Over the last decade, golf shoes have taken a drastic turn, departing from the harsh metal spikes that were once synonymous with the sport. Nowadays, shoes are more akin to athletic footwear than their traditional counterparts. Although metal spikes are virtually banned on courses worldwide, except for pro golfers, the majority of players prefer either soft spikes or spikeless designs.

We'll explore the best spikeless golf shoes on the market, as well as questions to ask yourself before purchasing them, whether they're right for your game or not, and more.

It's crucial to keep in mind that, despite lacking interchangeable spikes, these shoes feature built-in traction and design elements that will keep your feet securely in place while you swing. They're generally lighter and more comfortable than traditional golf shoes and are superior to casual or athletic shoes meant for everyday wear.

Here are some reasons why golfers prefer spikeless shoes:

  • - They're sometimes more affordable.
  • - They're better for walking rounds of golf.
  • - They can be worn on or off the golf course.
  • - They're usually lighter and more comfortable.
  • - They come in a wider variety of fashionable styles than spiked golf shoes.
  • - Golfers can choose between spiked or spikeless golf shoes for their on-course wear.
  • - Spiked golf shoes are the preferable choice for wet course conditions and/or hilly golf courses.
  • - Shoes without spikes are perfect for warmer weather conditions and for walking 18 holes, as they're lighter and more comfortable.
  • - It's a good idea for golfers to have a pair of both types of shoes on hand, so they're prepared for all course and weather conditions.
  • Keep reading to discover the ideal spikeless golf shoe for your game.
Footjoy Pro SL Golf Shoe ReviewFootjoy Pro SL Golf Shoe Review

The FootJoy Pro SL golf shoe is one of our top recommendations (check out our complete review here). These shoes are mid-priced, provide maximum comfort, and, according to the company, are the "number one performance spikeless shoe."

FootJoy Men's FJ FLEX XP Golf Shoes in Grey Size 7 XWFootJoy Men's FJ FLEX XP Golf Shoes in Grey Size 7 XW

These shoes have undergone updates that make them fit better, move more quickly, and be more comfortable. Stratafoam in the midsole combines a proprietary blend of materials for maximum comfort and support while you play. ChromoSkin leather (100% waterproof), the infinity outsole for superior traction, and the power harness that supports your swing – all contribute to the shoe's superior performance. They're available in different sizes, styles, lace types, and colors, so they'll be perfect for your game.

adidas Men's Tech Response Spikeless Golf Shoe, Grey Three/Ftwr White, 10.5adidas Men's Tech Response Spikeless Golf Shoe, Grey Three/Ftwr White, 10.5

If you're primarily looking for a lightweight shoe, FootJoy Flex is the way to go. These golf shoes are affordable and offer a simple design that's ideal for warm-weather days. If your feet tend to get warm in the summer, these shoes are the perfect choice.

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For golfers looking for all-day comfort and maximum breathability on hot days, the performance mesh shoes are a top choice. The Versa Trax outsole offers excellent versatility on and off the course, with traction zones that enhance grip during swings and while walking. The soft EVA midsole and underfoot cushioning provide complete foot support. The shoes feature a full rounded toe and a standard fit with a slightly narrow heel, and come in six color options and multiple width sizes to suit your needs. All white shoes are great for summer, while the galaxy black color makes a statement on the golf course.

FootJoy Men's Premiere Series - Field Spikeless Golf Shoes in White / Black Size 9 WFootJoy Men's Premiere Series - Field Spikeless Golf Shoes in White / Black Size 9 W

To buy on a budget, Adidas Tech Response golf shoes are an excellent choice. These lightweight and spikeless shoes are made of 100% synthetic materials and come with a regular fit and lace closure system. They have a simple design and are perfect for walking. The shoes are available in black, gray, or white designs that complement any golf outfit.

For traditionalists who prefer old-school golf shoes without metal spikes, the Premier series from FootJoy is a good option. Although not cheap, these shoes are some of the most attractive on the market. The throwback saddle leather design appeals to older golfers who appreciate traditional looks. Click here to purchase your pair today.

Looking for comfortable and versatile golf shoes that can be worn all day long? Look no further than the FootJoy Premiere Series - Field Spikeless shoes. These shoes are not only comfortable but also come with premium construction and full-grain leather for a perfect fit that won't stretch out. Additionally, they offer a performance outsole that maximizes traction, even without spikes.

According to FootJoy, the updated design of the Premiere Series - Field Spikeless shoes features the VersaTrax outsole, which offers wear-to-the-course versatility and creates an outsole perfect for on-course performance. The translucent rubber traction elements give a high-end look and feel while maximizing traction with every step.

For those who prefer a more basketball-inspired look, the Nike Air Jordan 1 G golf shoes are a great choice. Donned by professionals like Tony Finau, these shoes offer the traction needed to support the movement of your swing. With Air in the heel, a Jumpman on the insole, and an integrated traction pattern, the Nike Air Jordan 1 G recreates the look of the low-cut original, while providing everything you need to play 18 holes in comfort.

FootJoy Men's Contour Casual Golf Shoes in Charcoal Size 8.5 XWFootJoy Men's Contour Casual Golf Shoes in Charcoal Size 8.5 XW

Additionally, these modern golf shoes come with a one-year waterproof warranty and two sets of laces to personalize your shoes.

