When it comes to teaching, comfort and style go hand in hand – but finding the perfect footwear can be a challenge. That's why we've done the legwork for you, scouring the market for the best shoes for teachers. From sneakers to flats, oxfords to sandals, we've curated a list of the top brands and styles that combine fashion and function. Get ready to step into the classroom with confidence and ease, as we reveal the ultimate shoe collection for educators.


Various Allbirds shoes: navy Tree Runners, pink Tree Breezers, white Tree Runners, orchid Wood Runners, mint slip-ons, gray Wool high tops

We often receive feedback from teachers, both men and women, who absolutely adore their Allbirds shoes. These shoes are not only incredibly comfortable, but they are also made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Keri Brown, a kindergarten teacher, expressed her experience with Allbirds by saying, "Wearing my Allbirds felt like walking on clouds." For a comprehensive review of Allbirds Wool Loungers, check out Allbirds Wool Loungers by Keri.

Our recommendations include the Women's Tree Breezers (ballet flats), Women's Tree Loungers (slip-ons), Women's Wool Loungers (slip-ons), Women's Tree Runners (lace-ups), Women's Wool Runners (lace-ups), Men's Tree Runners (lace-ups), and Men's Wool Runner-Up Mizzles (high-tops).

ECCO Shoes

Ecco Simpil Loafer in tan and Soft 7 Zip Bootie in gray

Renee B. describes ECCO as a high-quality and reliable brand. Although they may come with a slightly higher price tag, these shoes are known for their durability and timeless aesthetic. Renee adds that ECCO shoes are not only long-lasting but also visually appealing. She highly recommends them.

Our recommendations include the ECCO Simpil Loafer and ECCO Soft 7 Zip Bootie.

Taos Sneakers

Taos Plim Soul and Star Burst sneakers

Cheryl T. expresses her utmost satisfaction with Taos sneakers. According to her, these sneakers are extremely comfortable and provide excellent support with their soft footbed. Additionally, she loves the fact that Taos sneakers come in various attractive colors.

Our recommendations include the Taos Plim Soul and Taos Star Burst sneakers.

Saucony Sneakers

Saucony Azura Ski Jacket sneakers

If you're someone who prefers sneakers with vibrant colors, these cozy Saucony sneakers are a perfect choice. Although they may be slightly expensive, Laura W. believes that investing in a pair is absolutely worth it. She states that these sneakers are extremely comfortable, allowing her to spend long hours on her feet without any discomfort.

Our recommendation is the Azura Ski Jacket Sneakers by Saucony.

Asics Sneakers

Asics Sneakers in black

Nicole B. explains her strategy for choosing professional-looking shoes as a teacher. She opts for a black pair of Asics sneakers, which allows her to maintain a polished appearance even when wearing dress pants.

Our recommendation is the Asics GT-2000 9.


FitFlops Superloafer and Leather Clogs

FitFlops gained popularity a few years ago due to their superior comfort and ability to contribute to physical fitness. Erin G. emphasizes that FitFlops are the only shoes she can wear. Their comfort and functionality make them an ideal choice for teachers.

Our recommendations include the FitFlops Superloafer and FitFlops Leather Clogs.

Soda Multi-Strap Ankle Bootie

Soda ankle booties with multiple straps in gray suede (Best Teacher Shoes)

According to an Amazon reviewer, these Soda ankle booties are remarkably comfortable and visually appealing. As a teacher who spends the entire day on her feet, she found these booties to be perfect, without any issues.

Our recommendation is the Soda Multi-Strap Ankle Bootie.

Oofos Shoes

Oofos OOmg Low eeZee and OOCloog Limited

Finding shoes suitable for conditions like plantar fasciitis can be challenging, but Oofos shoes have earned the seal of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Janet H., a teacher, claims that Oofos shoes are fantastic. Despite suffering from plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis, she experiences no foot pain while wearing these shoes.

Our recommendations include the OOmg Low eeZee and OOCloog Limited by Oofos.

Clarks Sneakers

Clarks Nova Glint sneakers in black

Clarks is a brand that appears multiple times on this list of the best teacher shoes. Krista H. expresses her love for lace-up sneakers from Clarks, highlighting their ability to provide comfort throughout the day.

Our recommendation is the Clarks Nova Glint.

On Clouds

All black On Cloud sneakers

Teachers are enthusiastic fans of On Cloud shoes. Stephanie F. exclaims her love for her On Cloud shoes and reveals that she owns three different pairs. Liz S. adds that these shoes are particularly suitable for individuals with wide feet and high arches.

