• Baking soda in your shoes is a quick way to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Use a disinfectant spray or white vinegar to eliminate germs.
  • Freeze your shoes overnight to eliminate odors and bacteria.
  • Tough odors can be eliminated by running the insoles or sneakers through the washing machine.
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    Deodorize with baking soda. Put a couple of spoonfuls of baking soda in two socks or two coffee filters. Set your shoes out tonight with one in each and let them air out. Getting rid of the baking soda is as simple as removing it in the morning. [1]

    • Baking soda is great for deodorizing shoes because of its natural ability to absorb odors.
    • Need a new fragrance to cover up that odor? Baking soda can be used to deodorize shoes; to make it more pleasant, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil to it.
    • Unfortunately, we are out of baking soda. Don't use regular litter, use kitty litter.
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    Use diluted white vinegar to clean your shoes. Combine equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply the solution by spraying it into the shoe's interior, and then leave them out to dry for a full night. [2]

    • One more all-natural deodorizer is vinegar. To effectively combat foot odor over time, you should use your vinegar solution every time you remove your shoes.


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    Use a disinfectant spray to get rid of germs and bacteria. Using a disinfectant spray is the best way to get rid of the bacteria that cause your shoes to smell. Clean the muck out of your footwear by spraying the inside with disinfectant and letting them air dry for the night. [3]

    • It's important to wait until your shoes have dried before putting them back on. Wet shoes will only add to the unpleasant odor.
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    Keep your footwear cold in the freezer for a full night. To begin, place both pairs of shoes in a large resealable plastic bag and remove as much air as possible. The shoes should be frozen overnight before being worn again. The bacteria that causes the odor will be killed by the cold, leaving you with fresher-smelling shoes. [4]

    • Even though freezing your shoes is a great quick fix, experts warn that it can speed up the wear and tear on your shoes in the long run.
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    Please dry your shoes in the sun. Shoes can be disinfected and given a new lease on life thanks to the natural UV rays shining on them. Put your shoes in a sunny location for as long as you can stand it, then put them back on. If it starts to rain, bring them inside. [5]

    • Shoes exposed to direct sunlight can fade over time, so store them in the shade to preserve their like-new appearance.
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    Stuff dryer sheets into your shoes and leave them there overnight. Because dryer sheets are designed to eliminate odors, they can also be used to deodorize shoes. To clean your shoes overnight, just stuff a dryer sheet into each one and leave them there. The next day, when you take out the dryer sheets, you'll see a big difference. [6]

    • Keep your shoes smelling fresh by replacing the dryer sheet daily and discarding the used one.


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    To get rid of the odor, take out the insoles and wash them. Typically, the insoles of shoes, and especially sneakers, are the source of an unpleasant odor. When washing your shoes, if the insoles can be removed, do so as you would with any other article of clothing. Take them out to dry and then replace them in your footwear. [7]
    • Washing your insoles may not be enough to remove the odor, so you may want to replace them. Even if you don't do anything else to clean your sneakers, putting in new insoles will make a huge difference in how they smell.
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    Remove stubborn odors from your shoes by using a paste made of baking soda and vinegar. Mix 1 tbsp (14 g) of baking soda with 1 tbsp (US) of water and 1 tbsp (US) of white vinegar in a small bowl. Put the paste in a bowl and use a toothbrush to apply it evenly to the inside and outside of your shoes. Then, let them dry in the sun. Remove the paste by tapping your shoes gently and using a paper towel to wipe the inside. [8]

    • When combined, baking soda and vinegar create an even more potent cleaning solution. Seeing some fizzing when you combine your ingredients is a sign that they are doing their job, so don't worry about it.
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    If all else fails, try washing your shoes in the washing machine. Take out the insoles and secure the shoelaces (so they don't get tangled) before washing the shoes. Simply fill a sink with cold water, add detergent, and let your shoes air dry. [9]

    • The use of cold water, rather than hot, is recommended. A sneaker's color should never be washed in hot water because of the wear and tear it will cause.
    • Your shoes may require more than one wash cycle if they have a strong odor. To eliminate the odor for good, wash your shoes in cold water twice.


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    Daily shower foot washing is recommended. Shoes are less likely to pick up foot odor if the wearer keeps their feet clean. Remember to always thoroughly wash your feet in the shower because bacteria in feet can multiply rapidly. [10]

    • Get some soap and scrub those feet. Scrub them carefully, paying special attention to any particularly dirty areas, and then rinse them thoroughly with water.
    • After you're done with the shower, give your feet a thorough drying. Fugus, the odor-causing fungus, thrives in humid environments like wet feet.
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    Don't wear the same shoes for more than two days in a row. Allow plenty of time for your shoes to air out. If you wear sneakers daily, you should have multiple pairs so that you don't get tired of looking at the same shoes every day. Each set can air-dry in their own time. [11]

    • Shoes should be allowed to air out for at least a day before being worn again.
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    Invest in a pair of moisture-wicking socks Cotton and wool socks are ideal for wicking moisture away from the skin and keeping feet dry. Wear socks with your sneakers at all times, and replace wet or sweaty pairs as needed. [12]

    • Never wear the same pair of socks twice, or socks that have been worn before, because this can cause your shoes to smell even worse.
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    To prevent your feet from perspiring excessively, use foot powder. Wet feet can develop unpleasant odors, but foot powder can help absorb moisture and dampen the smell. To prevent odors and keep your feet fresh, use foot powder every day. [13]


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    All of the aforementioned strategies for eliminating the lingering perfume scent from my sneakers have already been exhausted. What else could I do to see if that helps?

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    Take one week and use the tea bag method daily.

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    When putting these to use, is it possible to employ multiple?

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    Yes However, if you combine the vinegar and baking soda approaches, you can expect some bubbly fun.

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    Just how do I best maintain my all-white Nike Air Force 1s?

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    Make use of a tea bag or a dyer. Light bleaching can be effective if you need to clean them thoroughly.

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