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The Oliver Cabell Monti Black - this smart-looking suede flat offers maximum comfort from day one.The Oliver Cabell Monti Black is a stylish flat made of suede that will keep your feet feeling great from the very first wear.

Although Elvis has long since left the building, he made his point clear: you are not to step on his blue suede shoes, or the shoes of anyone else who wears suede.  

Suede, along with its close relative nubuck, is one of the most widely used materials for shoes, but it requires more maintenance than your standard kicks. Due to their distinctive composition and appearance, regular shoe care procedures may not be the best option for these exotic leathers. They can't be cleaned in the washing machine or given a quick spin to bring back their luster like regular or patent leather can.

In this article, you'll find some helpful hints for maintaining your suede and nubuck footwear, as well as suggestions for products and brands to shop at. Said name: Oliver Cabell

Suede and Nubuck Shoe Maintenance

With its smart look and classic styling, the Oliver Cabell GAT Navy Nubuck is a shoe you can easily wear for city driving, weekend walks, or dressing up for events.The Oliver Cabell GAT Navy Nubuck is a versatile shoe that can be worn while driving in the city, strolling on the weekend, or attending formal events.

It's important to know where suede and nubuck come from and how they're produced if you want to keep your shoes in pristine condition.

Shoe Materials: A Dissection of Suede and Nubuck


Contrary to popular belief, suede does not originate from the outer layer of an animal's skin (or "full-grain" leather as it is known in the footwear industry). It's rather crafted with the posterior skin surface In biological terms, the outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis, and the inner layer, called the dermis, is what is used to create suede. Additionally, while suede made from cowhide or deerskin does exist, sheep and goat skins are the norm.

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boots in Lion VariantBrown leather lion-themed Oliver Cabell Chelsea boots

Because of its softer, thinner, and more malleable nature compared to full-grain leather, suede was first used for apparel rather than footwear. Swedish glove makers gained international renown for their exceptionally soft and long-lasting sheepskin gloves. French called these pants from Sweden the material was originally called swedish gloves (swedish gloves) because it was used to make them. Suede's napped texture, and open-pored surface makes it difficult to keep clean; it easily gets scuffed, smudged, and it quickly absorbs liquids if it gets wet, quickly causing its quality to deteriorate as its uses have expanded to include shoes, bags, and upholstery.


Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Slate variant in Nubuck Nubuck iteration of Oliver Cabell's Low 1 Slate

Conversely, Nubuck footwear is almost always crafted from calfskin (or sometimes even leather from a more seasoned bovine). It's also crafted using the "skin" that is visible to the public to contrast with the bottom In this case, the top-grain leather is buffed and sanded until it has the look and feel of velvet to achieve the signature suede texture. Because of its increased thickness and durability, nubuck also comes at a higher price than suede. Additionally, it needs to be colored to hide the sanding marks. In addition, it scratches easily and loses its color when exposed to water or other moisture.  

Some industrial shoe manufacturers deal with problems caused by rain or other wet environments by applying a waterproofing or protective coating to the final product. Even then, it's the responsibility of the shoe owner to keep their footwear clean and in good condition. For that reason, how does one guarantee the health of suede and nubuck footwearShoes made of suede and nubuck

Suede and nubuck shoes require special attention, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

It may sound like a cliché, but Oliver Cabell’s Premium Shoe Cleaner is tough on dirt and stains but is gentle enough to use on suede and nubuck shoes that need extra TLC. This biodegradable cleaner is also free of harsh chemicals, making it safer for both your health and that of the environment

You shouldn't even consider buying specialized cleaners for your suede or nubuck sneakers if you want to maintain their pristine condition. In fact, all you need is a healthy dose of common sense and a Services for Caring for Oliver Cabell's Shoes nearby your shoe cabinet

Maintenance of Suede Shoes

An Important Part of Waterproofing

Water (such as rain and puddles) and moisture can cause irreparable harm to suede; therefore, you should protect your suede items with waterproofing sprays and solutions.

Treatment Options Vary Depending on Mark

Even if your suede loafers or mules get wet in the rain or get splashed with water, it's not a big deal as long as you dry them completely and brush off any excess water. Grease and oil stains, however, are an even bigger issue. You could use a suede eraser and a brush with stiff bristles (or a Shoe Polish by Oliver Cabell: The Finest on the Market using (a solution of) on them to remove the stain A professional cleaning service should be contacted if this fails.

Made with fine cedar, which is a natural deodorant and moisture inhibitor, Oliver Cabell Shoe Trees are an excellent way to help suede and nubuck shoes keep their shape and smell cleanFine cedar, a natural deodorizer and moisture inhibitor, is used to craft Oliver Cabell Shoe Trees, which are great for keeping the shape of and preventing odor in suede and nubuck shoes.

Acquire some shoe racks.

Instead of throwing your shoes in a closet or under a bed, use shoe trees to preserve their form. Trees made of unvarnished cedar or pineUnfinished pine or cedar trees are highly recommended because they naturally repel bacteria and inhibit the growth of odor-causing fungi, respectively.

Don't Be So Harsh on Them

Advice for putting on suede shoesa pair of suede boots or shoes Wear them no more than twice or thrice, max. Shoes should be rested for at least a day between wears to extend their lifespan. Use a shoehorn if you need to; they're notoriously difficult to slip on.

Allow Them to Air Dry Overnight

No need to worry about ruining your shoes by removing them to dry out if you happen to step in mud during a downpour. After a night of drying, the mud can be removed with a stiff brush. If there is any residue on your suede, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Preserving Your Nubuck Footwear

The Ultimate Cleaning Kit by Oliver CabellOliver Cabell's Comprehensive Housekeeping Set

Read the Suede Care and Washing Guide.

Nubuck is a type of leather that looks and feels a lot like suede, so many of the same rules of thumb for caring for suede also apply to it. suede shoesleather soles to items crafted from nubuck

Sandpaper Should Be Used If a Stain Remains Persistent

Sandpaper; it may sound absurd, but keep in mind that genuine nubuck is created by sanding and buffing leather until it takes on a velvety feel. Rub your nubuck kicks with fine-grain sandpaper to remove any oil or grease stains, and then use a stiff brush to clean up any grit that remains.

Clean up the mess and remove the ink

Both suede and nubuck can be difficult to clean of stains, as we mentioned before. Spray some on your sneakers if they need a light coating of grease. Leather cleaner As a result, the oil becomes a powder that can be easily brushed away. Care after the fact is necessary for Oliver Cabell Premium Shoe Cleaner Premium Shoe Cleaner by Oliver Cabell in addition to a clean, gentle cloth When dealing with ink or paint stains, however, you'll need a special chemical. Or, if you'd rather not risk ruining your kicks, you can have them cleaned by a pro.  

It Must Be an Oliver Cabell, Whether It's Suede or Nubuck

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