Our recommendation is the On Cloud 2.0.

Skechers D’Lites

Sketchers D'Lites sneakers in black with white soles

Mary L. highly recommends Skechers D'Lites, especially those with a yoga memory foam insole. The exceptional cushioning provided by the insole ensures maximum comfort during long days.

Our recommendation is the Skechers D’Lites Me-Time Sneaker.

Vionic Slip-On

Vionic North Willa slip ons and Dahlia flats in blue

Melana K., who has wide feet and plantar fasciitis, finds Vionic shoes to be extraordinary. The brand offers a wide range of styles for both men and women. Additionally, Vionic provides separate insoles that can be added to other shoes for enhanced support and comfort.

Our recommendations include the Vionic North Willa Slip-On and Vionic Dahlia Flat.

Skechers Go Walks

Skechers Go Walk shoes in several colors (Teacher Shoes)

Brenda W. suggests that Skechers Go Walks are an excellent option for teachers on a budget. Despite being more affordable, these shoes do not compromise on comfort.

Our recommendation is the Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4.

Volatile Sandals

Volatile Wedge Sandal (Teacher Shoes)

If you're not ready to say goodbye to your summer sandals, Regina J. recommends Volatile shoes. She describes them as cute and comfortable, making them an ideal choice for teachers.

Our recommendation is the Volatile Bahama Wedge Sandal.


Birkenstock Arizona sandals and Boston clogs

Karin B. suggests going with Birkenstocks, especially when the weather allows for it. They are known for their exceptional comfort and are popular among teachers. You can even pair them with socks if you prefer!

Our recommendations include the Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed and Birkenstock Boston Clogs.

TOMS Shoes

TOMS classic slip ons in gray and TOMS Carlos in dark blue

TOMS shoes have garnered praise from teachers time and time again. The comfort, style, and affordability of TOMS make them a preferred choice. Keep an eye out for great deals on Amazon and Zappos.

Our recommendations include the TOMS Classic Slip-On and TOMS Carlo.

Clarks Ankle Boot

Clarks Tamzen Boot in black

Here's another recommendation from Clarks. If you prioritize comfort, Clarks boots are a reliable option. They are repeatedly endorsed by teachers who testify to their reliability and support.

Our recommendation is the Clarks Tamzen Boot.

UIN Canvas Slip-Ons

UIN women's colorful canvas slip on teacher shoes

These unique and versatile UIN canvas slip-ons are perfect for pairing with any outfit. The thick inner cushion provides unparalleled support, while the slip-resistant soles ensure traction as you navigate the school halls.

Our recommendation is the UIN Women's Canvas Slip-On Shoes.


Bzees Golden Knit

The Bzees Golden Knit sneakers are a perfect option if your school dress code allows for sneakers. These sneakers feature a stretch knit upper and a removable Free-Foam™ footbed designed to mold to your feet. The footbed provides bounce back and arch support for long-lasting comfort. Additionally, these shoes are washable.

These sneakers are best for individuals with bunions, plantar fasciitis, wide feet, or flat feet. They are available in sizes 6-11, medium and wide widths, for from Zappos.

Fitflop Uberknit Ballerina

The Fitflop Uberknit Ballerina combines the comfort of a sneaker with the style of a ballerina flat. These shoes have received the seal of acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), indicating their positive impact on foot health.

These ballerinas are best for individuals with Morton's neuroma, bunions, hammertoes, or metatarsalgia. They are available in sizes 5-11 for .95 from Zappos.

Vans Low-Top Sneakers

Women's white Vans low-top sneakers

Our recommendation is the Vans Women's Low-Top Sneakers and Vans Men's Low-Top Trainers.

Amazon Essentials Men’s Canvas Slip-On Loafer

Amazon Basics Men's Canvas Slip Ons in gray

It can be challenging for men to find affordable and comfortable shoes for teachers. That's why we recommend these Amazon Basics slip-ons. One reviewer praises them, saying, "These loafers are very comfortable. They're even more comfortable than my Skechers at half the price."

We recommend: Amazon Essentials Men's Canvas Slip-On Loafer

Tieks Ballet Flats

Tieks Matte Black ballet flats for teachers

Tieks shoes combine the timeless elegance of Audrey Hepburn with the comfort of a ballet flat. They feature non-skid rubber soles, soft full-grain leather, cushioned insteps, and a non-elasticized back that ensures durability even after long days.

