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Are you tired of slipping and sliding on the disc golf course, struggling to maintain your balance and accuracy? Look no further! We've compiled a list of the best disc golf shoes on the market to help you up your game and dominate the fairways. From Adidas to Nike, we've got you covered with our top picks. Say goodbye to unstable footing and hello to improved performance. Discover the perfect pair of shoes that will elevate your disc golf experience to new heights. Get ready to step up your game with the best disc golf shoes of 2022!

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Adidas presents the Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes, a great addition to our lineup. While some elements of regular golf may not apply to the disc version of the sport, these shoes certainly do.


These lightweight, low-profile, and durable shoes are the perfect combination for a round at your local course. They are designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, ideal for players who want agility in their disc golf motion. The low-profile design keeps your foot closer to the ground, providing excellent feel and quick response.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

These shoes come with the option of having spikes or not. I chose to go without spikes because I use them for more than just disc golfing. Keep in mind that disc golf is often played on tougher terrains than traditional golf, so a dedicated spiked shoe might be beneficial, although I can't vouch for how it would feel on rocky terrain. My only complaint is the white bottom side-sole, which stains easily. Nevertheless, I still enjoy wearing them for activities beyond disc golf.

Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe

Another shoe specifically designed for golf comes from Callaway, one of the world's largest golf companies. The Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe is not only stylish but also built for performance on and off the course.


With its mesh upper, the Balboa is one of the most breathable shoes on our list, perfect for warmer months. Although spikeless, the dura-rubber outsole has a unique pattern with multi-directional traction lugs, ensuring stability while walking the back 9.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

Lightweight and breathable, the Callaway Balboa is an excellent choice. I wouldn't recommend using them as everyday shoes in addition to disc golfing, as they might not last long. However, they are perfect for nicer pay-to-play courses or tournaments where you might want to look good on camera. Callaway offers other options on Amazon, so be sure to explore and find the one that suits you best.

PUMA Men’s Ignite Fasten8 Disc Golf Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

We want to clarify that the "disc" in the name of the PUMA Ignite Fasten8 Disc Golf Shoe refers to the quick lacing disc system, not the sport itself. However, PUMA has created a fantastic golf shoe, and you can also get it with traditional laces if you prefer.


The Ignite Fasten8 features a synthetic sole and a full-length foam midsole for comfort. It is wrapped in PUMA's Sole Shield, providing durability and a bit of water resistance. The unique Disc latching technology ensures a secure and snug fit. These shoes are both comfortable and provide excellent traction, with no break-in period required.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

PUMA has always been known for its classic and stylish shoes, and the Ignite Fasten8 is no exception. Personally, I prefer laces and ordered mine accordingly. With multiple color options available, it's hard to choose just one, as they all look good on and off the course. So far, I'm satisfied with the feel of the shoes, and my wife approves of their appearance. PUMA strikes a great balance between low-profile design and performance features, making them suitable for both casual wear and athletic activities. While I wouldn't go hiking in them for days, I have played a full round and walked a few miles on the beach in total comfort.

4 Things To Consider Before Buying A Pair Of Shoes For Disc Golf

  • Type of Shoes: Currently, there isn't a specific shoe made just for disc golf. Adidas has shown support for the sport, and as it continues to grow, we may see shoes marketed specifically for it. Given the diverse needs of disc golfers, we have provided various options on our list.
    • Hiking shoes: These shoes are robust, have an aggressive tread, and offer plenty of support. However, they tend to be heavier and bulkier.
    • Trail running shoes: These shoes have qualities similar to hiking shoes but are less robust and much lighter.
    • Flat shoes: These lightweight minimalist shoes prioritize comfort and style. While they may not last as long as hiking or trail running shoes, they are suitable for on and off-course use.
    • Golf shoes: Designed for performance on well-manicured golf courses, these shoes offer better traction than flat shoes but less sturdiness than hiking or trail running shoes.
  • Recommended Shoes for Disc Golf: Personally, I prefer more flat shoes, although I use them mainly for everyday activities. With rock climbing and mountain biking as my other hobbies, I have strong feet and value relaxation and comfort while playing disc golf. However, most players seem to enjoy using hiking or trail running shoes. Many of my friends use the Adidas options mentioned above or the more aggressive tread of the Salomon X Ultra. Both types of shoes are versatile and can handle various disc golf terrains. Consider where you'll be playing.
  • Course Design: The perfect disc golf shoe may depend on the type of course you play most frequently. If you're on a well-maintained, paid-to-play course, a flatter shoe may provide enough grip and comfort without the need for bulkier hiking shoes. However, if you often play on overgrown or rugged terrain, a shoe designed for those conditions would be more suitable. I personally kept two pairs from the options above: one for trail running and one for casual play on flatter, well-maintained courses.
  • Waterproof shoes: Some shoes claim to be waterproof, while others are water-resistant or don't attempt to tackle wet conditions at all. It's important to consider your playing environment and how often you encounter rain or wet terrain. Keep in mind that completely waterproof shoes may lack breathability, leading to sweaty feet, while shoes with high breathability may not be fully waterproof. Having two pairs of shoes—one breathable and one water-resistant—can be a good solution.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Disc Golf

