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Running short of time? Then consider our best shoes for walking in the rain: Olukai Wao and Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles.

Are you an avid walker like me? Walking is the ideal way to take a rejuvenating break from work, explore the wonders of a new city, or stay active. But, how do you overcome the challenge of having to walk in rainy weather? How can you keep your feet dry and comfortable on wet days? The solution lies in investing in the best waterproof women's walking shoes.

Traditional rubber boots may appear cute, but they're not always practical, especially when it comes to support and versatility. If you're seeking suitable rain shoes that are practical and stylish, then take a look at the following waterproof shoe options for all budgets.

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#1 SOREL Women’s Out N About Sneaker

Highest Standards of Tennis Shoe Waterproofing

Two pairs of feet wearing waterproof shoes for walking standing on cobblestone and facing each other.

Until recently, water-resistant sneakers that claimed to be waterproof were all hype, and the water-resistant finish was substandard. However, it's all different now.

If you don't want clunky rain boots, these waterproof sneakers provide a great alternative for versatility, comfort, and portability. The Sorel Women’s Out N About Sneakers offer a vulcanized herringbone rubber sole to enhance traction and a removable cushioned footbed for exceptional comfort.

Product photo for the SOREL Women’s Out N About Sneaker in green.

These shoes are recommended for light rain and, although primarily designed for urban settings, they can be used for moderate hikes, too.

A word of advice: these shoes are bigger than the standard size. Therefore, I recommend that you size down. Fortunately, they offer half sizes.

Lastly, when walking on even or uneven terrain, it's comfortable to trek for miles, making these shoes perfect for traveling, whether for leisure or everyday wear.


• Lightweight
• Stylish and versatile
• Ideal for urban commutes or light hikes
• Offers good grip on foot


• If you have high arches, you may require additional support with an insole
• Best suited for light rain, not recommended for heavy rain

#2 Allbirds Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles

Greatest Waterproof Walking Shoes

As of late, I have become an enthusiastic supporter of Allbirds and currently can't get enough of their shoes. The Allbirds Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles are an ultimate option for those looking for comfortable and water-resistant walking shoes.

Product photo for the Allbirds Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles in grey.

These shoes are designed to cater to the needs of active people and regular walkers. They are ergonomically designed to provide utmost comfort, arch support, and flexibility. Sustainability is at the heart of their production, and if you're looking for machine washable shoes, then look no further!

In particular, the support they provide around the heel makes them great for anyone dealing with foot issues such as Plantar Fasciitis, where they can benefit from extra structure and cushioning.

For further styles of Allbirds, check out my detailed Allbirds review, Allbirds Tree Runners review, Allbirds Wool Loungers review, Allbirds Flats review, and Allbirds Tree Dashers review.


• Very comfortable and supportive

• Cushioned heel

• Made with Merino wool in a sustainable way

• Waterproof and machine washable

• Non-slip soles

• Affordable price


• They are waterproof but not entirely so

Product photo for the On Cloud Hi Waterproof Shoes in grey.

• The wool can get warm on hot days or while doing strenuous activities. However, it feels like walking on a cloud.

#3 On Cloud Hi Waterproof Shoes

The Best Waterproof Sneakers for Travel

The On Cloud Hi Waterproof Shoe is perfect for those that are always on the go. This shoe is all about movement and flexibility, just like the Cloudrunner.

The innovative design of the shoe ensures your feet remain comfortable and dry in a variety of conditions. The waterproof shoe is great for rainy days, whether you're walking through puddles or caught in a torrential downpour.

It's the ultimate travel shoe, particularly for those that like to explore by foot, and they look stylish with any outfit.

For those who desire a sleek appearance even in wet conditions, this is an excellent choice to avoid soaking your feet. Also, these shoes are easy to pack and carry with you.

You have the option of selecting from five shades, including fir green and umber, cocoa and pebble. And, of course, there's a plain black style that complements your travel wardrobe perfectly.

