It's next to impossible to avoid soiling or staining your shoes, no matter how hard you try. Whether it's a splash of red wine that makes its way onto your shoe at a dinner party or a sudden downpour that turns your home's sidewalk into a muddy river, mishaps are inevitable.

It's heartbreaking to part with a favorite pair of shoes for any reason.  

Read on for advice on caring for your synthetic-suede footwear.  

How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes—5 Easy Tips To Keep Faux Suede Pristine

Synthetic Suede: What Is It?

The look and texture of faux suede are nearly identical to those of genuine suede, but it is made from plastic and is much more long-lasting than the real thing. It's great for vegetarians and vegans because it doesn't contain any animal products.  

Polyester microfibers are woven into a thin, fine, and very tough plastic fabric to create faux suede shoes. Conversely, the cost of a pair of shoes constructed from faux suede is much lower than that of a pair constructed from natural suede.  

Faux suede's resemblance to natural suede makes it just as stainable. If you want your shoes to last as long as possible, you should clean them as soon as possible after getting a stain.  

Five Simple Methods for Restoring the Luster of Synthetic Suede Shoes

Cleaning synthetic suede footwear is the same as cleaning real suede. Cleaning these will be similar to cleaning any other pair of suede shoes, such as suede Timberlands, that you may have owned.  

Have a look at this manual: How To Clean Timberland BootsMaintenance for Timberland Shoes

1 Suede Brush

Although a soft toothbrush will work, a suede brush will not damage the fibers of your suede or faux suede shoes or other items, so it may be worthwhile to invest in one if you own more than a few.  

When cleaning stains or dirt, a suede brush should always be your first choice. It's a breeze to clean off any dust or dried mud, and it leaves behind hardly any visible traces.  

Be sure your shoes are dry before you set out. If they aren't dry, you'll end up spreading dirt all over the place if you try to clean them with a suede brush. Cleaning the shoes involves starting at the sole and working your way up to the upper.  

For old, dry, and deeply embedded stains, a suede brush won't do the trick, but it can help reduce the stain enough to move on to the next step.

2 - Eraser

The mistakes you've made in life can't be undone, but a clean eraser might be able to fix the ones you've made on your faux suede shoes.  

To remove a mark or scuff from a surface, you simply rub the eraser over it and keep doing so until the stain is gone. After using the eraser, you can use the suede brush to fluff up the fibers again.

Be sure the eraser is clean before using it, or you risk making an even bigger mess of the shoes.

Suede Cleaner No. 3

Using a cleaner made for suede is the most sensible and simple method for cleaning faux suede shoes.  

The suede cleaner I use is formulated to clean and nourish the material at the same time, leaving it supple and pleasant to the touch.  

Faux suede requires an initial brushing in the direction of the fibers' growth. Then, get a sponge and wet it down with cold water, squeeze out the excess, and then apply some of the cleaner to it. Then, working from the top down, gently rub the cleaner into the entire shoe.  

It may take up to 24 hours for your shoes to dry out if you leave them out in the open air. To complete, use a suede brush or a clean toothbrush to restore the fabric's original shape.

Makeup-Erase Wipes, Number Four

If you have more than one pair of suede or faux suede shoes, you should invest in a suede cleaner. However, most women also carry makeup remover wipes in their purses, which can be used to try and clean up any stains.  

Makeup wipes can be used to clean shoes by rubbing them all over, starting at the top. Always wipe in the direction opposite to the fibers to avoid scratching surfaces. After that, brush them back with a suede brush and let them dry.

You can use liquid makeup remover or cotton pads if you don't have makeup remover wipes. micellar waterMicellar solution Apply micellar water or liquid makeup remover to a cotton swab, then rub it over the stains gently. Afterward, use a suede brush to restore the shoes' original shine as they air dry.  

5. Concocted Purifier

Fake suede footwear can be cleaned with a mixture of mild dish soap and cold water in the absence of suede cleaner or makeup remover.  

Put a few drops of dish soap into a bowl of cold water and stir. Foam should be produced, but the water shouldn't change color.  

Mix the water and soap thoroughly with the toothbrush, and then apply it to the stains using small circular motions to remove them.  

If there is any leftover foam, wipe it away with a clean cloth and then let the shoes dry naturally. Use a suede brush to fluff up the fibers once the shoes are dry.  

Safeguarding Synthetic Suede Shoes

After you've cleaned your faux suede shoes and removed the marks and stains, you should treat them with a protective shoe spray to keep them stain-free.  

If I had to pick one, I'd go with a waterproof suede-protector sprayprotective spray that is waterproof for suede that prevents liquids, dust, or other contaminants from penetrating the surface  

Before using the spray everywhere, it's a good idea to do a quick test to make sure it won't change the color of your shoes.  

Once you've done the test and determined that the spray won't alter the color of your shoes, spray them evenly from a distance of six to eight inches.  

You should air dry the shoes, but keep them out of the sun and the heat. Protect them better with two coats of spray, but make sure to let the shoes dry completely in between uses.

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Regularly Asked Questions

What If Home Solutions Fail to Remove the Stains?

Standard cleaning products are not ideal for cleaning faux suede and may actually do more harm than good. To sum up, if the aforementioned methods of house cleaning failed, you shouldn't resort to using any harsher cleaners.  

It's best to bring them to a shoe repair shop and have an expert try to clean them. Consider how much you care about your shoes and the price you paid before deciding if the extra money is worth it to you.

Can You Machine-Wash a Pair of Faux-Suede Shoes?  

The raised fibers and the material itself of faux suede are easily damaged by being washed in a washing machine, just as they are with natural suede. Accordingly, the quick answer is no; you should stick to the aforementioned strategies.

Can You Get Wet in Fake Suede?

In spite of being constructed from plastic, the fabric is not watertight. To keep your suede looking new and keeping water out, use a suede protector spray. Every three to four weeks, apply it to your faux suede footwear.  

Can You Wet-Wear Fake Suede Shoes?

Even if your faux suede shoes get wet, you can still wear them. However, if you don't want to ruin them, you should dry them as soon as possible. It's best to skip wearing faux suede shoes on days when precipitation is expected.  

In case you get caught in the rain, protect your suede shoes with a proper suede protector. Because its fibers are so fine, faux suede material hardens and cracks when it dries.  

If you get them wet without protection, use a microfiber towel to remove as much water as possible. Then, using a low heat setting on the hair dryer, brush against the nap. Brush the shoes with a suede brush once more after they have dried completely.  


Even though it would be more convenient to just throw dirty faux suede shoes into the washing machine, doing so could permanently damage the shoes.  

Faux suede is very similar to natural suede and can stain and mark just as easily, despite being made from plastic materials and being durable.  

Cleaning Synthetic Suede Shoes You can quickly restore the look of a worn pair of shoes using our five simple tips. After cleaning them, protect them with a waterproof suede-protector spray to keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible.