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High arches, also known as cavus feet, are the result of an abnormally high arch in the foot. When walking or standing, extra pressure is put on the ball and heel of the foot, which can lead to problems like plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, calluses, corns, and bone spurs if you don't wear supportive shoes. Dr. Jeffrey Smith, a podiatrist in New York and a member of the Vionic Innovation Lab Sutera Jackie

Some of the most typical reasons for heel pain in those with high arches include plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes (the plantar fascia). Another common symptom of high arches is hammertoes, an abnormal bending of the middle joint of the toe.

The ankle and hip mobility of a person with a high arch is typically reduced. Since the arch of a high-arched foot is higher, it may have a more difficult time absorbing shock and transferring energy, as explained by Dr. Podiatrist turned fashion designer Emily Splichal created the Naboso line of performance-oriented accessories.

People with high arches who have to stand for long periods of time (such as nurses, teachers, and flight attendants) can benefit greatly from investing in a good pair of supportive shoes because they will be less likely to experience foot problems and will have a more pleasant walking experience.

Tips for choosing comfortable walking shoes if you have high arches

The best walking shoes have insoles that are both cushioned and shock absorbing, so keep that in mind when you're shopping.

High-arched feet, according to Dr. According to Sutera, Never wear flat shoes that are too rigid, stiff, or thin. Insoles and orthotics are designed for people with high arches to provide support, dampen impact, and cushion the foot. ”

Shoes with a small heel-toe drop (the difference between the height of the heel and the forefoot) reduce impact forces and ankle stress when walking, as did the supportive cushioning, according to Dr. Splichal argues

You don't necessarily need a higher heel if you have a heel-toe drop, as pointed out by Dr. Sutera When describing the shoe's shape, she explains that "this means that the heel is thicker than the front of the shoe," in contrast to a platform or very flat shoe. "Those who require additional arch support may benefit more from these." ”

Supination is a common gait pattern among those with high arches, in which the body's center of gravity shifts to the outer edges of the feet. Locating a pair of walking shoes that have a heel counter can be useful in this situation. As a result of preventing pronation (your ankle or arch rolling inward) and supination, "heel counters add stability and allow the rearfoot/heel to stay more neutral," says Dr. In the words of Sutera:

In his other method, Dr. For less shock absorption, Splichal suggests trying out transitional or minimalist footwear. The theory behind these shoes is that by absorbing impact forces through muscular contraction, they will eventually strengthen your feet. She explains that she teaches all feet, including those with high arches, to function without the aid of supportive or cushioned footwear.

As if finding the right shoes wasn't enough, Dr. Splichal also suggests that those who suffer from high arches try myofascial release in order to increase the flexibility of their feet. Naboso's Neuro ball, for instance, can be used to give your foot a pre- or post-workout massage. In order to lessen the effects of impact force, she recommends "releasing the feet and calves," which can increase mobility in both the feet and the hips.

But how do you know when it's time to trade in your old kicks for a fresh pair? Dr The tabletop test is one of Sutera's suggestions; to use it, place each shoe on a table at eye level and check for uneven wear and asymmetry. Check for holes in the sole, tread smoothing, or sole wear.

These 13 best walking shoes for high arches provide the optimal amount of support and cushioning to help you find your perfect pair.

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Sneakers for Ladies: The Zeliya by Vionic

Favorite Shoe Designed Specifically for Women

Dr Lightweight and breathable thanks to a mesh upper and podiatrist-designed orthotics, this lace-up pair comes highly recommended from Sutera. These, like all Vionic footwear, feature the company's signature three-zone comfort technology: a padded heel, a molded arch, and a cushioned forefoot. These shoes are available in medium and wide widths, making them suitable for a wide range of foot shapes and sizes, making them ideal for both casual and professional wear.

Reviews agree: "They are incredibly stylish sneakers." My physical therapist recommended Vionic because I need shoes with arch supports. I have the navy and will soon purchase the gray. ”

Vionic Women’s Zeliya

Women's Zeliya by Vionic, $130.

Brand New Pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 Running/Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes for High Arches and Supination

These Brooks shoes may have been made for runners, but they are perfect for walking or even the workplace. This is because they are equipped with DNA soft cushioning, which adjusts to your stride to provide optimal comfort and support. In addition, it has GuideRails, which help to stabilize the foot and lessen the supination that often results from having high arches.