If you enjoyed On's first running shoe, you'll be glad to hear that they use the same Helion cushioning in this sneaker. Specifically designed for rugged surfaces, the Cloud Hi is my preferred shoe for city explorations that last all day.

If sustainability is a concern of yours, I suggest exploring the Cloud 5 Waterproof Sneakers. These shoes' tops are composed entirely of 100% recycled materials and they come in an attractive all-black color.

Product photo for the Olukai Wao in light beige.


Suitable for pairing with any casual attire

Extra high ankle collar with a trim fit for added ankle support

Loop-Lock speed laces, with conventional laces included

Helion super foam insoles and cushioned tongue for 360° comfort



The sporty look isn't as adaptable as other shoes if you're traveling for work

The logo is reflective but the Cloud 5 has more reflective detailing

#4 Olukai Wao

Best Waterproof Shoes for Walking in Europe

It's time for the most fashionable waterproof shoes for women: the Olukai Wao. These shoes are ideal for women who want a comfortable yet sophisticated appearance. The water-repellent leather upper is inspired by the legendary Hawaiian voyaging canoe. As you travel, the memory foam insoles keep your feet secure. A significant bonus is the absence of a heel, which is crucial for European travel since the ancient cobblestone streets could be dangerous for one's ankles. Thanks to the waterproof leather exterior, Olukai Wao provides an excellent alternative to flat shoes during the fall, winter, and spring. I suggest tying these shoes firmly to avoid the heel from breaking down as opposed to casual slip-on sneakers.

Product photo for the Hoka Clifton L GTX in green.

If you're searching for something more fashionable, look no further than Olukai's slightly more formal Hawai‘iloa Manu Hope.


Matches with any outfit stylishly

High-quality leather and stitching

Can withstand light rain and slush

Non-slip outsoles that withstand wet surfaces


They run narrow, so consider ordering half-size up

Nubuck leather is prone to stains, so take appropriate care of them

#5 Hoka Clifton L GTX

Best Lightweight Waterproof Shoes

In this day and age, we carry heavy burdens on our shoulders and the last thing we need is weighted feet.

Introducing the Hoka Clifton L GTX, a lightweight shoe with a cushioned footbed for those long walks. These waterproof shoes are specifically designed for women, weighing only 8.6 oz and providing a balanced cushion for neutral stability.

Whether you're taking a short easy hike or wandering around town, these versatile shoes are perfect for the job. They are also great for trail running, thanks to their excellent traction.

Comfort is the primary focus of these shoes from the support you feel as soon as you lace them up to the grippy soles that prevent slips on wet days. The coated ripstop and breathable mesh keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Product photo for the Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 GTX in black and mint.

Easily packable and lightweight, you'll forget they're in your carry-on as you head out of town.

#6 Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 GTX

Most Comfortable Waterproof Walking Shoes

While the Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles are comfortable and water-repellent, sometimes that just isn't enough. This is where GORE-TEX waterproofing technology comes in, and the Brooks Women's Ghost 14 GTX has got you covered.

If foot problems are an issue and you need waterproof shoes, these sneakers are perfect for you. Designed for smooth transitions, these shoes feature DNA LOFT cushioning, providing the perfect blend of support and squishiness.

The GORE-TEX upper is truly waterproof, thanks to the same material used in rain jackets, ensuring your feet stay dry no matter the weather. Whether you're running in the rain or standing on your feet all day, these shoes have got your back.


- Waterproof and versatile

- Extra cushioning and arch support

- Flat laces provide superior comfort

- Removable insole can be cleaned easily


- Darker options are better for cleanliness

- Can be stiff at first

- Sizing runs large

- GORE-TEX technology makes them more expensive


Product photo for the Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons in black.

Exorbitant Price Mediocre design

#7 Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons

Finest Waterproof Slip-on Shoes

Who needs shoelaces when you have the Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons? These comfy shoe wonders offer an innovative sock-like fit that snuggly embraces your feet.

Unlike other brands ‘leather offerings, the Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons are made from purely vegan materials, making them a top pick for animal lovers.