We recommend: Tieks Matte Black Ballet Flats

Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers Comfort Sandals and Jack Rogers Croc Sneakers

The Jack Rogers comfort line offers stylish support for teachers. With curved edges and a soft bottom that supports the heel, they are perfect for all-day wear. Additionally, their sneakers provide a versatile option.

We recommend: Jack Rogers Comfort Sandals and Jack Rogers Croc Sneakers

Brooks Shoes

Brooks Revel 5 sneakers

Reviewers highly recommend Brooks sneakers for teachers who spend long hours on their feet. These sneakers not only provide comfort but also help alleviate issues like back pain, knee problems, and plantar fasciitis. Additionally, they offer a variety of fun and colorful styles to choose from.

We recommend: Brooks Revel 5


MATRIP slip on shoes in white

For a simple and affordable option, consider MAIITRIP shoes. They are available in several colors and are easy to slip on and off.

We recommend: MAIITRIP Slip-On Walking Shoe

TOMS Boots

TOMS boots in multiple styles (Teacher Shoes)

TOMS offers more than just their classic slip-on shoes. They also have a range of comfortable and stylish boots. As one teacher, Katie M, points out, she loves the buy-one-give-one social-good aspect of TOMS.

We recommend: TOMS Boots for Women

Adidas Cloudfoam

Adidas Racer T Sneaker in light pink

Adidas is another popular brand among teachers for their comfort line of sneakers. Aimee B expresses her love for Adidas comfort line.

We recommend: Adidas TR21 Sneaker With Cloudfoam Sole

Reebok Sneakers

Reebok Club C 85 sneakers for women and men

Reebok offers vintage-style sneakers for both men and women that can easily complement any cute teacher outfit while providing pain-free comfort.

We recommend: Club C 85 Shoes for Women and Club C 85 Shoes for Men

Converse Slip-Ons

Black Converse slip on shoes

Sometimes, you just can't go wrong with a classic. April S discovered that Converse slip-ons were the perfect fix for her, as her feet no longer hurt.

We recommend: Shoreline Knit Slip-On Sneaker


Dansko Finola

Dansko Finola: If you're looking for a sensible and plain oxford without a white sole, Dansko Finola is the perfect choice. Customers appreciate its removable insole and roomy fit that can accommodate orthotics. Best for:

  • Orthotics
  • Plantar fasciitis (one-inch heel)
  • Feet that need adjustability across the instep
Available in euro sizes 36-42 (5.5-11.5) for $134.95 from Zappos.

comfortable shoes for teachersClarks Sharon Noel

Clarks Sharon Noel: According to a satisfied Zappos reviewer, these shoes feel like "walking on loaves of bread (but not in a gross way)." If you're looking for a well-made, versatile oxford with good support and stability, Clarks Sharon Noel is an excellent option.

Find the Clarks Sharon Noel in sizes 5-11, medium and wide widths for $58-94 from Zappos.

Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Wendy shoes for women and Wally shoes for men

Struggling to find shoes for wide feet? Give Hey Dude shoes a try. With their rounded, flexible toe space and stylish options for both men and women, they are designed for comfort. Janet S even says, "I could teach in them every day!"

We recommend: Women's Wendy Shoes and Men's Wally Sox Slip-On

Lucky Brand Shoes

Lucky Basel Ankle Bootie in black and Alba Ballet Flat in black

Lucky Brand shoes have earned the loyalty of many teachers. Kristi B highly recommends them, and an Amazon reviewer loves the comfort and all-day wearability as a teacher.

We recommend: Basel Ankle Bootie and Alba Ballet

Amazon Ballet Flat

Amazon Ballet flat in black

Dara K loves the affordability of these Amazon ballet flats (under $25). An Amazon reviewer also raves about their incredible comfort, noting that they fit like a well-loved ballet slipper from the first wear.

We recommend: Amazon Essentials Women's Ballet Flats

Dansko Flats

Dansko Franny in black and Dansko Karen in tan (Best Teacher Shoes)

Dansko shoes are a favorite among teachers. Michele H has worn Dansko shoes for many years and highly recommends them.

We recommend: Franny Flat and Karen Slip-On Mary Jane

Clarks Pumps

Clarks black Emslie Warbler pumps and brown Linnae Pump

Sharon S loves Clarks pumps, describing them as comfortable and versatile enough to wear with jeans or skirts. These shoes provide both style and comfort, making them perfect for dressing up as a teacher.

We recommend: Emslie Warbler Pumps and Linnae Pumps

Sanuk Slip-Ons

Sanuk Pair O Dice Tie-Dye and Shaka shoes

Sanuk shoes are known for their footbeds made from yoga mats, providing unparalleled comfort. Tonia K even got her husband, who is also a teacher, into the men's Sanuk line.

