, so they won't do much for your stature.

You can rest assured that if you purchase a pair of Princetown loafers and take good care of them, their value will hold steady in the secondhand market. The Princetown loafer is an iconic shoe in its own right, thanks to its timeless style and low-key elegance.  

A brand new pair of Gucci Princetown Loafers will set you back around 0.  


So Kate (Or Pigalle) Louboutins!

Black Louboutin So Kate heels

You can purchase these at Nordstrom.

It's recommended that every woman own at least one pair of stiletto heels because they are the best way to make legs look longer. Timeless in design, Christian Louboutin's So Kate pumps are available in a rainbow of hues, all with the label's signature red heels and soles.

Although many claim the Louboutin So Kate heels are unbearably uncomfortable, many others adore them. Rather than taking that chance, we advise going with the Pigalle footwear. Very similar in appearance, but more in keeping with the shape of your foot, making for a more pleasant wearing experience.

The patent leather pumps are about 5 for a classy black pair. These timeless beauties are a must-have if you ever find yourself in need of a pair of shoes suitable for the red carpet.

Opyum YSL Logo-Heel Sandals by Saint Laurent, Size 8.

Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Logo-Heel Sandals with gold heel

Pick some up at Neiman Marcus.

These Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Logo-Heel Sandals are the perfect addition to your shoe collection because black heels are always in style and always in demand. These sandals have an elegant and understated design, but their striking silhouette is sure to get noticed.

The shoes are made of patent leather and have a thin strap across the toes and an even thinner strap around the ankle, both of which are secured with a small black buckle. The 4 inch glittering gold YSL logo heel looks great with these delicate straps. Height of 3 inches These heels are a fantastic alternative to classic black pumps and will complement a variety of dressy ensembles.

Lambskin F-heel ankle boots by Fendi

Black Fendi Lambskin Metallic F-Heel Ankle Booties

The Neiman Marcus has these.

As with the rest of Fendi's luxurious ready-to-wear collections, shoes and bags are a must-have for any fashionista. Black booties like these Lambskin Metallic F-Heel Ankle Booties are versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit, and the gold heel makes them stand out.

Boots in matte black lambskin leather with a round toe and a side zip for easy on and off. The shining gold Fendi logo on the heel, which is 3 inches tall, is the best part of these booties. Height of only 8 inches These $1,850 booties look great with skinny jeans or a dress with black tights and a sweater.

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi (Flats or Heels) #10

Blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi heels

You can purchase these from Nordstrom.

Those famous Manolo Blahniks The timeless Manolo Blahnik Hangisi style is available in three distinct heel heights, from kitten to standard. All three are timeless classics that will improve your current shoe collection.

Those blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi heels became famous after Big proposed to Carrie Bradshaw in the film Sex and the City. Manolos have since achieved cult status as a preferred bridal shoe, with many brides preferring the timeless white version. They're stylish, practical, and have the signature square crystal buckle of the brand on the toe without any ostentatious branding.

If blue or white isn't your thing, there are many other colorways available for the renowned footwear. Although Manolo Blahnik regularly releases new seasonal iterations of this shoe, savvy shoppers know to invest only in classic colorways to maximize their shoes' potential resale value.

The Hangisi flat shares the same lace fabric and buckle design as the heeled version. They'll merely keep you from getting too high in the air Both the heels and the flats cost $1,195 and $1075, respectively.


Pair of Gucci Jordaan loafers, size 11

Black Gucci Jordaan loafers

Find them at Gucci.

These Gucci Jordaan leather loafers will become your new favorite pair of shoes, perfect for dressing up or down any outfit. The Gucci Jordaan loafers are a classy and sophisticated shoe that every man's closet should have at least one pair of. Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, Katie Holmes, and Alessandra Ambrosio are just a few of the famous faces who adore these loafers; you should definitely get a pair for yourself.

Sleek in design with a rounded toe and a low, flat heel, these black leather loafers exude opulence from every detail. The 5-inch heel The loafers feature a gold horsebit on the front, a signature design element for many Gucci accessories that pays homage to the brand's equestrian roots. For 0, you can get a pair of loafers that will never go out of style.

12 Sneakers by Alexander McQueen

White Alexander McQueen Sneakers

You can buy them at Nordstrom.

These Alexander McQueen Sneakers are the perfect blend of chunky and minimalist design to look great now and remain stylish for years to come; chunky sneakers have been increasingly popular in recent seasons and can be seen all over Instagram. We prefer the classic white version of these McQueen sneakers, which are crafted from calfskin leather and fitted with a 1 inch high white rubber platform sole and a 2 inch high heel.

These sneakers are incredibly cozy thanks to the rubber outsole and removable padded insole, so you can wear them on long days out without worrying about your feet hurting while still looking chic. Although black and white is always in style, these sneakers also come in a variety of other colors with a classic white sole.

Metallic crystal two-band sandals by Amina Muaddi Gilda, style number 13.

