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  • Pro Possible to dress up with fancier attire
  • Con No use in athletics

Even if your slip-on sneakers err on the side of casual, you can dress them up with the right accessories. The use of a leather pick is an effective method.

Size 7-13 Material Upper made of leather, suede, nubuck, or rubber
  • Pro Plush padding and reinforced structure
  • Pro Easy to wear, lightweight, and snugly fitting
  • Con Not appropriate for a wedding

Similar to a pair of hands-free sneakers, but made specifically for casual jogging and running. Because of the laceless design and the extra support, your feet won't feel any pain. In addition, the padded soles ensure your comfort even while you're on the go.

Size 6-15 Material Upper made of synthetic leather and textiles, sole made of rubber.
  • Pro Long-lasting and adaptable in terms of appearance
  • Pro Simple to put on and take off
  • Con Preppy-looking

Sperry is a classic brand of summer footwear, and these are no exception; their laceless design makes them a breeze to put on and take off. In addition, it is a proven fact that one can never have an adequate supply of white (or gray) sneakers.

Size 4-12 Material Upper made of twill, bottom made of a robber

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Wool Loungers
  • Pro The advantages of Merino wool include its ability to prevent odors, to wick away moisture, and to allow air to circulate.
  • Pro Inviting for a stroll and the upcoming cool down
  • Con Not appropriate for business or athletic events

The best slip-on shoes on the market are made by Allbirds. You're already familiar with and fond of the runners, and these feature the same soft sole but have the look and feel of a man's slipper. Therefore, not only can you wear them inside, but the merino wool also makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Size 8-14 Material Upper made of ZQ Merino wool; SweetFoam® footbed; rubber outsole.
Breeze Slip-on Stretch Loafers

Reduced by 34%

  • Pro Soft, breathable upper and cushioned footbed.
  • Pro Durable and highly malleable
  • Con No use in competition or practice

The casual shoes by Bruno Marc are just as good as the dress shoes the brand is known for. Its slip-on loafer is among the simplest to find on the online retailer's website. The stretchy knit upper is breathable, the cushioned insole is comfortable, the shoe is lightweight enough to be easily bent and folded, and the overall design is foolproof.

Size 6.5-13 Material Upper made of 85% textile, 15% faux leather (vegan), and rubber
  • Pro Designed for intense workouts and marathons.
  • Pro Improved ease and vitality with Propelium® technology.
  • Con Expensive

One of the best slip-on workout sneakers for men is made by APL, the same company responsible for some of our favorite running shoes. The fabric upper is soft, and the top elastic keeps your foot in place during your workout. The Propelium® technology is the star, as it maximizes your body's natural ability to produce energy and cushions your steps for maximum comfort.

Size 7-15 Material A rubber outsole, Propelium® midsole, and TechLoom upper.

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Patnoflex Travel
  • Pro Simple, uncomplicated, timeless elegance
  • Pro Comfortable to wear and move in
  • Con Not for use in competition

These slip-on shoes are arguably the best you can buy. You can't work out in them, but other than that, there's not much to complain about; they're lightweight and comfortable, and their classic design has been worn by everyone from James Dean to Elvis. These slip-on loafers are foldable and incredibly comfortable, whether worn with or without socks. Plus, it goes great with a wide variety of pants, including jeans, chinos, swim trunks, dress pants, and more.

Size 7-14 Material Boots crafted from leather, with a rubber bottom
  • Pro Created with running and exercise in mind.
  • Pro All day comfort and padding
  • Con Not appropriate for a wedding

Do you remember the convenient slip-on nature of sock sneakers? Like a sportier, higher-performing version of those Because of how they're knit, these socks will go on similarly to any other pair. They will keep you comfortable all day and during your workout thanks to the Cloudfoam sockliner and cushioning, as well as the pull-on tab. (The laces are for aesthetics only. )

Size 6.5-13 Material Upper constructed from textile, sole made of synthetic material
Men's Slip On
  • Pro Wearable and breathable for long periods of time
  • Pro Waterproof and stain-proof coating
  • Con Not intended for use in competition

This slip-on sneaker is perfect for any casual occasion because it has a simple design that goes with anything and is reasonably priced. The fact that they are recyclable and made from waste products from the food and beverage industries makes them even more eco-friendly.

Size 8-13 Material Rubber sole, recycled upper.

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1936 Logan Flat-Strap Weejuns Loafer
  • Pro For both black tie and business casual events
  • Pro Easy to wear while on the go
  • Con No use in vigorous exercise or competition

Slip-on shoes for men don't have to be sloppy or sporty; they can even look good at the office or a cocktail party, as evidenced by this pair of dressy slip-ons from the original maker of the penny loafer. These leather upper and sole slip-on loafers will serve you well on business trips and throughout the workweek.