We recommend: Women's Pair O Dice Loafer Flats and Men's Shaka Shoes

Clogs from Klogs

Klogs shoes in several patterns and colors (Teacher Shoes)

While Klogs shoes are designed for nurses, many teachers have found them to be incredibly comfortable. Sandy H tried Klogs clogs and found them to be amazing.

We recommend: Klogs Mission Clog

UGG Shoes

Brown UGG Rianne boots and Cahlvan Sneakers

UGG is well-known for their boots, but they also have a wide range of other comfortable shoe options. Krit S points out that UGG sells really cute styles beyond their iconic boots.

We recommend: Rianne Booties and Cahlvan Sneakers

Hot Chocolate Chocolaticas

Hot Chocolate Chocolitas in World Print Mary Janes, Math Print flats, and Notebook Mary Janes (Comfortable Teacher Shoes)

If you're looking for adorable and comfortable teacher shoes, it's hard to beat Hot Chocolate Chocolitas. These shoes are not only comfortable on their own but also have enough room to accommodate your own insoles if needed.

We recommend: Chocolaticas Mary Janes and Chocolaticas Slip-On Flats

HOKA One One

HOKA One One sneakers in white and black

HOKA One One is a highly recommended brand among teachers for their cloud-like comfort. Tracy W wears HOKA shoes every day and even has multiple pairs to rotate through. Alayne P describes the experience as "walking on a cloud."

We recommend: HOKA Clifton 8 and HOKA Hupana Flow


BZees floral ballet flats and dark grey sneakers

"BZee shoes by Naturalizer are incredibly amazing!!! Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also machine washable!" —Kathy H.

We recommend: Niche Ballet Flat and Axis Sneaker

Keen Shoes

Keen canvas shoes with strap (Best Teacher Shoes)

Keens are reliable go-to teacher shoes for both men and women. If you live in a warm area, you can wear their sandals all year round. Otherwise, keep an eye out for other Keen boots and slip-ons like these.

We recommend: Keen Sienna MJ Canvas Shoes

Dream Pairs

Dream Pairs' Moda Pointed Toe Pump and Classic Ballet Flats in black

When you need a more formal shoe for awards days or open houses, these low-heeled pumps are perfect. "Great work-to-evening shoe, even for a teacher," notes one Amazon reviewer. "These are extremely comfortable and stylish!" They also have sleek flats for those who prefer to go without any heel.

We recommend: Dream Pairs Women’s Moda Pointed Toe Pump and Dream Pairs Classic Ballet Flats

Rockport Men’s Shoes

Rockport Men's shoes in several styles and colors

This is a brand that has been trusted by many who wear men's shoes for a long time. "All my shoes for school are Rockport. They never let me down." —John M.

We recommend: Rockport for Men

Alegria Shoes

Alegria Paloma shoes with blue foral print and Taylor shoes in black

"My mom swears by shoes called Alegria. They have a slightly rounded bottom to take pressure off your heels. She works on her feet all day and loves them." —Rachel P.

We recommend: Alegria Paloma Flat and Alegria Taylor Flat

Earth Origins

Earth Origins Raveen bootie in black and Fara flat in red

We often see this brand recommended for great teacher shoe options, and these are two of our favorites.

We recommend: Raveen Bootie and Fara Flat

Vans Leather Slip-On

Vans slip on in black leather with white sole (Teacher Shoes)

"My go-to is the Vans slip-on in leather. It’s a weather-resistant sneaker with great arch support that looks stylish and polished but feels like the weekend." —Chris C.

We recommend: Vans Classic Slip-On Leather

Timberland Pro

Timberland Anti-Fatigue Clogs in black and brown

"I like the Timberland anti-fatigue clog," Denise A. told us. Timberland’s Pro line is designed to protect and support your feet all day long.

We recommend: PRO Riveter

Merrell Clogs

Merrell Encore Kassie in red and Juno clogs in gray

"I wear Merrell clogs all winter," shares Brenda W. We can see why! They’re comfortable but professional enough for the workplace.

We recommend: Encore Kassie Buckle Slide Clogs and Juno Suede Clogs


SafeTStep black flat with toe buckle (Teacher Shoes)

Shannon H. likes this line of slip-resistant shoes made for food-industry workers. There are some adorable styles available too.

We recommend: SafeTstep Shoes

Crocs Flats

Crocs flats in black

Yes, those Crocs! It turns out they make a variety of styles that are just as comfortable as their well-known clogs. "I have Crocs flats in every color and print." —Amy C.

We recommend: Sloane Flats

UIN Painted Canvas Slip-Ons

UIN Painted Canvas Flats in orange with white flowers and blue butterfly

Looking for comfortable teacher shoes to showcase your personality? These come in a wide range of fun colors and designs. And they have received great reviews too: "I absolutely love these shoes! They are incredibly comfortable, and I receive compliments on them wherever I wear them. I've worn them while teaching and setting up a classroom, and I've spent a lot of time on my feet. These shoes did not disappoint me!"

We recommend: UIN Painted Canvas Slip-Ons

Earthies Shoes

Earthies Essen flats in burgandy

We have heard from many teachers on Facebook that they like the Earthies brand of shoes. Here's one teacher's opinion: "I love these shoes! I have plantar fasciitis, and these are the only flats I can wear without experiencing any pain. I'm a teacher, so I'm on my feet all day. I can wear these, and when I go home, my feet feel the same as when I went to work. It's amazing!"

We recommend: Essen Flats

Born Shoes

Born Julianne and Danni shoes in black

Katie R. works at a shoe store, and she says she always recommends the Born brand of shoes to people who need good support. The Julianne is super cute and comes in a variety of colors, and check out the fringe on their Danni boots!

We recommend: Born Julianne and Born Danni

LifeStride Shoes

Lifestride Elektra and Zora shoes in black

This real teacher review from Amazon tells you everything you need to know: "I am writing this review as a teacher who walks and stands from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a mask on, teaching active second-graders in the time of COVID. It's great that I don't have to worry about my shoes."

We recommend: LifeStride Elektra and LifeStride Zora

Ollio Oxford

Ollio oxford shoes in two styles and colors

They come in multiple colors, and you can dress them up or down. "I'm always wearing these oxfords, and they're affordable." —Roxanne M.

We recommend: Ollio Ballet Oxford

OLUKAI Slip-On Sneakers

Men's OLUKAI drop-in sneakers

The Lae’ahi men’s sneakers are teacher shoes that offer high comfort and versatility. Go from the beach to the classroom with these slip-ons that feature removable/washable insoles and OLUKAI’s patented Drop-In Heel, allowing you to easily convert this shoe into a slide!

We recommend: OLUKAI Lae’ahi Men’s Slip-On Sneakers

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Take Care of Your Feet With These 60  Comfy Teacher Shoes

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Here at Teach Starter, we love a good teacher discount (did you know we give first-year teachers 50% off a subscription? Tell your friends!). And when it comes to finding good teacher shoes, there are some other brands that agree with us!

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  • Asics:  It’s another running shoe brand that offers teachers a discount! You’ll be required to show some proof of your school employment, but you’ll get a one-time use promo code to use at Asics.com.
  • HeyDude: The popular teacher shoe brand offers discounts for teachers on shoes (as well as discounts for nurses and first responders!).
  • J. Crew: Get your teacher shoes and your teacher outfit handled in one shopping trip with a 15% off J. Crew teacher discount to use in stores and online.
  • Keds: The shoemakers offer teachers a 20% off discount.
  • Puma: The sneaker brand offers 10% off on teacher shoes with their educator discount.
  • Reebok: One of the bigger teacher shoe discounts out there — Reebok gives teachers 40% off.
  • Rothy’s: We know they’re a big hit with teachers, and the brand offers up a 20% discount for teachers.
  • Timberland: You can really load up on new teacher shoes with the Timberland discount: They offer teachers 20% off, and you can use it every 30 days.
  • Ugg: Treat your teacher tootsies to a 10% off discount from the popular boot makers.
  • Zappos: Don’t want to be stuck with one particular brand? Get your pick of teacher shoes with 10% off at Zappos for an entire year — anything you buy that year will earn your teacher discount.

Getting ready for the school year? Expand what’s possible in your classroom with some of our favorite free teaching resources, designed by teachers for teachers!

In conclusion, finding the perfect pair of shoes for teachers is essential for comfort and style throughout long days in the classroom. With a wide range of options available, from Allbirds and ECCO Shoes to Taos Sneakers and FitFlops, teachers can choose a shoe that suits their individual needs and preferences. Whether it's the support of Clarks Sneakers or the trendy appeal of Vans Low-Top Sneakers, there is a shoe out there to make every teacher's day a little bit easier. So go ahead, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes and discover the joy of teaching in comfort and style. Don't forget to check out the best teacher shoe discounts to make your purchase even more rewarding.