Different types of shoes are suitable for disc golf. Some have better traction for gripping the ground, while others have synthetic rubber soles that prevent sticking as you walk. These factors enhance foot placement and accuracy during your throw.

Grip is crucial for maintaining balance and confidence, especially on wet or slippery portions of the course. Comfort should also be a top consideration when buying disc golf shoes, as ill-fitting shoes can negatively affect your performance.

How to Choose Shoes For Playing Disc Golf?

How to choose shoes for playing disc golf.

Kind of Shoes

Choosing shoes specifically made for disc golfers can be a challenge due to the unique movements and forces applied to the shoes during the game. Currently, there are not many shoes that can handle these demands.

Manufacturers also tend to prioritize other sports that are more popular than disc golf. However, hiking shoes and trail running shoes are well-suited for disc golf due to their versatility in various terrains.

Regular flat street shoes are not recommended for disc golf, as they have poor grip, particularly in non-urban terrains. Additionally, these shoes may wear out quickly due to disc golf's different throwing motions.

Design of Shoes

The Outsole: The outsole should be molded around the shoe's side instead of simply glued onto the EVA outsole's base. This helps prevent the sole from separating with constant twisting and movement. A large rocker in the shoes can make planting your feet easier and shift the weight off your foot more quickly.

The Tread & Outer Edge Design: Disc golf players don't need highly aggressive tread patterns for their shoes. Opt for a tread pattern that provides lateral traction rather than forward movement. Keep in mind that aggressive tread patterns may be lighter but less durable. Additionally, consider the reinforced outer edge of the shoe, which provides firm support during planting without rolling your foot over the sole.

Breath And Waterproof: Consider whether you often play disc golf in rainy conditions. Waterproof shoes are ideal for wet and cold weather rounds, as they provide protection and keep your feet dry. However, breathable shoes are better for dry conditions or summer play. Waterproof and breathable shoes are mutually exclusive features, so it's important to determine which factor is more important to you.

The Course: Choose shoes based on the condition and ruggedness of the disc golf course. Vans shoes may be suitable for less intensive terrains, while hiking or trail shoes are recommended for rocky courses.

The Sole: Don't forget to consider the insoles of the shoes. Investing in high-quality insoles is essential for long-term comfort and durability. Look for shoes with durable rubber soles and consider designs that incorporate extra durable materials in high-stress areas.

Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail m Running Shoe

Adidas offers the Men's Rockadia Trail m Running Shoe, which has received high ratings and positive reviews on Amazon from disc golfers, despite not being specifically designed for the sport.


The Rockadia is a lighter shoe designed for overall performance and efficiency. Its air mesh upper keeps your feet cool, while the synthetic overlay provides added support. The wide bottom tread offers extra stability, and the semi-aggressive design ensures optimal grip. The shoe's cushioned sole provides both comfort and responsiveness.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

While some may find the shoes a bit chunky in appearance, I appreciate the added stability that comes with the extra bulk. It would be nice to see more color options available. The flexibility of the upper mesh, combined with its ventilation properties, is essential for comfortable tee throws.

Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

Merrell presents the Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, a fantastic option for disc golfers.


This hiking shoe is designed to meet the needs of avid disc golfers. Its high-performance leather and mesh upper provide durability and ease of movement. The Moab 2 Vent offers exceptional comfort, with an air cushion in the heel for shock absorption and stability. The breathable mesh lining ensures excellent ventilation, and the protective rubber toe cap enhances durability.

