The adage, "You can never have too many pairs of sneakers," is one that many of us have heard time and time again. And any sneakerhead worth their salt knows that some sizes go faster than others. However, if you have wide feet, you know how challenging it can be to find a pair of shoes that fits comfortably. Buying them can be a hassle because some manufacturers disregard width as a sizing factor.

Those who have feet that are wider than average know the pain that can result from wearing the wrong shoes all day. If your feet feel pinched or squeezed when you put on a pair of shoes, you have wide feet, says Dr. Byrdie talks to Dr. Sarah Richards who

As determined and sanctioned by Byrdie's research team

The New Balance Made in USA 993, available in four different widths, is the best all-around sneaker for wide feet on our list because it is durable, comfortable, and extremely adaptable. We recommend the Cloudflyer from On Running if you're in search of a pair of shoes that will keep your feet comfortable no matter the terrain. Among Dr. Lobkova has a few suggestions for Byrdie.

Some shoe manufacturers, such as New Balance, Hoka, Asics, and Adidas, specifically design shoes for people with wide feet, while others simply produce pairs with a wider width. Discovering a sneaker that provides more room to breathe is crucial if you have wide feet because it reduces the likelihood of blisters and other foot damage caused by friction. We have researched extensively on the internet and consulted professionals such as Dr. As Dr. Richards and I discussed, Nelya Lobkova, DPM to gather information about wide sizes and share her findings on the best sneakers for wide feet.

Read on for a list of the top sneakers for wide feet as well as expert tips on identifying whether or not your feet are wider than average.

New Balance MADE In USA 993 Core

New Balance produces both standard and wide widths of the most fashionable and functional footwear imaginable. The 993s, constructed from suede and mesh, boast responsive cushioning and compression in the midsoles and durability from thick outsoles. They are available in four different widths: narrow, standard, wide, and extra-wide.

Uppers are suede and mesh; sizes 5-13; widths narrow to extra-wide; colors are grey.

Currently, the price is $200.

Sketchers D’Lites Fresh Start

These trendy kicks are a great way to update your look without breaking the bank. The style, which is distinguished by its thick platform sole and wide variety of available colorways, also features a comfortable foam insole and a generous toe box.

Upper Material: Leather Sizes: 5-12 Width: Medium to Wide Colors: White, Black/White, Grey, Navy/White, and More

As of this writing, the price is .

adidas Superstar Sneaker

Adidas Superstar sneakers, a staple of street style since their debut in the late '60s, are a safe bet. With its classic good looks and generous fit, this style is perfect for those who have wider than average feet.

Upper Material: Leather Sizes: 5-11 Colors: White/White/White, White/Magic Lime/White, White/Pale Nude/Gold, and more Size: 5 | Variable Width: Medium

As of this writing, the price is .

Asics Women's Gel-Kayano 27

Several thousand Amazon reviewers agree that the Asics GEL-Kayano 27 Running Shoes are the best running shoes for both narrow and wide feet. Cushioning is a priority in the design process, so these shoes also feature other patented technology for a smooth stride and considerations for common foot problems, like pronation (when the feet roll inward).

Upper Material: Mesh | Sizes: 5-13 | Width: Standard to Wide Colors: Black/Pure Silver, Black/Black, White/Pure Silver, Digital Aqua/Pure Silver, and more

Cost as of publication: $160


The 990v5, which comes in sizes ranging from narrow to extra-wide, is inspired by chunky sneakers but isn't overly obnoxious. The widespread adoption of this mesh and leather sneaker suggests that the "orthopedic chic" aesthetic it embodies is here to stay.

Upper Material: Mesh and pigskin leather | Sizes: 5-13 | Widths: Narrow to extra-wide Colors: Black/Silver, Grey/Castlerock, Navy/Silver

As of this writing, the price is $185.

Vans checkerboard slip ons

Slip-ons without laces, these Vans sneakers have all the features of traditional sneakers. Customer reviews indicate that this style is suitable for wide feet despite not being available in wide sizes. As one Nordstrom customer put it, "Elastic panels fit my wide feet comfortably." It's either an 8 or a half size up for me in shoes I wear barefoot. Five, and this shoe is no exception when worn with socks ”

Upper Material: Canvas | Sizes: 5-14 | Available Colors: Black/Off White, Rainbow/True White, Gray Dawn/True White, Blushing Bride/Classic White, Pewter/True White, Rose Dawn/True White, and more 4.5 | Variable Width: Medium

Inflation-adjusted price as of publication:

Superga 2750 Nappaleau Sneaker

Superga is the brand to go to for a pair of casual leather sneakers. A cushioned insole and a tough rubber outsole make this design both comfortable and long-lasting. Reviews indicate that it has a wider width, so those who have wider feet may want to consider it.

The upper is leather; the available sizes are 3, and the shoes come in beige, black, and white. 5-13 | Variable Width: Medium

As of this writing, the price is .

Cariuma IBI Knit Sneaker

There aren't many Cariuma styles that customers with wider feet have reported feeling comfortable in, but this is one of them. Based on customer feedback, Cariuma updated their Facebook page to read, "Our IBI is made with Bamboo Knit material, and is made to mold to fit your feet, due to its flexibility." If you have a wide foot, this sneaker might be the best option for you. ”

Shoe Upper Material: Knit Size Range: 5-13 Width Range: Standard Colors: Black, Navy, Sun Yellow, Rose, and More

At the time of this writing, the price is , which is a discount of 5%.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Sneakers are an ever-present safe bet. The shoes' tagline is "any age, any one, any era, anywhere," so it's no surprise that Converse produces them in both regular and wide widths, in both low and high top styles, and in the company's signature colors.