The membrane of the porous mesh upper is designed to prevent water from entering, while allowing heat and sweat to escape – ensuring that your feet remain dry, fresh and impressively cool.

With a quick slip-on design, and a heel-pull tab on either side, these lightweight shoes provide a secure fit, are washing machine-friendly, and the removable insoles allow a personalized feel.

While the traction on uneven terrains may not be the best, the Everyday Move Slip-Ons are perfect for walking your furry friends in humid weather without a second thought.

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Simple slip-on style without shoelaces Drench-free fit thanks to sock-like structure Vegan materials Great customer service

Product photo for the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 GORE-TEX in blue.


Inavailability of half sizes Basic arch support that could use an add-on insert to enhance customization in case of half sizes needed

#8 New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 GORE-TEX

Best Waterproof Athletic Shoes

Achieving that active lifestyle despite rainy weather is now possible, thanks to the New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12 GORE-TEX – a brilliant option if you’re looking for featherweight trainers for such outings.

Elevate any look by donning the New Balance Fresh Foam GORE-TEX – a sleek all-black sneaker with just the perfect amount of turquoise accents. It can be tossed into an overnight bag just as easily as it can be worn while running around town.

The upper is guaranteed to keep your socks both dry and cool, thanks to the GORE-TEX material that permits breathability while providing an impermeable shield.

Don't sacrifice comfort for style and waterproofing. The removable insoles of the On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes offer ultra-comfy fresh foam cushioning that won't break down over time thanks to the dual-layer midsole design. The Swiss-engineered mesh upper is fully waterproof, keeping you dry and training regardless of weather conditions.

Product photo for the On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes in brown, pink, and black.

Named for its unique CloudTech technology, the Zero-Gravity foam paired with an extra-wide bottom provides ample shock absorption and comfort for long runs. These high-quality shoes are stable and reliable, making them perfect for beginner runners or anyone seeking extra support.

For those seeking a versatile, cute, and comfortable Chelsea boot, the DKSUKO Chelsea Booties are a great option. With their stylish design and inexpensive price tag of under $30, they make walking for hours in new cities a breeze while keeping your feet happy and dry. These boots are a must-have for anyone seeking a reliable and affordable waterproof option.


- On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes: Waterproof GORE-TEX upper, reflective detailing, sizes available in regular and wide, flat laces for even pressure distribution

- DKSUKO Chelsea Booties: Stylish design, comfortable fit, affordable price


- On Cloudrunner Waterproof Shoes: Only one color scheme, expensive

- DKSUKO Chelsea Booties: None noted.

These waterproof boots may be cheap, but they boast waterproof elastic and sealed rubber that reaches up past the ankle for added water protection. Designed with a pull loop strap at the back for easier slip-on and off and a dirt-resistant exterior for no-fuss cleaning, the DKSUKO ankle-length boots offer versatility for any wardrobe. While mid-calf boots are also available, the ankle-length option is preferred for its packability and versatility.

Product photo for the DKSUKO Chelsea Boots for Women in black.


Versatile and comfortable, these boots are also dirt-resistant and an affordable option for those on a budget.


Although durable and protective, these boots lack the sure height of traditional rain boots and may seem bulkier than other waterproof shoe options. Furthermore, the rubber material can pose a problem for those with sensitive skin.

Looking for a stylish yet practical pair of waterproof boots? Make sure to check out the Planone Short Rain Boots for Women. These boots use quality single-layer cotton lining technology to keep your feet dry while their outer soles provide added traction to prevent slips. The mesh upper adds more flexibility, and their lighter weight makes them a breeze to pack. Plus, muddy adventures won't destroy these boots: the rubber exterior is easy to clean and wide enough to accommodate deep puddles. While not the warmest option for freezing days, pairing them with thick winter socks can enhance their comfort—a necessity since the soles are thinner than other options.

Product photo for the Planone Short Rain Boots for Women in yellow.