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts

This is a great all-around shoe that will suit the needs of most disc golfers. However, be aware that the toe box has a narrow fit, which may be uncomfortable if not adjusted properly. With over 20,000 5-star ratings, it's clear that these shoes have a strong following. Keep in mind that the manufacturer may be changing the overall design, but for the price, they are definitely worth trying due to their specifications and track record of success.

Columbia Crestwood Hiking Shoe

Columbia is known for its innovative shoe designs, and the Crestwood Hiking Shoe is no exception. It offers fantastic features for disc golfers.


The Crestwood is designed to handle the demands of disc golf. Its high-quality exterior leather and soft mesh provide both durability and ease of movement. The shoe is extremely comfortable, with superior cushioning and excellent ventilation. It offers outstanding grip, making it suitable for various terrains.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

The Crestwood is a great shoe for disc golf, offering unmatched comfort and protection. However, be aware that the sizes tend to run smaller than standard shoes.

Fila Midland Trail Running Shoe

Fila may not be as well-known as in the past, but it has made a comeback with the Midland Trail Running Shoe, which is an excellent option for disc golfers.


The Midland Trail Running Shoe offers great comfort and a snug fit. It feels both comfortable and sturdy, providing excellent traction and grip on the disc golf course, even on steep and inclined surfaces. The stitching and fabric mesh enhance the shoe's overall design, and the lace-up closure ensures a secure fit. It is durable, offers great protection, and prioritizes comfort.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

Overall, the Fila Midland Trail Running Shoe is a fantastic option. The only minor issue is the quality of the shoe's sole, which could be slightly better. While it is a great shoe, it may serve recreational disc golfers better than those who play regularly.

New Balance 481 V3 Trail Running Shoe

We all know that New Balance makes excellent running shoes. Some would say that these shoes are the best choice for disc golfers with flat feet.


The mid-sole of these shoes has ultra-soft cushioning that provides supreme comfort. It feels cozy and snug, even on uneven surfaces.

But don't be fooled, these shoes are also tough. The rubberized sole adds durability and grip, perfect for disc golfers. The comfortable collar hugs your ankle, providing an excellent fit and preventing irritation. The leather uppers make these shoes even more durable. Overall, they are a fantastic choice for the course.

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts

These shoes are truly exceptional. Just be aware that New Balance sizes may run slightly smaller than standard shoe sizes, so be cautious when choosing your size. New Balance is known for their great running shoes that offer support and comfort during long runs. These shoes should feel light and nimble on your feet.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kahana 8 Running Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

The ASICS Gel-Kahana has long been a reliable shoe in the running world. This updated version meets the needs of active individuals who want something nimble and stable.


These shoes are lightweight with a medium profile and feature ASICS' classic gel cushion system. While they aren't as rugged as some hiking shoes, they are more than capable on most disc golf courses. The ASICS DuoMax Support System is well-known in the trail running world, enhancing support and stability.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

As an avid ASICS fan, I have owned nearly 50 pairs of their shoes in my life. I love wearing this shoe for quick jogs or trail runs. I agree with some reviews that they may not perform as well on very steep or wet terrain compared to more aggressive tread options. However, these shoes are lightweight and flexible without sacrificing comfort and padding in the heel area. One interesting aspect of ASICS shoes is that even when they are worn and beaten up, they still retain their original characteristics. I often need someone else to tell me that I need new shoes before I notice it myself.

Adidas Terrex Ax4 Shoes

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

You might think we have a sponsorship deal with Adidas since this is the sixth shoe on our list from their lineup, but we don't. The reason we included the Terrex Ax4 is to provide you with a more affordable option that still offers quality and some of the features found in other Adidas shoes.


The Terrex Ax4 is a no-frills shoe with the classic Adidas style and fit. Don't underestimate this option. It has a lightweight and comfortable mesh and synthetic upper. The inner molded sockliner enhances comfort and fit. While it's not the lightest shoe on the list, it also isn't the heaviest. It comes in multiple colors to suit your style.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

Adidas describes this shoe as "quiver-of-one trail shoes." They are suitable for forest hikes, alpine adventures, and everything in between. The dual-density design combines the comfort of a cushioned trail runner with the stability of a hiking shoe. The all-conditions grip of the Continental Rubber outsole means you can trust the Terrex Ax4 to take you anywhere you want to go. In my opinion, this is a really nice shoe at a reasonable price. It has me questioning if the other Adidas options are truly worth it.