Reviewers have commented that they are able to "definitely appreciate the extra room" and "tend to buy wide-width shoes" because their "toes spread quite a bit while standing." Very accommodating to my high arches. ”

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

Men, get the $138-$272 Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22.

Get the $138-268 Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 22.

These Asics Gel-Cumulus 23 Walking and Running Shoes

The Runner-Up Best for High Arches and Supination

These Asics shoes are designed for supine people with high arches and feature FlyteFoam technology in the midsoles, which absorbs shock at the point of contact with the ground. As a result, there is less friction between foot-strike and toe-off. In addition, the upper is made of a breathable mesh material that provides adequate support where it's most needed without sacrificing any of the shoe's natural pliability The fact that they use recycled materials is icing on the cake. Workers in the healthcare industry say they are comfortable and supportive enough to wear for long shifts on their feet, and they are also excellent running shoes (in fact, one of the best Asics running shoes ever).

Reviewers' consensus: "These shoes are incredibly snug and supportive." My feet don't get tired from standing on them all day. The mornings are better when I put them on, so that's why I don't mind getting up early. ”

Asics Gel-Cumulus 23

You can get the Asics Gel-Cumulus 23 for –$229

Women's Gel-Cumulus 23 by Asics, available for –$229.

Skechers Go Walk Lite 2 Shoes

Recommended Footwear for Standing All Day with High Arches

Foot doctor-approved arch support Check Sole shock-absorbing insoles that can be removed Check This fabric can be washed in a washing machine. Check These Skechers sneakers are some of the most comfortable footwear you'll ever wear. Shoes like these, with their cushioned insoles and grippy rubber soles, are perfect for a day of errands, a stroll in the park, or a long shift at the office.

Reviewers are generally positive, with many saying something along the lines of "I'm so glad I have these shoes as a backup." I packed two pairs and walked a lot in them for an entire week with no foot pain (other than the usual arthritis pain that nothing helps) to report. I can't speak highly enough of the Arch Fit for my needs, so I've bought two more pairs of them. My recommendation is to try arch fit if you have high arched feet, falling arches, achilles tendonitis, or any other foot problem. ”

Skechers Arch Fit

Purchase a pair of Skechers Arch Fit for Men, $175 and up

Shop the Women's Arch Fit by Skechers, available for -$156.

Trail-Running Shoes, Altra Timp 3

Highest Recommendation for Hiking Paths

Dr High-arched feet can benefit from the lack of cushioning and heel-toe drop in Altra's transitional shoes, according to Splichal. The Timp 3 has the same amount of cushioning at the heel and toes, which promotes more efficient running form. The cushioned midsoles still make for easy walking or jogging on any surface.

"I have suffered from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs for years, and these shoes are perfectly supportive," one reviewer wrote. And I keep on wearing them all day long, long after I've finished walking or hiking. ”

Altra Timp 3

Men, get the Altra Timp 3 for $128, $225.

Invest in the Altra Women's Timp 3 ($128-$179).

Wool Runners from Allbirds

Most Easily Exhaled

In recent years, allbirds have risen in popularity, and for good reason. The Wool Runners are made of Merino wool, which is known for its ability to regulate body temperature, absorb moisture, and prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. As an added bonus, the arch-supporting, contoured SweetFoam midsole makes them incredibly lightweight.

According to reviewers: "I love these shoes." They're cute, warm, and provide excellent arch support. ”

Allbirds Wool Runners

For , get the Allbirds Men's Wool Runners.

Women, spend on a pair of Allbirds Wool Runners.

These women's Reebok DailyFit DMX sneakers are a great choice.

Runner-Up, Best Shoe Made Specially for Women

Despite the fact that Reebok is better known for its athletic footwear, these slip-on sneakers have become a top seller due to their exceptional level of convenience. They have a molded heel that holds your foot in place and a cushioned sockliner that aids in proper foot alignment and stability. The laceless design is one of our favorites because it allows you to get out the door quickly and easily, even with a full hand of groceries.

According to reviewers, these are "very comfortable shoes," particularly for people whose jobs require them to stand for long periods of time. ”

Reebok DailyFit DMX Women’s Shoes

Women's $48-$164 Reebok DailyFit DMX Shoes, Available Here.

Walking Shoes, New Balance 847v4

Recommended Footwear to Prevent and Treat Plantar Fasciitis and High Arches

This New Balance pair features a two-foam midsole that wraps around your arches to provide shock absorption with every step. The mesh upper promotes better airflow while stabilizing posts and heel inserts in the shoe's rear work to stop supination. These are available in a variety of widths, from regular to extra-extra-extra-wide, so you can find the perfect one for you. While New Balance makes a wide variety of supportive shoe models for different pursuits, this pair is among the best New Balance walking shoes you can buy.