Silver Amina Muaddi Gilda Metallic Crystal Two-Band Sandals

The Neiman Marcus has these.

In particular, the Amina Muaddi Gilda Metallic Crystal Two-Band Sandals stand out due to their sculptural heel and sparkling crystals. These heels are made in Italy and feature metallic leather and crystal embellishments; they are perfect for a night on the town or a special occasion.

Heel height: 3. These gorgeous heels are elevated on an oversized pedestal and measure in at 8 inches. These sandals have an adjustable ankle strap and two thin straps that go over the foot for safety.

The leather lining is the cherry on top, making these sandals exceptionally wearable and cozy. The $1,140 Amina Muaddi Gilda sandals are a steal in light of the designer's reputation for eye-catching footwear.

No. 14: Dior J'adior Slingback Pumps

Black Dior J’adior Slingback Pumps

You can purchase such items at Dior.

The Dior J'adior Slingbacks come in a sleek black technical fabric and are detailed with an embroidered cotton ribbon, a one-of-a-kind heel, and a flat bow at the slingback. The star on the leather bottom of each shoe is Christian Dior's talisman. These shoes are not only available in black, but also in a wide variety of other colors and finishes, such as nude, mesh, Toile de Jouy, and seasonal hues.

These timeless shoes are the epitome of chic, with the ability to seamlessly dress up a casual ensemble or inject some flair into a more formal one. If you work in an office setting, we recommend these shoes as the best designer work shoes your money can buy. These heels aren't too high, so you won't have to worry about hurting your feet, but they still look great.

If you'd rather prioritize comfort over style, these shoes also come in a flat and kitten-heeled style.

Sandals with Chloé's Woody Logo, Size 15

Chloé Woody Logo Slide Sandals

You can buy them at Nordstrom.

These slide sandals from Chloé are both practical and fashionable thanks to their logo-printed canvas uppers, squared toes, and rubber soles. Tan, ivory, and black are the available hues.  

The Chloé Woody Slide Sandals are an affordable designer option at around $475 and are a great complement to the Chloé Woody Tote Bag.

Espadrilles by Chanel, number sixteen

Two tone lambskin Chanel espadrilles

Find a wide selection of Chanel espadrilles on Fashionphile.

Although the all-beige leather with black toe version of the Chanel espadrilles is the most well-known, the espadrilles are also available in a variety of other permanent and limited edition colors, including all-black leather, white canvas, and multiple tweed iterations. A jute rope sole and the double C logo of the brand can be found on all of the styles.

Because of their laid-back nature, these espadrilles are best worn with jeans or a denim skirt rather than more formal attire. The Chanel espadrille slides are brand new and retail for 0. By checking out the secondary market on Fashionphile, you can see that most Chanel espadrilles retail for around 0-0, so you can rest assured that these shoes will retain the vast majority of their value over the next few years. To the tune of over 0, some of the limited editions can be purchased.

Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals with a Metallic Napa Leather Upper by Gianvito Rossi

Gold Gianvito Rossi Metallic Napa Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals

These can be purchased at Neiman Marcus.

These Gianvito Rossi Metallic Napa Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals are a great investment because of their classic style, longevity, and adaptability. We adore these heels because of the unique and eye-catching design they feature: rounded, padded Nappa leather straps over the toes and around the ankle.

The sandals have a round toe, a back zip, and 4 These sandals with 3-inch heels are the icing on the cake. These sandals by Gianvito Rossi feature a soft leather lining, and the brand's signature comfort makes them a must-have. The Ankle-Cuff Stiletto Sandals come in two shimmering colors, silver and gold, so you can find the one that best complements your formal wear.

155mm La Medusa Platform Satin Mary Janes from Versace, size 18.

Blcak Versace 155mm La Medusa Platform Satin Mary Janes

Shop for them at Neiman Marcus

Even though the high, chunky heel of these Versace La Medusa Platform Satin Mary Janes might not be for everyone, they are a fantastic way to put the finishing touch on any outfit. Platform heels are always on-trend and make the discomfort of high-heeled footwear bearable.

What a stunning pair of heels, these Mary Janes from Versace are a must-have for any fashionista's closet because they can be worn with so many different outfits. Whether you choose the fuchsia, purple, or black version of these satin heels, you'll find a gleaming gold Medusa head charm attached to the thin ankle strap.

All 6's and square toes on these heels. Block heels of ten inches in height and substantial platforms. These Mary Janes with platform soles are worth every penny of their $1,575 price tag.

Pair of Fendi Fendigraphy Logo-Cuff Biker Boots, Size 19

Black Fendi Fendigraphy Logo-Cuff Biker Booties

Find these shoes at Neiman Marcus.

Black boots are a wardrobe staple during the fall and winter because they look great with almost any outfit and keep your feet toasty warm. These Fendi Fendigraphy Logo-Cuff Biker Booties are the epitome of glitz and glam; they're made from shiny black leather and have a high, lace-up front and a sturdy rubber sole.

