Shopping for wide feet is about as embarrassing as going camping without bug spray. If you give it the chance, it can completely ruin your weekend. However, we assure you that there is a wide variety of footwear options available to you despite your wide feet. This is speaking from experience.  

Obtaining the precise shoe necessitiesEssential footwear simply as regular folks Getting the best shoes for wide feet men is as simple as making a plan before going shopping or shopping online.

Friends, there is no need to worry; we've got your back. As you may have guessed from the title, we compiled this guide to soften the blow of shopping for shoes with wide feet.


If you follow our advice, you can rest assured that your consistent returns won't be emotionally taxing.  

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The Brooks Beast 20 is the [[1]] Best Shoe for Men with Wide Feet.

You probably already know about the Brooks Beast because you read our review of the top shoes for men with flat feet. It's no secret that Brooks produces some of the best men's wide shoes on the market, and this pair is no exception. This pair of sneakers lives up to its monstrous moniker, dominating in any condition.  

Whether you're a runner, walker, or patio lounger, you need this shoe. For men with wider feet, this is the shoe you've been waiting for.

Available hues: Gray/Blue, Black/Gray, and Black/Red | Accessible sizing : 8-16 X-Wide | Style Physically Competent

Brooks Beast 20

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The Brooks Ghost 14 are the best running shoes for wide feet.

Quite a few Brooks running shoesShoes for running are great for wide feet, but we prefer the Ghosts. The arch support isn't too much thanks to the neutral stability control. It's the optimal base for running for long distances and on any surface without experiencing foot fatigue.  

Plus, with the plush BioMoGo DNA cushioning systems, they have us completely convinced. The single problem You may never want to remove them from their cozy embrace.

Available hues: Black and White, Black and Grey, Black and Blue, and Black and Grey. Accessible sizing : 7-15 X-Wide | Style : In motion

Brooks Ghost 14

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The New Balance 608v5 Trainer is the best walking shoe for wide feet.

This couple's game plan consists primarily of strutting. Although they are technically cross-trainers, the design makes them ideal for men who have wide feet and enjoy walking. The 608v5s feature an ABZORB heel pad and extra padding in strategic areas to alleviate the effects of pronation.  

Extra thick padding ensures comfort on par with a papa bear's fur. You may have found your new favorite pair of shoes for strolling around town all day  

Available hues: Eleven-Color | Offered sizing : 6 5 - 16 X-Wide | Style Interval Training


Crown Northampton Grove Shoes are the Best Dress Shoes for Wide Feet.

Don't give up hope, even if you've resigned yourself to living with foot pain (or even skipping social events altogether). Dress shoes by Crown Northampton have most Shoes that wide-footed men will want to put on. The widest size they go up to is 13, which is a pretty big shoe, so the vast majority of you should be good to go.

Horween Chromexcel leather, one of the world's finest, was used in the upper construction of this pair. While the other colors are nice, the maroon Horween is my personal favorite.

When choosing footwear, keep in mind that "wide" is not a size option. They are way too high-class for that. Since these are custom-made by Crown Northampton, specifying a "G" width requires a note at checkout. That's some seriously first-rate attention to detail.  

Choice of colors: Horween Maroon, Tobacco Suede, and Sand Suede Leather | Accessible sizing : 4-13 wide | Style : Derby

It's airing on Crown Northampton.

[[5]] The HOKA ONE ONE Arahi 6 is the best athletic shoe for people with wide feet.

The HOKA Arahi 6 exemplifies why this brand has been a long-time favorite of wide-footed fitness enthusiasts. These are not only one of the lightest pairs of pants you can find, but also one of the snuggest. They feel like you're wearing a pair of rain clouds on your feet. You can't help but like them.

The Arahi 6 is marketed as a stability shoe due to its J-frame support system, making them a top performer in any fitness environment. The J-frame supports the arch and corrects pronation, making these shoes suitable for those with flat feet as well as those with wider feet.  

And they're vegan to boot! Awesome

Available hues: Color Scheme: Teal/Yellow/White; Black/White Accessible sizing : 7-14 Wide | Style Confirmed Consistency

Baudoin and Lange Sagan Decks are the best yacht shoes for wide feet.

These shoes are so advanced that we refrained from calling them "boat shoes." Shoes for use on a yacht. The unlined upper and special rubber outsoles create a carefree, buoyant sensation. This unabashedly modern deck loafer by Baudoin & Lange may change the face of nautical footwear forever.  