Available in Optical White, Red, Black, and More; Canvas Upper; Sizes 5-20; Standard and Wide Widths

As of this writing, the price is .

Vionic Tokyo Sneaker

The Tokyo Sneaker from Vionic combines podiatrist-recommended comfort with a stylish design for the best of both worlds. The removable, cushioned insole provides arch support and is made with patented orthotic technology.

Sizes 5-12 | Upper Material: Mesh | Size Range: Medium to Wide

At the time of this writing, the price is $130.

On Running Cloudflyer Wide

The Cloudflyer, from On Running, is an excellent shoe for long, outdoor runs on both pavement and dirt. Possibly because it is 4 millimeters wider around the ball of the foot than the brand's medium width sneaker, this shoe was a favorite of Dr. Scholl's. What Lobkova thinks Byrdie should read most   

Upper is mesh; available in black/white and glacier/rose brown; sizes 5-11; narrow to wide.

Current price (as of time of publication): $160

RYKÄ Trailhead Hiking Boot

Light and durable sneakers, like those made by RYK, are essential for exploring new territory. The Trailhead Waterproof Hiking Shoe boasts patented cushion technology and arch support, assuring the wearer of a comfortable and supported hike.

Upper material: Mesh; sizes 5-11; medium to wide width range; Snowline Ecru, black colorway

At the time of publication, the price was $145.00.

New Balance 574

New Balance's 574 is the epitome of the "Dad" sneaker trend because it exemplifies the trend's appealing practicality. It's a chunky, retro-inspired shoe that prioritizes comfort.

Choose from 5 different colors, as well as upper materials like suede and mesh in a variety of sizes. From 5-15 | Typical to Extra-Wide

A current price of


The ultimate flatforms, Vans Old Skool Platform Sneakers are also great for wide feet thanks to their roomy toe box. A customer with wide feet was initially skeptical that these sneakers would fit, but was pleasantly surprised by how well they did.

Upper Material: Suede, canvas; Size Range: 5-11; Width Range: Medium; Colors: Black/White, Turtledove/True White, Grape Wine, True White, and More

As of the time of this writing, the cost is .

Hoka Clifton 8

It's true that Hoka One produces high-quality running shoes. Dr Lobkova says the Clifton 8 model is ideal for medium and wide feet due to its structure (it has a rocker bottom sole for even weight transfer) and cushion (it has a plush foam midsole).

The upper is made of mesh, the sizes run from 5 to 12, and the widths go from regular to wide. They come in a variety of colors, including blue fog/plain air, aquarelle/eggshell blue, cantaloupe/silver peony, and more.

The list price is $140 as of this writing.

veja recife sneakers

A leader in eco-friendly fashion sneakers, Veja. The company makes sure its manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly; for instance, it buys natural rubber from Amazonian communities to promote fair trade and organic sourcing. According to reviews on Zappos, this style has a wider profile than usual even though the brand doesn't carry wide sizes.

Upper Material: Leather and suede | Size Range: 4-10 | Width Range: Standard Colors: Almond/White, Extra White/Babe, Extra White/Steel, Matcha/White, Extra White/Black, etc.

Currently, the price is $165 (as of the time of this writing).

A wide shoe is a necessity, so Dr. Running stores "where they carry many makes and models of shoes," as Richards puts it, are essential. What she means is that you should try on a wide variety of shoes until you find a pair that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The silhouette of different shoe models can cause sizing to be very off, so it's important to try on a variety of shoes before making a purchase. Similarly, "shoes with a wider or square toe box can also help accommodate a wider foot," Dr. According to Richards,

When looking for sneakers that will fit a wide foot, the upper material is also crucial. Dr. Bates says, "a soft and flexible upper material like goat leather or neoprene will conform to many forefoot deformities like bunions that contribute to a wide foot." Ultimately, Lobkova suggests

  • In what ways are wide feet typically characterized?

    When your foot has an abnormal shape, like when it's flat or when it has bunions, the width of your foot may change, and you may find that wide shoes are more comfortable. "Flat feet are characterized by a collapsed midfoot and forefoot splay," This causes an abnormal widening of the foot, which Dr. Lobkova elaborates
    Bony protrusions called bunions and bunionettes, which result from the abnormal alignment of one or more of the metatarsal bones, also contribute to the overall width of the foot. Since this is the case, we can assume that people whose bunions range from moderate to severe have wide feet.

  • How do you figure out what size shoes you need?

    In the words of Dr. To find out whether you have narrow, medium, wide, or extra-wide feet, Richards, a Brannock device is the most accurate tool. As it isn't always convenient, you can get fitted for one at a podiatrist's or a shoe store.
    In the meantime, Dr. According to Lobkova, you can do this on your own with the help of a size chart and some self-recorded measurements. Simply stand on a piece of paper and trace your foot's outline while drawing a line across the ball of your foot. "Take a measurement of the line's length," Dr. As instructed by Lobkova Measure the foot and find its equivalent on a shoe size chart. It's not uncommon for people's feet to look narrow when seated but significantly wider when they stand or put weight on them. It is for this reason that measuring the width of a person's foot must be done while they are upright. ”

  • Where can I find out if a shoe is wide?

    Dr. Bates advises, "Hold the shoes up to your foot to see if it makes the shape of your foot." What Richards suggests As the old saying goes, "You'll know if it's too short or too narrow before you put it on." "

Byrdie author Hayley Prokos compiled the following shopping guide. She is an experienced business writer and editor who is obsessed with finding stylish, well-made shoes for women. Her articles have been published in such publications as SELF, Newsweek, and the Greek newspaper Ekathimerini. For her part, Hayley has a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern. She spent at least 10 hours looking into the best wide-footed footwear available to compile this list.