ASICS Men’s Lyte Classic Shoes

Sometimes you need rugged and aggressive traction, while other times you want a shoe with simple and classic style. That's where the ASICS Lyte comes in.


These shoes have a suede makeup complemented with a gum rubber outsole for a throwback look. They have an EVA midsole construction for lasting comfort and support.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

If you've read our previous reviews, you know that we have tested and tried many ASICS shoes. The Lyte pays homage to ASICS' classic recognizable style while adding extra padding on the under sole. These shoes won't keep your feet totally dry or prevent you from sliding on loose terrain, but for everyday runs, they feel like a comfortable pair of slippers.

Adidas Men’s Terrex Agravic Cross Trainers Trail Running Shoe

The Agravic is a popular choice among pro disc golfers. It was developed as a cross trainer for professional athletes, combining lightweight design with the durability of a hiking shoe. It's an excellent option for intermediate to advanced players looking to improve their game.


These shoes provide top performance in any athletic endeavor while still prioritizing comfort. They are lightweight and breathable and flex with your foot during pivots for a natural and confident tee shot. The Continental Rubber sole offers excellent grip on a variety of surfaces, with slightly more aggressive tread than the ASICS options on this list.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

We can't deny that Adidas has created a great lineup for disc golf enthusiasts. Many amateur and pro disc golfers, including Nate Perkins and Eagle McMahon, wear their shoes. With great ratings, decent pricing, unique designs, and proven quality, Adidas shoes are a winner in our books.

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 GTX

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

This shoe offers excellent stability and traction. It's a favorite among several professionals in the sport and is a top recommendation for serious disc golfers who also enjoy hiking and trail running.


These shoes are waterproof, thanks to the GORE-TEX material that protects your feet from the weather and keeps them dry all day. The cushioning of the sole is designed with comfort and support in mind. The breathable ripstop mesh upper with TPU overlays ensures durability and support. The laces are easy to adjust and stay in place throughout the game.

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts

These are definitely high-quality shoes and one of the best choices for disc golf. However, be aware that certain color options may not be available in your size. I wear a size 10.5 - 11 and couldn't find the gray pair I wanted, so I opted for the green. After about 3 months of wearing them, I am still happy with the shoe.

Adidas Outdoor Men’s Caprock Gore-Tex Hiking Shoe

The Caprock from Adidas strikes the perfect balance between a trail running shoe and a hiking shoe. It offers the durability of a hiking shoe without sacrificing the flexibility and agility of a trail runner. This makes it an ideal choice for navigating both well-manicured courses and rougher terrain.


One great feature of this shoe is the front toe guard, which provides protection without being too bulky. The mesh upper offers breathability and flexibility when needed, while the Traxion outsole provides grip and durability. These shoes offer a great balance between comfort and stability.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

This might be the most balanced shoe on the list. It's not intended for marathons or long trail runs, but it's perfect for hiking, playing disc golf, and everyday activities. I wish there were more color options to choose from, but considering the price and features, this shoe offers great value.

Columbia Men’s Trailstorm Waterproof Hiking Shoe

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

The Trailstorm from Columbia is a true multi-sport shoe. With its waterproof materials and construction, it's a versatile option for disc golfers, no matter the terrain. Columbia is a well-respected clothing company that has been creating shoes for outdoor enthusiasts for years.


These shoes have a mid-level profile that's comparable to the ASICS Gel-Kahana. They are designed to be weather resistant, thanks to Columbia's OMNI technology, which provides air-permeable protection that's both waterproof and breathable. These shoes offer a good balance between flexibility and stiffness, making them suitable for both disc golf and hiking. The unique Traxion outsole with 4 mm lugs provides optimal traction and durability on various terrains.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

I was excited to own a pair of these shoes, as I am already a fan of Columbia's clothing. I have never been disappointed by their performance. While I might choose my ASICS shoes for running or my Adidas Tech Response for serious disc golf rounds, the Trailstorm strikes a balance between the two. I find myself wearing them for a morning walk with my dog and then playing a quick 9 at the local course without changing shoes.

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Ax3 Hiking Boot

21 Best Disc Golf Shoes

This shoe is a great option for disc golfers who predominantly play on level terrain without hills or uneven surfaces.