The lack of lining makes them ideal for those with wide feet. Since the lack of lining allows the leather to stretch to fit you like a foot-corset (if corsets didn't suck the life out of you), you won't find any half sizes or wide widths.  

Give it a few days to break in if it's too snug before sending us hate mail. That's supposed to be standard procedure according to Baudoin and Lange.


Choice of colors: Colors: Gray, Blue, and Beige Accessible sizing : 6-13 X-Wide | Style Shoe Covers

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[[7]] Birkenstock Barbados EVA Sandals, the Best Wide-Foot Sandals

It's common knowledge that Birkenstock produces the best sandals for wide feet. You may not be aware, but they've abandoned their leather-only strategy. Good news if you try to avoid supporting businesses that use animal testing!

The Barbados resembles a combination of the classic Birkenstock sandal and a pair of rubbery Crocs due to its construction from a single piece of EVA. The full EVA construction forms to wide feet even more quickly than the cork used in competing models.  

If you're looking to make a fashion statement this summer, look no further than the thick, white Barbados design. They are generous in width, making them an easy fit even for wider feet.

Available hues: The Four Primitive Colors | Accessible sizing : 6-13 4.5 (Tall/Narrow) | Style Interval Training

Birkenstock Barbados EVA

(#8) Crown Northampton Overstone Derby Best Minimalist Sneakers for Wide Feet

Minimalism with an emphasis on expressive brightness is currently trending. However, you may not need anything else besides these sneakers this year. Crown Northampton, all the way from Northampton, UK to the US, smashed it with this fashion-forward pair.  

You can see that Crown Northampton, at least in terms of their dress shoes, produces some of the best shoes for wide feet, but you won't find any "wide" options on their website. Instead, you're the ultimate boss and leave a note at the register.

Remember us this summer when people can't stop complimenting your hot kicks.

Available hues: The Four Primary Colors | Accessible sizing : 4-13 Wide | Style Hoops Shoe

It's airing on Crown Northampton.

Loci 8 Are The Most Eco-Friendly Wide-Foot Shoes

Loci is one of the best sustainable brands on the market today. The company has reduced its overall carbon footprint by more than half compared to competing brands thanks to the use of recycled plastic bottles in the production of the shoes. This is no small feat when you consider that they also produced a fantastic casual shoe.


Did we mention Loci 8 is a top pick among wide-footed men's footwear? Although they don't come in wide widths, these are great for men who have wide feet because of the flat soles and roomy toe boxes.

Available in sizes 7–13 and a rainbow of colors, these casual sneakers are a must-have.

Loci 8

Baudoin & Lange Sagan Stride Rover Boots are the Best for Extra Wide Feet.

Some of the most stylish and comfortable designer shoes for men with wide feet can be found at Baudoin & Lange. The lining (or lack thereof) is the focal point of both their deck shoes and these. Being unlined allows it to conform to your foot over time, much like a luxury memory foam mattress. These gorgeous desert boots will make you the center of attention at any festival you attend.  

Although they are on the pricier side, they are well worth the cost. Although they may feel snug at first, after some wear they will become the most custom-fit footwear you have ever owned.   

Available hues: Colors like black, green, brown, and greige (yes, greige) Offered sizing : 7-13 | Style : Cacti Boots

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Tips for Choosing Comfortable Men's Shoes if You Have Wide Feet


You should first consider why you require the shoe. That's what decides the shoe's design. You won't go out and buy Timberlands just to wear them for a round of golf.

It's not always easy, but styles are usually fairly obvious. When looking for the best wide shoes for men, use your common sense.  


The most comfortable shoes for men with wide feet are those that support their arches. Your toes will feel like overstuffed sausages if something isn't just right. That's the worst possible quality in a pair of footwear. You want them to feel as done as possible, like steaks. Alternatively, pork chops

When the time is right, you’ll feel it. Don't buy anything less than the best shoes for wide feet men can find if you want to avoid regret later.

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While some dudes will only wear leather shoes, others won't support the industry that exploits animals. There are numerous alternatives to using leather since there is currently no such thing as a cruelty-free leather tannery.  


Vegan leather is popular now, and it's not just the cheap pleather we all remember from our childhood. It's amazing how close this is to the genuine article. Another option is EVA, which is similar to a super-light rubber and feels great underfoot.

    • Men's shoes for wide feet can be customized to fit any foot width. If you're tired of shopping, don't buy a flimsy item just to stop looking. You'll come to deeply regret your decision.

      You'll know you've found the right wide size for you when:

      • This guide will help you find the best shoes for men with wide feet. Click up now to get your hands on the best pair... or five!