The FootJoy Contour shoes offer arguably the most "fashion forward" option for those looking to wear spikeless shoes both on and off the course. These shoes look great and are perfect for running errands or meeting your family for lunch after a game of golf.

adidas Men's S2G Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes, Altered Blue/Crew Navy/Footwear White, 10.5adidas Men's S2G Wide Spikeless Golf Shoes, Altered Blue/Crew Navy/Footwear White, 10.5

If you're looking for premium golf shoes, click here to purchase the FootJoy Premiere Series - Field Spikeless shoes, or click here for the Nike Air Jordan 1 G golf shoes.

Introducing the Contour Casual men’s spikeless golf shoes from FootJoy - versatile and comfortable footwear for your next golf game. These shoes are crafted from premium, super-soft leather, providing lightweight underfoot comfort and waterproof protection, with an industry-leading range of sizes to ensure a world-renowned fit. Choose from four colors - white, black, brown, or navy blue - and multiple width sizes, all with a relaxed, casual style that can't be beaten.

New Balance Men's Breeze v2 Golf Shoe, Navy, 10 X-WideNew Balance Men's Breeze v2 Golf Shoe, Navy, 10 X-Wide

Looking for style and performance? Look no further than the Adidas S2G golf shoes. Boasting great looks and comfort, these shoes are a timeless classic that cater to golfers of all levels. Versatile enough for various weather conditions, and at an unbeatable price, these shoes are a must-have for any serious golfer.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 4 Golf Shoes ReviewSkechers Go Golf Elite 4 Golf Shoes Review

Are you a player who needs more breathing room for your feet? Look no further than these wide-fit golf shoes from Adidas. Made with 50% recycled materials, these shoes feature a bounce midsole for incredible cushioning and a durable traxion rubber outsole for unbeatable grip. Don't wait, get yours today!

When it comes to golfing gear, New Balance may not be the first brand that comes to mind. But their Breeze V2 shoes are a true exception. Lightweight and comfortable, these shoes are perfect for avid golfers who love to walk the green or need maximum comfort during play. Get ready to experience unparalleled comfort during your next game.

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The reason why these shoes are extraordinarily popular and receive top reviews on Amazon may lie in their Cush design. The company boasts it as a revolutionary insole foam compound which offers ultra-soft and responsive cushioning and comfort without compromising durability or stability.

Review of Athalonz Golf ShoesReview of Athalonz Golf Shoes

Furthermore, these shoes come with the lightweight cushioning of Revlite, allowing you to effortlessly walk 18 holes in ultimate comfort. Additionally, their water-guard technology ensures protection against all various weather conditions, and they come in black, navy, or gray.

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If you're seeking comfort both on and off the course, Skechers is the way to go. They have made it onto our best spikeless shoes list. For more details, check out our full review here.

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Did you know that some golf shoes can help increase your drive length by several yards?

Athalonz golf shoes are not only comfortable and lightweight, but they can also aid you in hitting bombs off the tee. The EnVe golf shoe guide sets them apart from almost any other golf shoe available.

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Experience the revolution of golf footwear with Athalonz EnVe golf shoes. These shoes utilize cutting-edge technology to promote a more efficient athletic stance, allowing for increased power and reduced sway. You'll be able to concentrate on other aspects of your game with greater ease. The shoes encourage correct knee alignment and positioning on the balls of your feet for maximum stability, translating to up to 9% more power per swing.

These benefits extend to all types of players, from amateurs to long drive professionals like Bernhard Langer. The shoes have even attracted the attention of golf enthusiasts in wet conditions or hilly courses, the two scenarios in which spiked shoes are preferred. With Athalonz EnVe golf shoes, you can gain the unparalleled strides in both distance and stability.

Best Golf Shoes for MenBest Golf Shoes for Men

The Left Rough has a full, hands-on review available for your perusal. If you're convinced, purchase your very own pair of Athalonz EnVe golf shoes now. But with so many golf shoe options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

To help you make the best decision for your game and feet, we've compiled a five-step checklist comparing top brands. And speaking of spikes, while they're undeniably helpful in certain specific situations, don't let fashion come before function in your shoe selection process.

Looking to improve your swing on the golf course? Consider wearing spiked shoes for added precision and balance, as they can help you execute the perfect swing even on a slippery slope. Adidas notes that many serious golfers choose spiked shoe options when their footing is a vital aspect of the game, as the spikes provide extra grip to keep feet in place.

Best Spikeless Golf ShoesBest Spikeless Golf Shoes

However, there are also occasions when spikeless shoes are the better choice. For example, spikeless shoes work well in warm weather, as they tend to be lighter and allow feet to breathe. These shoes are also a more versatile choice for those who prefer a casual round of golf with friends rather than intense competition. Keep both types of shoes on hand for various weather and playing conditions.

When choosing between designs, consider factors such as arch support, comfort, color, traction, midsole cushioning, and breathability. For instance, darker colors work better in colder, wetter conditions, while lighter colors work for warmer weather. Be sure to also balance cost, as golf shoes range from $50 to $200, with warranties ranging from one to two years.

While some professional golfers opt for shoes without spikes, such as those by FootJoy, Nike, Adidas, and Puma, others do prefer spiked options due to their light weight or added comfort. Ultimately, the best golf shoes vary according to personal preference, playing conditions, and fit.

Investing in the right golf shoes can make all the difference in your game. So, take the time to weigh your options and find the perfect pair that provides the ideal support, traction, and comfort to take on the course with confidence.