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    Check the box before buying it. Most knockoffs of Nike products won't have the company's official packaging. In its place, they either do not come in a box at all, or are packaged in clear plastic. [1]

    • Most knockoff Nike shoe boxes are flimsier because they were hastily glued together.
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    Have a look at the shoes' condition. Take a look at your old Nike shoes and see how they measure up to the ones you just bought. A big quality gap between the two pairs is a red flag that the shoes you just bought are fake and could fall apart after only a few wears.

    • Genuine Nikes are always more cushioned[2]. instead of phony ones This is due to the fact that authentic Nikes use leather rather than pleather in their production.
    • As a telltale sign of a fake pair of Nikes, the midsoles on these shoes typically feature visible dots from the production process.
    • Verify the closures Authentic Nike footwear is always fully laced, while knockoffs often leave one or more lacing holes untied.


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    Find the SKU and compare it to the labels inside the box and the shoes. An authentic pair of Nike shoes will have a stock keeping unit (SKU) number that matches the one on the shoe box. [3] Forgeries are more likely to occur if any of the numbers are off or missing.

    • Read the warnings on the tongue label. Inside the shoes, many counterfeit Nike manufacturers have stuck out-of-date size labels. A fake label on a pair of shoes, for instance, might claim that they were created in 2008, when in reality Nike produced them for the first time in 2010.
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    If you're interested, please try these on. Authentic Nike shoes feature grippy BRS 1000 rubber soles, while knockoffs often have cheap, plasticky soles.

    • Most knockoffs of Nike footwear do not come in standard sizes. You can expect them to be about half a size smaller and quite a bit narrower than a pair of authentic Nikes. You can get a more accurate feel for how a Nike shoe performs when you try it on at a reputable retailer.
    • Nike's official footwear can be purchased from this page.


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    Look into online retailers that sell Nike shoes. If you're going to buy Nike shoes online, exercise extreme caution. When making an online purchase, you run the risk of buying a counterfeit item (a shoe, for example) because you can't examine it before making your purchase. How to tell if you're buying a fake:
    • If you want authentic Nikes, try buying them from Nike.com. In this section of Nike's website, you can buy sneakers.
    • Prior to making a purchase, check out how it has been received by other customers. Negative feedback should serve as a warning that the vendor is untrustworthy. Be wary, though, as some websites selectively display positive feedback. Instead of relying on the seller's site to research them, try a third-party search engine like Google or Bing.
    • Make sure you have safeguards in place against scammers. Even if the seller is a third party, some online marketplaces let buyers initiate returns. Having the assurance that you can get your money back if you buy counterfeit Nikes is a great way to avoid financial loss.
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    Don't buy from sellers who use stock photos instead of authentic Nike product images. [4] A stock shoe photo may look better, but it isn't indicative of the quality of the product when shopping for footwear online. The existence and condition of the pair can be verified by comparing the photo to one clearly taken inside a house.

    • You could try contacting the seller and politely requesting that they retake the shoe photo with something that helps establish the photo's date or authenticity. You could, for instance, suggest that the vendor snap a photo of the shoe alongside a copy of today's newspaper. [5]
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    Nike sneakers labeled as custom, variant, or sample should be avoided. True Nike shoe samples are only available in men's U sizes. S adult sizes 9 through 11; women's 7; kids' 3 5 Additionally, there are no such things as "custom" or "variant" Nike shoes. [6]

    • Check out what the vendor has to offer Counterfeiters avoid selling U.S. currency for unknown reasons. S size 9 or larger, size 13 or larger
    • Older, discontinued Nike footwear rarely has a complete size range available. For instance, if you're trying to buy a rare pair of Nikes and you find a site that only has 200 in stock, it's highly likely that they're knockoffs.
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    If you find a pair of Nikes marked way down in price, pass. This sneaker is either a fake or severely worn. [7]

    • A Nike sneaker sold for $50 is almost certainly counterfeit. Particularly if the pair in question is rare or vintage, a more reasonable discount is more likely to be offered.
    • The seller may set an outrageously high price with the expectation that you will negotiate down to an absurdly low one. You should exercise caution because you don't actually have the shoe in your possession to confirm its condition and authenticity.
    • Find out what your shipping costs will be. Shipping times of 7-14 days indicate that your shoes are coming from China (a known producer of knockoff Nikes) or another faraway country. [8]
    • Your best bet for getting authentic Nikes online is to buy from [Nike's] official storefront or one of the other authorized [Nike retailers] listed there.
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    Do not purchase sneakers prior to the scheduled release date. Assume that any pair of shoes you find for sale before the official release date is fake.

    • These footwear may resemble a forthcoming style, but are probably just a close model. Many people fall for the trap of trying to get their hands on a pair of sneakers before everyone else does, despite the fact that early release photos make it possible for counterfeits to be produced without originals to compare them to.
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    Nike shoe authenticity checked It's important to double check the legitimacy of your shoes after you find a pair you like.

    • If you want to make sure they look like the real deal, check with Nike or another reputable retailer online.
    • Inquire about the legitimacy of the footwear from the vendor. They should be able to provide you with the contact details of their supplier if you need any additional information.


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    When looking at a Nike product, which side should you look for the tick?

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    It's a matter of the footwear. The Nike tick can be placed on either the left or right shoe, on both shoes, or in other stylized configurations on a variety of Nike footwear.

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    When and where do they make Nike shoes? Do the shoes have to be fake if the label says "made in China"?

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    No Nearly all authentic Nike footwear comes from factories in China, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. In addition to the tag, other indicators are discussed in the article.

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    The tags on my Nikes say they were made in India. If so, does that mean they are not real?

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    Actually, a large number of facilities in India produce Nike goods of every variety.

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