Stylish, affordable, and practical, these boots incorporate durable waterproof design with great grip. The partial mesh upper allows for flexibility while keeping feet dry, and they are—at times— lighter than they look.


Direct contact with the tops can be uncomfortable, so ensure you're wearing high enough socks. Note that these shoes may not provide adequate support for those with high arches, so purchasing insoles for longer days is recommended. Additionally, the elastic is water-resistant relying on the rubber exterior for added protection.

For those who love to walk and explore no matter the weather, the SOREL Out N About III Classic Boot is perfect for those long walks. The boots offer excellent water-resistance with a seam-sealed waterproof construction and handcrafted vulcanized herringbone outsoles for enhanced traction. The comfortable EVA footbed hugs the foot, providing all-day comfort—a necessity for those long adventuring days. The timeless design allows you to walk in style in any weather.


Durable and practical, these boots are great for long walks thanks to their waterproof construction and enhanced traction. The comfortable EVA footbed provides all-day comfort.


Product photo for the SOREL Out N About III Classic Boot in black and beige.

The authentic, comfortable design accompanies a steep price tag.

Comfortable, stylish, and versatile – a perfect trio of features for any boots, and the Women's Out N About III Classic Boots from SOREL are no exception. SOREL's expertise in creating comfortable sneakers is evident in the Out N About boots, which offer a contemporary twist on the timeless winter boots.

The boots boast ultra-waterproof rubber toes, a waterproof leather upper, and water-resistant suede accents, making them ideal for wet weather. These boots are my go-to when traveling in winter, especially when coming from a sunny climate to a cold one. Though not recommended for hiking, they're perfect for navigating city streets or park pathways with ease.


• Superior quality

• Versatile and fashionable

• Comfortable

• Non-slip rubber sole and waterproof toe

• Easy to break-in


• Sizing can run small and narrow – it's best to order at least half a size up

• Not as convenient as other waterproof boots

• The shoe's design doesn't always prevent water from getting in.

The Women's Muckster Flat Waterproof Flats from Muck Boot offer an excellent blend of style and substance, making them ideal for wearing with a dressier outfit. Though their open tops don't offer much protection from heavy rain, they're still versatile and durable waterproof flats that can be worn on any trip. The cushioned footbed ensures long-lasting comfort while exploring a city, regardless of the weather. These flats are also lightweight, making them easy to pack for overnight trips, and come in four different colors, each featuring a non-slip rubber sole.

Product photo for the Muck Boot Women’s Muckster Flat in black and floral print.


• Affordable

• Excellent traction and non-slip soles

• Comfortable

• Lightweight and packable


• As they're still flats, the tops of your feet will get wet in rain.

• They may run large.

For a waterproof sandal that combines style and comfort, look no further than KEEN's Whisper Sandal. I first discovered KEEN sandals when I was 18 and traveling to the jungles of Costa Rica. The Whisper Sandal offers the same level of comfort and durability I came to expect from the brand; they're perfect for hiking or walking through water, with their hydrophobic mesh lining keeping feet dry and comfortable.


• Durable and high-quality

• Comfortable and supportive

• Excellent traction

• Lightweight and packable


• They can fit snugly, so be sure to order a half size up.

After enduring a decade of wear and tear, I have become a devoted believer in the superior quality of KEEN shoes. The KEEN Whisper Sandals, specifically, are unrivaled in both their utility as hiking sandals and as supportive footwear that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Product photo for the KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal in blue.

Though the sandals' open design leaves feet susceptible to moisture in the rain, there's no need to worry about ruining them - they're great for keeping you upright on slippery surfaces. While I wouldn't wear them on an errand run, they're undoubtedly the top choice as a waterproof shoe for hiking, water activities, and walking. You'll find that, compared to Converse or Reebok shoes, they dry out much faster.

Alternatively, you may prefer the more stylish and trendy Teva Sandals, though they tend to lack in the support department when compared to KEENs.


