There's no denying the discomfort of flat feet. The only thing worse than having flat feet is trying to find shoes that will fit them. If you have flat, wide feet like I do, you know how difficult it is to find the right footwear.

You must have equally infuriatingly flat feet if you're still reading this. You may have tried a few different pairs before finding one that works for your flat feet, and now you're afraid to try anything else.  

Who says guys can have all the fun in the world with their feet encased in shoes? It's almost too good to be true, but we have compiled a manual that will assist you. Don't kill yourself over a single pair of shoes. Make sure you have the right footwear for every event.  


I assure you, things will improve. Browse our guide for the best shoes for men with flat feet, and pretend you never had a problem with your feet in the first place.  

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One of the best pairs of shoes for men with flat feet is the Brooks Beast 20.

It can be challenging to locate suitable footwear for flat feet. Many males do not really possess flat feet Due to inadequate support, their arches collapsed. They are, in essence, unnaturally widened.

While it's true that people with fallen arches need more supportive footwear, the same can't be said for those with flat feet. To get the best results, we opted for something that provides adequate but not excessive support. That way, guys who were born without arches can walk away unscathed.  

True podiatrists love the Brooks Beast because of the ideal compromise it provides. Guide rails on the Beast provide support from toes to knees but don't squash wide feet. In addition to coming in generous sizing, they help those with flat feet avoid the dreaded hourglass shape.

Shoe type: Walking | Available sizes are: Sizes 8-16 X-Wide | Colors Red/Black, Black/Blue, and Black/Gray

Our Favorites
  • Ideal for those with wide, flat feet.
  • Fit for a variety of parties
The things that bother us

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 are the best running shoes for men with flat feet.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is among the best flat foot shoes on the market. The GTS series has been recommended for flat feet for quite some time now due to the straight midsole that aids in the correction of pronation (the inward rolling of the foot upon impact) without adding excessive arch support.  

Brooks is the undisputed king of the flat-footed runner's shoe. Similar to their Beast 20 model, this makes them ideal for both flat-footed men and those who require extra arch support. If your current pair of running shoes are causing you pain, you should definitely upgrade to these because of their superior cushioning system.

Shoe type: Running | Available sizes are: 7 Extra Narrow to 15 Wide | Colors There Are Thirteen Various Choices

Our Favorites
  • Vibrant hues for a more social summer
  • The GuideRail Assistance Program
The things that bother us
  • Yet another entry with some weight

The Brooks Addiction Walker Suede [[3]] is the best walking shoe for men with flat feet.

We swore to you, Brooks, that you're not paying us to say that. They are masters at crafting shoes for people with flat feet. The "GuideRail" support system, popularized in their running shoe lines, has been adapted for the needs of walkers in this pair.  

Their one-of-a-kind BioMoGo DNA insoles shape to your feet as you walk. This can be shaped to fit your requirements whether your arches are flat, weak, low, or nonexistent. There's plenty of room for your feet to move around in case they get sweaty.  


There should be more color options, but these walkers are the most comfortable and considerate to your feet's health that we've found.

Ok, we swear that’s our last Brooks entry  

Shoe type: Walking | Available sizes are: 7-15 Wide | Colors blue and black

Our Favorites
  • Plenty of space for your toes
  • The soothing "BioMoGo DNA"
Things we dislike

For Men With Flat Feet, Birchbury Brenston Are The Best Dress Shoes.

Like peanut butter and American cheese, dress shoes are a must-have. They don't go together unless you're wearing Birchbury's Breston sneakers. You won't find more comfortable men's dress shoes anywhere else. You wouldn't guess it from their appearance, but these shoes are more like sneakers than dress shoes.

Brestons have a traditional patent leather appearance, but unlike most dress shoes, they do not have a narrow toe box that can be uncomfortable for people with flat feet. This beauty was created with the intention of being worn even without the reinforced insole that normally comforts broken arches.   

When you combine supple leather with a cushioned insole, you have a new favorite pair of shoes for the office and possibly the best shoes for flat feet men you could ever imagine.

Shoe type: Dress | Sizes available: 7-16 | Colors People of Color

Our Favorites
  • Timeless elegance
  • Cloud-like insole
The things that bother us
  • Close to being a grandpa-sized toe box

Adidas Grand Court Is The Best Everyday Shoe For Men With Flat Feet.