Among the reviews, we found: I had to find a solution for my plantar fasciitis because my Nikes weren't helping. Wow, these are great. Usually by midday, my feet start to hurt from wearing shoes, but not these. The fact that they are offered in extra-wide widths means they are a perfect fit for my massive foot. ”

New Balance 847v4

Men, spend -268 on a pair of New Balance 847v4s.

Women's New Balance 847v4 - Available for Purchase at - $268

Women's Orthofeet Stretch Knit Sneakers, Coral

Top-Rated Walking Shoes for Flat Feet, Bunions, and Arches

Orthofeet's shoes are among the best orthopedic shoes on the market because they use podiatrist-recommended footwear technology. All Orthofeet footwear, including these Coral Stretch sneakers, features a generous toe box to accommodate those with bunions and hammertoes. The arch support can be modified by inserting or removing the removable booster from the orthotic insoles. Additionally, the moderate rocker gives your ankles a little extra support and gives you a little pep in your step.

User review: "I have diabetes, and these shoes have changed my life." Extremely cozy, and the support is just what I required. Standing for long periods of time does not bother me. ”

Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit Women’s Sneakers

Get the women's $134 Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit sneakers.

Shoes for running and walking: the Hoka Arahi 5

High-Arched Walking Shoes Runner-Up Best for Plantar Fasciitis and Other Foot Pain

These walking shoes from Hoka are like stepping on clouds, with their ultra-cushioned soles and supportive, structured mesh at the back. Pull tabs at the back of the heels facilitate donning and doffing, and the padded collars alleviate stress on the Achilles. For these reasons and more, the pair has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Comments like "I work 12-hour shifts at a hospital and spend most of my time on my feet" are common in reviews of this product. Having had plantar fasciitis and arthritic big toe for a few years, I've had a hard time finding shoes that offer the right amount of cushion and toe box room for me. After struggling with these, I think I've found the right ones; I'll be back for more. ”

Hoka Arahi 5

Get the Arahi 5 from Hoka for $130.

Purchase the $130 Hoka Women's Arahi 5s.

Running Shoes: Under Armour Charged Assert 9

These shoes from Under Armour are great for both runners and walkers thanks to their responsive, cushioned midsole and lightweight mesh upper. True, the contents are important, but external factors also matter. High arches will appreciate the cushioning and flexibility provided by the durable rubber outsoles.

Reviews agree: "Excellent, stable, and comfortable shoe." There is no time travel I threw them on and breezed through a 10K. You can wear them to the gym without any discomfort. These shoes are essential for any workout involving weights or a rowing machine. ”

UnderArmour Charged Assert 9 Running Shoes

Get the Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 9

Females, spend on the Charged Assert 9 by Under Armour.

The Ansel Sneaker by Vionic for Men.

High-Arched Feet and Plantar Fasciitis: Another Possible Cause

Trying to find a new pair of sneakers to complement your current ensemble? The Ansel sneaker by Vionic features an easygoing suede upper in a chic navy and red color scheme. As for the level of comfort, they spare no expense. The Ansel is a comfortable pair of walking shoes recommended by podiatrists for people with high arches. They feature a cushioned insole and a sturdy rubber outsole.

Comments like "My husband has plantar fasciitis and has had a hard time walking without pain" are a testament to the product's success. Inexpensive insoles haven't helped, so he tried the more expensive ones. After two weeks of wearing these Vionic shoes, he was able to run a short distance without any discomfort. The best shoes ever. Clearly, he has insatiable appetites. ”

Vionic Men's Ansel

Men's Ansel Shoes by Vionic, $53-$119

Shoe Repair: Pushovers

Stability and cushioning are prioritized in the construction of Reshod's three-layer foam walking shoes. One layer of foam is softer and designed to absorb shock at the heel, another is denser and designed to provide lateral stability, and a final layer cushions the forefoot. Not only do these shoes elevate both your toes and heels to the same level, but they also encourage you to exercise your foot muscles rather than rely solely on extra padding. Dr Splichal recommends these footwear options due to their rocker toe design, which aids in normal walking patterns, and their transitional level of cushion, which helps to strengthen your feet.

Reshod Pushover Walking Shoe

The Reshod Pushover Walking Shoe is on sale for $145 $108 right now.