Cleaning Your Allbirds Shoes Detergent The use of a mild detergent The Water's Temp Cold Cycle Type Gentle Cycle de séchage Air dry only Favorable Handling To clean the insoles and laces, place the shoes in a mesh delicates bag and wash them by hand. Tempering the Iron N/A Frequency of Cleaning At the first sign of dirt or odor, clean your shoes.

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  1. Take the laces out of your shoes if they come that way. For a clean wash, take out the insole of any shoe. You should always wash the insoles and laces by hand.

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  2. Warm water and a small amount of detergent should be combined in a bowl. Put the laces in a bowl of water while you clean the shoes. Soak the shoes in soapy water for at least 15 minutes, then squeeze the solution through the laces to remove the dirt. Clean the laces in lukewarm or cold water and let them dry naturally.

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  3. Place a small amount of mild laundry detergent on the dirty area of your shoes if they are particularly soiled or have obvious food stains. Work the detergent into the sneaker fabric with your fingers or a soft bristled nylon brush (an old toothbrush works great for this). Don't throw your shoes into the washer until it has been working for at least 15 minutes to start dissolving the dirt.

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  4. To wash delicates, select the gentle cycle and cold water temperature on your washing machine. Wool should be washed in a gentle detergent like Woolite, Castile soap, or wool wash.

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  5. Before putting the shoes in the washer, place them in a mesh delicates bag. You can use an old pillowcase in place of a mesh bag. Knot or tie the loose end with some cotton twine. To keep the shoes looking new, you can throw them in the washer with other color-safe items.

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  6. Allbirds use an insole foam derived from plant oils and wool. In order to preserve the foam, they should be washed by hand with mild detergent.

    1. Put the insoles in a sink of warm water. Soak the insole's wool layer in a mild detergent.
    2. Create some suds by working the detergent in with your fingers. Carefully assemble the insole without bending or twisting it.
    3. To clean the insole, simply rinse it in lukewarm or cold water and pat it dry with a towel.
    4. Wet wool is easily damaged, so it's best to blot the insole rather than roll it. Put the insoles in a dry place away from the shoes to air out. Heat from a dryer will degrade the foam, so keep them out!

    If your insoles are causing you embarrassment, try washing them in a solution of equal parts detergent and essential oil of either tea tree or eucalyptus. Allbirds also sells replacement insoles made to order for any model.

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  7. The shoes should never be dried in a machine after being washed, whether by machine or by hand. Put them on a drying rack and let them dry naturally.

    Shake the shoes to remove excess water and hasten the drying process. Use a microfiber towel to blot the shoe to remove excess moisture. Sneakers should be taken out of the towel and dried in the air. Increase ventilation with a fan but avoid using a hair dryer or other heat source.

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  8. Reassemble the footwear after ensuring that the laces, insoles, and shoes are totally dry.

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In 2014, New Zealander Tim Brown and American renewable resources expert Joey Zwillinger founded Allbirds with the goal of creating a shoe company that comes as close to "zero carbon" as possible in its production method and material selection. All of the company's footwear features uppers crafted from biodegradable materials and soles crafted from recycled rubber. The insoles, too, are eco-friendly thanks to their construction from a foam derived from sugar cane oil in Brazil.

The uppers of the company's wide variety of casual and athletic shoes are now crafted from eucalyptus, wool, or a blend of eucalyptus and wool fibers. Anyone looking for eco-friendly goods can't go wrong with these.

The fact that New Zealand is so devoid of native land mammals inspired the band's moniker. "

Stains can usually be removed before washing by applying a small amount of mild detergent and working it into the stain with a soft-bristle brush. Use caution when applying chemical spot removers, and always test for colorfastness in an inconspicuous area such as the shoe's tongue.

Allowing the shoes ample time to air out between wears will allow the fibers to recover. In humid conditions, this could take up to two days.

Shoes purchased from Allbirds can be returned within 30 days. When a repair is required, please get in touch with the company. It is possible to buy replacement insert soles from the company if they ever wear out.

When not in use, keep your Allbird sneakers in a cotton bag to keep them dust-free and to prevent mildew.

Before they get too dirty, wash your Allbirds. Cleaning your shoes by hand once a month, or less often if you can help it, will extend their lifespan.

  • You should take out the insoles and laces and wash them separately. To avoid ruining the delicate materials used in these parts, please avoid machine washing.
  • Avoid using chlorine bleach on your Allbirds sneakers because it could ruin the upper fabric and the plant-based foam in the shoes' soles.
  • Before you can wear your shoes again, you need to give them time to dry, which can take up to two days.
  • The use of fabric softener in the washing machine will ruin these shoes. Possible residue that causes fabric discoloration.


  • Where can I buy Allbirds shoe deodorizer?

    Cleaning the inside of your shoes with baking soda, storing them with dryer sheets tucked inside, or giving them a light wipe down with rubbing alcohol or vinegar can help eliminate any lingering odors that may have formed even if the shoes themselves look clean.

  • Should one wear socks with their Allbirds?

    If you prefer to go sockless most of the time, you'll appreciate the smooth interior of the Allbirds' uppers. However, if you wear socks, your shoes won't get sweaty and you won't have to wash them as often.

  • Will washing my Allbirds shoes cause them to shrink?

    These shoes are machine-washable and won't shrink as long as you stick to cold water and a dry setting.

  • How do I restore the white color to my Allbirds shoes?

    To get rid of stains before washing the shoes normally, the manufacturer advises against using chlorine bleach and instead suggests using a spot stain remover. Pre-use colorfastness tests on spot removers are recommended.