These Adidas are as classic and minimal as it gets in the current fashion scene. These are great for men with extremely flat feet due to the lack of arch support and the square toe design. These may be tough for long periods of time if your arches need a lot of support, but they won't replace your regular pair of running shoes (those are up there, by the way).

Grand Courts are classic because they recall the days when tennis shoes were the generic term for sneakers. They're great for parties big and small, from birthday celebrations to trips to the local nightclub. They might get away with it at a laid-back office party, but don't take our word for it. Also, they are ideal for the sport of tennis.  

You're sure to find a color that you adore among the nearly four-hundred available.  

Shoe type: Shoes for Tennis | Accessible sizes: 4-14 | Colors There are 44 different hues.

Check It Out On Goat Check It Out On Amazon
Our Favorites
  • Simple, classic style
  • Under 70$
The things that bother us

For Men With Flat Feet, the New Balance Numeric 22 Are the Most Comfortable Shoes on the Market

Skateboarding shoes are a well-kept secret among those with flat feet. Skater shoes were a lifesaver for my flat, wide feet when I was a teenager. The majority of skate shoes have sufficient padding to support even the worst arches, while also being flexible enough to accommodate my own plank-like flippers.

The selection of skate shoes available today is staggering. The fact that they're made by New Balance, the go-to shoe company for generations past, should speak volumes. One of the best brands of skate shoes is actually made by a master of flat-footed footwear. It's cause for a party

The Numeric 22 is as chill as a lazy skatepark afternoon and as insanely comfortable as the best New Balances. This season, you can't go wrong with the classic color combination of blue and white. Those might just become your new "everyday drivers."   

Shoe type: Skate | Available sizes are: 4-13 | Colors Black/Blue, White/Tan

Our Favorites
  • Like putting on a favorite pair of slippers
  • That calming blue...
Things we dislike
  • The word "skateboarding" might scare off unreceptive listeners.

[[7]] Orthofeet Lava, Finest Arch-Supporting Shoes for Men with Flat Feet

Dr. Orthofeet Is The Best In The Field advised orthotic footwear (in accordance with their websiteinternet site because they are made to aid in the treatment of virtually any foot condition These are the best shoes ever for men who require absolutely top-notch arch support.

The insert in the Lavas can be removed to give your tired arches some much-needed TLC. They have thick padding to ease any other aches and pains caused by your stride. Rather than lava, we imagine it's more like walking on clouds.

Shoe type: Athletic | Available sizes are: Size 7-14 XW | Colors Gray, Black

What We Enjoy
  • The advice of a podiatrist
  • Advanced arch support that can be removed
Things we dislike

[[8]] Birchbury Bramford Are The Finest Wide Men's Shoes For Flat Feet.

While Birchbury only has two styles, we're supporting them because we need flat and wide shoes. They're coming through for their people this year by providing two of the top options for men with flat feet.  

Don't be put off by the fact that they sound like would-be ivy leaguers. If you have wide, flat feet, you won't find a more intelligent or handsome shoe than this one. Their toe box is slightly larger than that of their dressier counterpart, and they both feature the same luxurious insole for superior arch support. If your feet tend to hurt when you stand, all you have to do is remove the insole.

They're what grandfathers put on their feet when they don't want to look old. They're so soft and cozy. Grandpa-chic is on the decline, so you should probably adopt their style.


Shoe type: Casual | Available sizes are: Seventeen (only wide) | Colors Black, Brown

Our Favorites
  • Elegant and slender
  • Uses a cushioned insole
The things that bother us

For Men With Flat Feet, LCI Ten Are The Best Vegan Shoes Available.

Minimalist clothing is on the rise, and dad and grandpa shoes are (thankfully) on the way out (as you may have noticed). These are the vegan sneakers you've been looking for if you're barefoot and stylish. The newest brand on the market, LCI, has the best shoes for men with flat feet. They are vegan, look great, and are comfortable.

Men with true flat feet will appreciate the minimal arch support and lack of hourglass shape (think vintage Converse or Vans). You should get some insoles if you have severely flattened arches.

While LCI offers a wide variety of color and style options, we went with these mid-tops to complement the season's retro trends. Whites and solid colors will make them look especially clean and modern. And I'm sure you'll find plenty more besides  

Shoe type: Modus vivendi | Available sizes are: 3.5-12 | Colors 11 Possible Courses of Action

What We Enjoy
  • Purely plant-based construction
  • Retro and minimal mid-tops
The things that bother us
  • Not ideal for sagging archways.

Birkenstocks Arizona EVA Sandals, No. 10 on the List of Best Sandals for Flat Feet, Men

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know that Birkenstocks are widely considered to be one of the best sandals for men with flat feet. This is because their footbeds not only provide exceptional support, but also conform to your feet's unique anatomy. The best shoes for flat feet, as has been repeatedly stated, provide adequate arch support and are flexible enough to accommodate low or absent arches.

The Birkenstock EVA series improves upon the aesthetics of their renowned cork footbed by replacing it with EVA (futuristic shoe rubber), which contours to your fallen arches even more precisely. This model's 100% EVA construction makes it simple to produce vibrant summer hues.  

We went with the Arizonas because of their throwback Birkenstock aesthetic, but there are plenty of other options available with the same basic framework if that's not your thing. Did we mention how inexpensive they are?  

Shoe type: Sandal | Available sizes are: 3.5% Close to a 13 5 | Colors Alternatives: 34

What We Enjoy
  • Vegan-friendly sandal
  • Fits any foot shape in seconds
Things we dislike
  • The crocodile-like appearance may be off-putting.

Tips for Choosing Men's Flat-Footed Shoe Styles


Unlike the man, the material is what determines the quality of the shoe. The best shoes for men with flat feet should be chosen with the material in mind. Getting something too heavy for the summer can be tempting, but you should be wary of the heat. Heavier materials might make your foot too hot or feel awkward.  


Fortunately, each pair of shoes featured here is ideally suited to its specific purpose. If you follow our suggestions, your feet will always be comfortable in their shoes.  

Man sitting on the stairs, wearing a white jacket and pants, looking at phoneLØCI

Aid for an Arch

The best shoes for men with flat feet have sturdy arches. Flat feet have collapsed arches or very little or no arch at all. Men with flat feet should look for shoes with removable, moldable insoles or shoes that are designed to be worn comfortably even without the inserts.

The good news is that most of our recommendations will work for you even if your arches are flat or extremely narrow. They're comfy even if you don't wear insoles, or the insoles can be adjusted to fit any foot.


It should go without saying that the reason for your shoe purchase should influence your final decision. Don't be that guy at the fancy business meeting wearing a pair of Adidas Grand Courts. It's not a good look at all.

A pair of shorts with a 5 or 7-inch inseam and a baggy, solid-color t-shirt will look great with those Grand Courts. In 2022, it's all about putting yourself out there, so don't be afraid to wear bright colors and quirky patterns on your button-down shirts.  

Don't make insensitive purchases, such as oxfords, for your new jogging routine. To simplify things, just follow the advice given above.

    • To cut a long story short, every pair of shoes listed here Any of these champions would do well in their bracket and bring joy to the feet of the unlucky.

      The best shoes for flat feet, if we're being thorough, depend on the type of flat feet you have. Many men mistakenly believe they have flat feet when in fact they have fallen arches. The lack of structural (as opposed to emotional) backing over the years is to blame. Those Chuck Taylors may have seemed like the height of cool at the time, but they eventually made your feet sag like a puppy's.

      Don't waste another second looking for the right pair of shoes. We put together a detailed guide to the top shoes for men with flat feet, so use the data above to narrow down your search.

      • Our enthusiasm for the products available from Brooks for men with flat feet is clear from our guide. The thing is, podiatrists concur. Collectively, they had the highest number of endorsements of any brand we looked at. An They have the APMA's stamp of approval in their toolkit.

        All you need to know can be gleaned from that The three top Brooks models are highlighted in the above buying guide.

        • The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 are the best running shoes for people with flat feet. Their GuideRail support system is designed to help weak arches without causing discomfort for men with flat feet. When you add in the fact that they come in wide and extra-wide sizes, you have a winner.  

          Although the Brooks Beast 15 is more adaptable, the Adrenaline GTS 22 is the superior running shoe for those with flat feet. There's no denying it