Size 7-13 Material Upper made of genuine leather; bottom made of rubber
Wave 2.0 Edge
  • Pro C-shell membrane upper that is both breathable and waterproof
  • Pro The WaveWalk's motion technology alleviates foot fatigue.
  • Con Slightly paunchy

You'll look and feel like a true gentleman in these moisture-wicking moc toe slip-ons. In addition, they can keep your feet dry in wet conditions thanks to a waterproof and breathable upper. Thanks to the Wave Walk motion control technology, your feet will feel like clouds as you stroll around.

Size 7-13 Material Upper made of genuine leather; bottom made of durable rubber
Ostuni in Ashen
  • Pro Light and airy; perfect for warm weather and trips to the beach.
  • Pro You can press the collar down to get your feet in more easily.
  • Con Not appropriate for use in sports or outdoor settings

You can't go wrong pairing these with your favorite pair of beach shorts, a crisp white button-down shirt, a pair of shades, and your PTO. They will retain their original color and scent throughout the season's wear. You might as well be wearing slippers, given that the heel collapses as you put your foot inside.

Size 7-13 Material Rubber outsole, Italian suede upper

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Cushion Coast Mesh
  • Pro Daily, perpetual ease
  • Pro Cushioning technology optimized for footfall impact
  • Con Not a good choice on chillier days.

These slip-on sneakers will blow your mind in terms of both comfort and value. With a breathable mesh upper, your feet will stay cool and dry in these shoes. The high rebound and traction are two more benefits of the EVA outsole's padding. Walking shoes make the ground feel like a cloud or air, no matter how far you've walked.

Size 8-14 Material Upper made of mesh; rubberized EVA sole
Best Tested
Priced at $129 on Kizik and $129 on Amazon
  • Pro No need to use your hands at all, the heel of the shoe will lead you in.
  • Pro Anti-sweat and a breathable knit design.
  • Con Casual wear only

This popular slip-on raises the bar for convenience and ease. Kizik's Cage technology allows you to step on and crush the heel of the shoes as you slip them on, and the heels will spring back to their original condition without any additional effort on your part (the laces simply adjust the snugness of the fit). Testing revealed, however, that the heel acts more like a shoehorn, stabilizing the foot as it slides in. Additionally, the elevated heel and added cushioning from the patented Rabbit Foam technology make these shoes a delight to wear.

Size 4.5-15 Material Rubber outsole, knit upper.

Best slip-on shoes for the road

Cruise Knit Driver

The Top Slip-On Shoes for the Driver

  • Pro Moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Pro Reinforced traction and durability thanks to the added height
  • Con Not intended for physical exercise.

You must be aware that driving loafers are well-known for their convenience and ease of movement. Their classic, high-low, laceless profile is the reason every man wears them, whether for work or play. The slip-on version designed by Peter Millar eliminates the need for socks. It's breathable and comfortable to wear without socks because of the knit's moisture-wicking properties. The outsole is nonslip to keep you stable.

Size 8-13 Material Driver's shoe made of 75% polyester, 25% nylon, and rubber

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Phenom Slip-On
  • Pro Proper but relaxed
  • Pro Constant ease of use
  • Con Not the chicest

The Phenom is extremely versatile. Whether you prefer chinos or joggers, you can look great. Because we have no idea what the point of slip-ons would be if it weren't for their adaptability. Reviews have raved about how comfortable it is, even when used for sports like golf.

Size 8-13 Material Rubber midsole and outsole; upper is 100% polyester.

To determine which are the best slip-on shoes for men, the editors at Men's Health have worn and rated a wide variety of options on a variety of criteria, including whether or not they are, in fact, slip-on shoes. We whittled down this varied offering to satisfy any man's taste, wallet, and slipper requirements. We also took into account the best-rated men's slip-on shoes available at reliable online retailers

Baja Slip-On Sneaker

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  • Pro Inexpensive, timelessly stylish
  • Pro Fast and simple to put on and take off
  • Pro Classic summertime fashion
  • Con Not intended for physical activity.

There was once a time when slip-ons automatically conjured images of Toms. Toms is well-known at this point for its classic espadrille style, and these have that same comfortable silhouette. But They're built with a durable rubber sole that offers a little more grip than your average beach shoe.

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  • Pro Unique and easily identifiable appearance
  • Pro Simple, adaptable fashion
  • Con Not appropriate for a wedding

These should be the only slip-on shoes you ever buy. The timeless design and superior comfort of Vans' iconic slip-on sneakers have ensured their continued popularity.

superior eco-friendly slide


greenest slip-on shoe

  • Pro Eco-friendly materials include bamboo and plastic bottles.
  • Pro Extremely supportive and comfortable vegan insole
  • Con Dressy-casual; not meant for sports or black tie

Look to Cariuma if you want a slip-on sneaker that doesn't mind its footprint on the planet. The materials in this sneaker include bamboo and plastic bottles. And the design seems both simple and sweet.

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