Your look will be taken to new heights thanks to the 2-inch platform sole. These boots look extra opulent thanks to the shiny gold eyelets and the eye-catching Fendi logo on the ankle cuff.

These boots have a side zipper that makes donning and removing them a breeze. Wear with jeans for a laid-back, fashionable look; pair with a floral dress for a striking contrast; or pair with a jumper dress for a cozier alternative.

Cassandra YSL Logo Sandal by Saint Laurent (No.

Neutral camel Saint Laurent Cassandra YSL Logo Sandal

You can buy them in Nordstrom.

You should add a pair of neutral-colored heels to your closet because they go with so many different dressy outfits. Saint Laurent Cassandra YSL Logo Sandals are stunning and would make a great addition to your shoe collection if you're in the market for a new pair of barefoot heels. The nude buckle on these strappy sandals is the perfect tonal accent to the sandal's delicate calfskin leather toe strap, foot straps, and ankle strap.

These sandals feature an elegant YSL logo at the front, which both looks great and adds a touch of luxury, making them stand out from the crowd of plain white sandals. The rounded toe and 4-inch heel of these shoes make any outfit look more sophisticated and glamorous. These gorgeous Cassandra Sandals are now only $1,095!

Countdown: 21. Valentino Garavani Rockstud Pumps

Valentino Garavani Rockstud Heels

Shop for It at Nordstrom

In all honesty, we have been saving the best for last. Shoes with gold studs are what you'll find in Valentino Garavani's Rockstud collection. There are two color options for the Rockstud Caged Pumps: a black pair with beige accents, and a beige pair with the signature studs and three buckle straps for a customized fit. These pumps have a 2 inch heel that is constructed of stilettos. They measure 5 inches in diameter and can be purchased for just under $1,100.

If you like gold studs but don't wear fancy clothes very often, the Rockstud Slide Sandals are a great option. The sandal style is available in both black and beige and features a 2 This pair of heels has a 5 inch block heel and costs 0.

Some may say that the Rockstuds heels have seen their heyday, but we disagree; these shoes manage to be both trendy and timeless. They've been around for nearly a decade, but the design is still one of the most recognizable in the footwear industry, making them ideal for special occasions like a friend's wedding.

Countdown: No. 22: Burberry Simeon Vintage Check Moto Rain Boots

Burberry Simeon Vintage Check Moto Rain Boots

Shop for them at Neiman Marcus

A sturdy pair of boots, like the Burberry Simeon Vintage Check Moto Rain Boots, is a necessity in the chilly and wet winter and spring months. The rubber uppers and polyurethane (fake leather) accents make these rainboots as stylish as they are practical.

The soles are black and adorned with a shiny gold buckle, while the uppers of the boots are printed with the iconic Burberry check for a luxurious, signature look. A tap at the boot's back collar makes pulling them on a breeze. For only $550, these rainboots are the perfect accessory for dour, rainy days.

Twenty-three. Dior Dway Slides

Blue Dior Dway slides

Locate them at Dior.

The variety of colors available for the Dway Slides by Dior is impressive, but our favorite colorway is the navy blue embroidered pair. These babies are a versatile nay color, so you won't have any trouble pairing them with your wardrobe.

The "CHRISTIAN DIOR" logo is embroidered across the top of these Toile de Jouy leather-lined rubber-soled Dway Slides. This pair of Italian-made slides will cost you 0 once, but they'll be a staple in your shoe collection for years to come.

A pair of Rene Caovilla's snake-wrapped strass stiletto sandals, number 24.

Champagne gold Rene Caovilla Snake-Wrap Strass Stiletto Sandals

You can buy them at Neiman Marcus.

Rene Caovilla, an Italian shoe designer, is responsible for some of the most breathtaking footwear ever made. He frequently collaborates with illustrious labels like Chanel and Christian Dior, so why not invest in a pair of his classic designs for yourself? If you want a pair of heels that stands out from the crowd with its incredible design and distinctive appearance, look no further than these.

The leather upper of each pair of Snake-Wrap Strass Stiletto Sandals is adorned with a satin strap that is encrusted with crystals. A glittering strap wraps around your toes, and another wraps your heel and up your leg to end in a spiral at your ankle. This shoe has a 4 A round toe and a heel height of 25 inches give these sandals a sophisticated air. You can get these stunning sandals for only $1,560.

The Tory Burch Miller Sandals, No. 25

Tan Tory Burch Miller sandals

Pick some up at Nordstrom

The Tory Burch Miller Sandals are a staple for any wardrobe, despite the fact that they are not universally regarded as a luxury item. They're constructed from leather and offered in a dizzying array of hues and designs. On the other hand, the tan and beige models with gold accents are our favorites.

The sandal's logo is laser cut into the upper, and the edges are hand-painted. The insole is cushioned and provides arch support. They are a top seller at Nordstrom and one of the most sought-after designs by Tory Burch. The price for a pair is only $198, so if you're interested go ahead and grab a pair for yourself.

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