In search of the perfect pair of men's sneakers? It might seem like a daunting task at first glance - the sneaker world has exploded in recent years, offering an overwhelming number of choices for footwear enthusiasts. It can feel as exhausting as watching back-to-back Avengers movies. But fear not, we've got you covered. Below, we've curated a concise selection of all the top sneaker styles worth considering right now. From classic canvas kicks to flashy pony-hair printed low-tops, and everything in between.

White sneakers, in particular, are a staple in any stylish man's wardrobe. You'll find a mind-boggling amount of options out there, from timeless favorites to eye-catching styles. We've done the research and testing for you, so you can easily find the best white sneakers for your budget.

Don't overlook the allure of black sneakers - they're the perfect low-maintenance choice for anyone who loves to be on the move. You don't have to be a troublemaker to rock all-black shoes, either.

Walking shoes might not scream "sexy", but they're a wise choice for anyone who wants to stay healthy and active. And these days, you can find walking shoes that combine all the comfort and support you need with a stylish, trendy look. You might even find yourself coveting a pair of orthopedic shoes from your dad's closet.

So go ahead and lace up your favorite pair of sneakers. The options might seem endless, but we're confident that these top picks offer something for everyone. Assemble your sneaker collection with confidence!

Running Footwear

Looking to hit the road or the trails this year? A dependable pair of running shoes should definitely be on your shopping list. The ideal pair should offer ample cushioning, durability, and energy return, allowing you to feel like a professional runner – whether you're an amateur looking for a new daily trainer or a hard-core half-marathoner searching for a racer to help you crush your previous personal best. From all-terrain runners to every day-suitable shoes for your local jog, there are numerous footwear options available to kick-start your journey to running success.

Nike Kicks

When it comes to the best Nike sneakers, it's worth taking the time to find the perfect pair. The brand has been churning out hits since the 1960s, venturing into lifestyle wear while maintaining its dedication to athletic excellence each step of the way. Nike now offers a myriad of products related to sports' lifestyle. Still, its sneakers continue to be the company's crown jewels, demonstrating why this brand remains leagues ahead of the competition.

Adidas Trainers

For those committed to Team Stripes, there are many options to choose from with Adidas. The German sportswear company continues to be a dependable source for classic sneakers (think Sambas, Superstars, and Stan Smiths) that are still best-sellers today, inspiring countless imitations. Recently Adidas ramped up its game, launching hugely successful collaborations with high-end designers such as Prada, cult brands like Wales Bonner, and globally adored megastars such as Bad Bunny. There's no better time than this to explore the company's selection of men's sneakers.

Jordan Sneakers

The sneaker industry has changed a great deal since the 1984 Air Jordan 1 release, but Nike has continued to impress ever since. Today, Jordan Brand boasts a wide range of sneaker styles that are beloved by sneakerheads. Nevertheless, the AJ1 remains the star product, a favorite of leading designers, and an ideal canvas for their wildest interpretations. Jordan Brand effectively created sneaker culture as we know it today and remains influential and highly revered.

New Balance Footwear

New Balance has come a long way from being an old-fashioned standard to selling cool staples that appeal to the hip crowd. With fresh models and collaborations with notable personalities such as Teddy Santis, the brand consistently provides sneaker enthusiasts with a range of options to choose from. Originally, the brand's popularity appeared to be based on irony and a nod to normcore style, but time has shown that the brand deserves sincere appreciation. With Teddy Santis of Aimé Leon Dore leading the company's premium Made in USA sub-line, this Boston-based brand is sure to remain comfortable and orthotic while keeping up with the latest trends.

Asics Footwear

Asics has been making waves in the footwear industry lately. Thanks to Kiko Kostadinov's leadership, the Gel-Kayano 14 has become a sleeper contender for sneaker of the year. This once-forgotten silhouette from the Japanese brand's archives has been selling out just as quickly as its buzzy collaborations, which is quite an achievement considering the brand has partnered with Justin Saunders and Zack Bia, among others. This means that Asics is poised to snatch a significant portion of sneakerhead attention away from Adidas, Nike, and New Balance, which might not give them a significant market share, but is enough to keep them on their toes.

Luxury Footwear

Luxury footwear was once an oxymoron, but not anymore. Over the past decade, designer brands like Gucci and Prada have taken full advantage of the sneaker craze, churning out hit after hit like Lil Baby in the studio. Every fashion house worth its salt now has a vast sneaker collection, with some of them being of excellent quality. However, keep in mind that these sneakers usually come with a hefty price tag.

Our Favorite Sneakers of the Year

The past few years have been challenging, but the sneaker trend shows no signs of slowing down. While loafers, mules, and dress shoes might be taking more closet space these days, there's still a steady stream of briskly-selling kicks hitting the proverbial shelves every week. From blockbuster collaborations with industry giants to classics-in-the-making from smaller footwear brands, there's never been a better time to start building your collection or filling in the gaps of any missed opportunities. Take a look at our favorite picks of the year to see what you might have missed.