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Cheap basketball shoes, or budget basketball shoes, have a reputation for being inferior to their high-end counterparts in terms of how they perform on the court. There are still some great high-performance basketball shoes out there, despite the fact that companies need to cut costs to make their shoes affordable.

To be fair, the quality of cheap hoop shoes decreases a bit, but there are still many excellent options available. It's not uncommon for low-priced basketball shoes to end up on our best-of list; you just have to look a little harder. Here at Weartesters, we put hundreds of basketball shoes through their paces each year in real-world court testing, so the legwork is done and all you have to do is choose the best budget option.

So, to aid you in your search for the optimal pair of basketball shoes for your playing style and budget, we have compiled a number of curated lists. You can find the best cheap basketball shoes here, as well as the best value and cheapest basketball shoes. Here, we'll take a look at sneakers that were marketed as low-priced basketball kicks, in our value list, you might discover pricier models that deliver excellent value for the money, and on our deals page, you'll find excellent sneakers that are currently on sale for a discount.

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Most Effective Low-Cost Basketball Shoes

nike air max impact 4 performance review Listen to the entire critique

In conclusion, if you're looking for a pair of inexpensive basketball shoes, look no further than the Nike Air Max Impact 4. The best value for your money can be found in the cushion. The material, likely Phylon, is incredibly comfortable and soft. When combined with the shoe's supple, break-in-optional upper, this makes for a very comfortable, supportive, and versatile shoe. The fit is great for wide feet, and the support from the two outriggers is outstanding. Simply put, there is no other shoe under $100 that performs as well or as consistently as this one does. Fans of the Nike Air Max Impact 3 will adore this new version. Easily the best low-cost basketball shoe available. Take a look at the complete review for only here!

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giannis immortality 2 performance review

Giannis Antetokounmpo's low-priced basketball kicks, the Nike Giannis Immortality 2, are nearly identical to the original. What's encouraging is

The Phylon midsole and the same gripping and long-lasting traction pattern as the Immortality 1 are just two of the practical but inexpensive features of this shoe. Check these out if you want an affordable pair of basketball kicks with a reactive cushioning setup and excellent traction. Check out the full review for only here!

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nike lebron witness 7 The full review is available for your viewing pleasure.

Exactly where else can you get an almost full-length Air for only $115 Nike's LeBron Witness 7 is the best max-cushion "cheap basketball shoe." The aggressive herringbone traction pattern on the outsole is another bonus.

When compared to previous iterations of budget basketball shoes, this one is a revelation. You can find the full review here for only $115.

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nike precision 6

Another low-end Nike model that delivers respectable performance for the price is the Nike Precision 6. As far as Phylon goes, this one holds its own. It's not particularly innovative, but it should be effective, particularly in natural settings. The traction is the shoe's crowning feature. Nike did an excellent job of not messing up the herringbone and choosing the appropriate rubber compound, resulting in a shoe with excellent bite. The Precision 6 won't amaze you, but it's a respectable choice. The full review is available for .

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Under Armour Spawn 4 Performance Review

When it comes to sneaker releases, Under Armour's Spawn 4 is a hidden gem. Traction is excellent and very gripping thanks to MicroG's full length implementation in the sole of the shoe. Lightweight, breathable, and functional, but the materials are nothing to write home about. Learn the details for $110 by reading the full review.

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Li-Ning Sonic Team Low

When it comes to outdoor basketball shoes, the Li-Ning Sonic Team Low is a dream come true, especially if you play the position of point guard. Tuff RB, short for "tough rubber," makes up the outsole. Extremely long periods of time spent playing outside in the shoe are not a problem. The grip was always firm; after so much use, it simply appeared grimy. Upper is Li-Ning's proprietary Cool Shell, which consists of a ripstop front and a mesh back. Once it hits the Li-Ning Amazon store, the price will be in the "budget basketball shoes range." Pricing is yet to be determined; read the full review here.

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adidas Son of Chi 2

It's possible that 2022's best adidas basketball shoe will be the Son of Chi 2. One of its most notable features is its traction. The shoe's translucent rubber provided excellent traction on any surface. It's also long-lasting, outlasting the majority of modern rubber outsoles. Even with zero millimeters of drop, the full-length Bounce midsole cushions each step. Although it may not look like much, these basketball shoes are the best of their price range. To find out the price, read the full review.

Buy Adidas Son of Chi 2A recommendation for the Adidas Son of Chi 2
adidas Harden Stepback 3

Even though it's not quite as good as the adidas Harden Vol. 6, the adidas Harden Stepback 3 is still a fantastic budget pick for a basketball shoe. The Bounce foam in the midsole resembles the version we adored a few years ago. Easy-to-wear despite their simplicity, the materials are great. A wide range of foot widths can feel comfortable in these shoes. That it has traction is the best part. It has excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Find out what the review is like by reading the whole thing.

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nike kd trey 5 X

Kevin Durant's newest low-cost signature shoe, the Nike KD Trey 5 X, is inspired by his high-end KD 14 model. The cushion is the most pleasant and unexpected discovery. Similar to the Nike Kyrie Low 5, this shoe features a Renew foam midsole and a rectangular Zoom Air unit in the forefoot. It cushions blows without causing the foot to sink into the midsole. There was no sense of economy in this section. Learn more about it by reading the full review (which costs $100).

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Curry 3Z6

The Curry 3Z6 is good overall, but it could be better in a few ways. The traction is our favorite function. It's sturdy and provides excellent traction on all courts, whether indoor or outdoor. You'll have a stable ride if you can put up with the shoe's thin MicroG midsole. It's safe to say that these kicks will be a fantastic choice for any shooter. Plus, at , it's right in the sweet spot for reasonably priced basketball footwear. Among the best cheap basketball shoes on the market. Read the entire critique for only .

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nike renew elevate 3 performance review

The third iteration of Nike's Renew Elevate sneaker is an aesthetically refined update to the original. Nike's Renew cushion is a pared-down version of the company's React foam. This design deviates from the norm in that the thickest part of the Renew foam is located in the heel, while the remaining portion of the midsole is made of standard EVA. We recommend trying this on in the store in both your usual size and a half size down to ensure a comfortable fit. The importance of a good fit in obtaining effective support Price:

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Outdoor Basketball Shoes for Every Budget

Nike Air Max Impact 4 To get the full scoop, you'll have to watch the review.

When it comes to outdoor activities, we recommend the Nike Air Max Impact 3 once again. Because of the padding system The comfortable setup will allow you to spend hours playing outside without experiencing any soreness.

The outsoles grip well and will withstand the rigors of outdoor play, and the upper is supple but sturdy. In addition, the support is excellent, making it a clear winner as the best low-cost outdoor shoe on the market. For only , you can read the full review here.

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Wade All City 11 See the entire critique here

In this Wade All City 11 review, you'll see the Wade Shadow 4. There are two different technologies in the shoe's midsole. Cloud, an EVA foam, is the primary one you'll encounter. The BOOM puck, constructed from Pebax, can be found in the forefoot. If they feel stiff at first, that's normal. It will be well worth the effort to break in, we swear. This is the best budget basketball shoe on the market, and it's made by Way of Wade. Price: $119

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nike lebron witness 7 See the entire critique right here!

The Nike LeBron Witness 7 is a superb pair of open-air sneakers. Cushioning is abundant, and the shoe is cheap. This shoe has an Air unit that runs nearly the entire length of the sole and a tough rubber outsole.

You can confidently cut and switch directions on the blacktop thanks to the Nike LeBron Witness 7's sturdy support features. Get the full story here for only $115

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