- Provides good arch and heel support

- Non-slip soles for surefootedness

- Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear

- Breathable for those sweaty summer months

- Has a protective bump toe to minimize stubbed toes


- You can't count on them to keep your feet completely dry

- Rocks and debris can sometimes get trapped in the open design when walking on unpaved paths.

#15 Merrell Women's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

- Perfect for Hiking during Rainy Weather

If function and comfort take precedence over fashion, I recommend opting for proper hiking shoes for the ultimate trekking experience. These waterproof Merrell shoes are a fantastic lightweight option for any outdoor excursion, especially those that might get a little rugged.

This hiking shoe excels in its contoured insoles that provide real arch support and unparalleled comfort. Additionally, a shock-absorbing heel air cushion and EVA foam make for a happy, cushioned foot even on a long hike.

Product photo for the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes in grey.

While the Vibram soles are entirely waterproof, moisture can creep in through the mesh upper after extended use in a rainy forest. However, this isn't an issue unless you're venturing into a lake. With a seriously durable grip on the bottom, these shoes are reliable and will get you through an entire day of exploring, whether on paved streets or off the beaten path.


- Offers excellent arch support, ensuring a comfortable hike.

- Performs well during rainy outdoor adventures.

- Grip on the bottom of the shoe is perfect for slippery surfaces.

- Made using top-quality materials.


- Lacks versatility.

- There isn't the same amount of ankle support you get from hiking boots.

- Takes longer to dry, leaving the tops of toes feeling damp after prolonged use on rainy days.

#16 Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Top Waterproof Hiking Boots for Women

Introducing a hiking boot that provides both comfort and protection from dampness all day long.

For the last three years, I have been wearing the Merrell Moab 3 Mid Hiking Boots, and they have proven to be the best hiking boots I have owned yet.

Product photo for the Merrell Women’s Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots in grey.

These rugged waterproof hiking boots are specifically designed for women and feature an air cushion in the heel for stability and shock absorption. They come with an excellent grip and a protective rubber toe cap for safe navigation on rocky terrains.

While these shoes are bulkier than most hiking boots, they are surprisingly lightweight and provide complete support to your ankles, ensuring that you do not twist anything. These boots are also versatile, allowing you to wear them in both hot and cold environments.

Merrell offers a wide range of sizes, so you can find the perfect pair, whether you have standard or wide feet. In essence, these shoes are some of the best waterproof hiking boots for women on the market today.


Lightweight hiking boots designed for optimal comfort and support Perfect for both long walks and serious hiking in wet weather situations Great for wider feet or standard-width feet on outdoor adventures Provides excellent grip due to high-quality materials


Bulkier than most shoes on this list making them harder to pack. A Merrell hiking shoe is a great alternative They are not as versatile as other shoes when it comes to everyday wear Slightly pricey, but well worth the benefits The water-resistant mesh accents require drying in wet conditions, although the shoes will feel waterproof even when trekking through standing water.

#17 Dr. Martens Trinity Waterproof Slip Resistant Boots 

Top Waterproof Shoes for Winter

Dr. Martens boots will always be a classic and versatile footwear choice, especially during winter. The Dr. Martens 1460 Trinity Waterproof Slip Resistant Boots are durable waterproof boots designed for women.

Product photo for the Dr. Martens Trinity Waterproof Slip Resistant Boots in black.

These winter boots provide optimal traction on snowy surfaces and uneven terrains, thanks to their hiking-boot-inspired sole. The fleece lining and extra padding help to keep your feet warm and dry, while the waterproof membrane between the lining and the Kaya Nubuck leather outer is essential for breathability.

Dr. Marten's classic yellow stitching holds everything together, ensuring that these shoes are a perfect fit, whether you have a slushy walk to work or are heading out for a winter adventure.


Dr. Martens boots are always in style The fleece insulated interior liner provides warmth during winter Black Nubuck leather is tough yet soft to the touch Best for average to wide feet, and the shoes are water-resistant, keeping your toes dry in the snow.


Non-slip design helps in slick conditions, but shoes alone cannot prevent all slippery situations. Unfortunately, they do not come in half sizes.

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