These hiking boots are lightweight, tough, and durable with rubberized soles. Despite their toughness, they offer exceptional comfort with an EVA midsole and ankle-high shaft. The molded toe cap adds extra comfort and enhances the overall foundation of the shoe. They provide excellent grip, even on uneven surfaces, which is common in disc golf.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

When playing on uneven or rugged terrain, you may find that the backside around the heel is slightly loose. As long as your course isn't too uneven, these shoes are great for disc golf. They strike a balance between running shoes and full-on hiking boots. Adidas upgraded the shoe to incorporate some rugged features from their winter boots, making them even more versatile.

ALTRA ALOA4PE5 Lone Peak 4.5 Trail Shoe

This trail running shoe provides the strength and durability that any disc golfer needs on the course.


These shoes are extremely comfortable, just like the previous options. They offer cushioning in the heel and balanced cushioning between the heel and forefoot. They minimize impact while providing a secure and comfortable fit. These shoes are exceptionally durable and provide a firm grip as you navigate the disc golf course.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

If you have wider feet, you'll find these shoes to be very cozy. The toe box is a bit narrow, so keep that in mind.

KEEN Targhee 3 Waterproof Hiking Shoe

This shoe provides the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and style for disc golfers who want peak performance.


When facing extreme weather conditions like rain or snow, these waterproof hiking shoes will keep your feet dry. With their all-terrain capabilities, they are perfect for mountainous and rocky disc golf courses with uneven surfaces. The high-traction grip ensures you can navigate through any condition with ease.

The shoe also prioritizes your comfort. It features a padded pad and collar for extreme comfort and extra arch support for your feet.

Disc Golf Dash Thoughts

Finding the perfect shoe for a specific need can be challenging, but these shoes come pretty close. The durability is impressive, as proven by the longevity of previous Keen sandals. They are built to last and provide great traction with their sticky rubber outsole. Choosing this shoe is a decision you won't regret.

THESTRON Breathable Golf Trainers

The THESTRON golf trainers have gained popularity among disc golfers for their notable features and positive reviews.


While spiked shoes may not be suitable for all disc golf courses, some players appreciate the excellent traction and feel they provide. These mid to low profile trainers offer just enough cushioning in the heel and optimal connection to the ground, resulting in high performance. The breathable mesh microfiber upper adds style and is easy to clean while allowing ample air flow. Multiple color options are available to choose from.

Disc Golf Dash Thought

The affordable price point of these spiked shoes makes them a great option to consider. Disc golfers who play both ball and disc golf highly recommend them, citing the confidence-boosting grip offered by the spikes. These Trainers have proven to enhance fairway shots with added power, thanks to the increased grip provided by the shoes. Considering the higher prices of other brand-name spiked golf shoes that don't offer better performance, these trainers are a smart choice for multi-golf players.

Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail Running Shoes


The Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX is an aggressive, high-quality trail running shoe that excels in various aspects and is highly regarded by disc golfers.

This shoe's upper is made from Gore-Tex material specifically designed for muddy and off-trail adventures.

The Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX is unmatched in performance on longer hikes and gnarly trails, making it ideal for disc golfers seeking to conquer new and challenging courses. It excels in rainy and muddy conditions. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the shoe is robust and reliable, providing assistance in unexpected situations.

You can get a pair of the Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX here on Amazon.

Nike Wildhorse 7 Trail Running Shoes


The Nike Wildhorse 7 is undeniably one of the best shoes for traversing rugged and off-trail terrains. It offers exceptional grip on and off the fairway, regardless of the conditions, and its added protection sets it apart. This shoe is particularly comfortable, making it an excellent choice for disc golfers. Although it is not exceptionally soft, it provides sufficient support and comfort even in the most challenging terrains. However, it does come with a higher price tag.

Professional disc golfers like Kyle Klein, Ricky Wysocki, and Drew Gibson swear by the Nike Wildhorse trail running shoes.

You can check the price here on Amazon.

Vans UltraRange EXO shoes

Vans has come up with a highly comfortable lifestyle shoe with the UltraRange EXO. Featuring a well-designed midsole and outer sole, Vans has once again proven their expertise in creating exceptional shoes. Not only is this shoe sporty in appearance, but it is also incredibly lightweight.

For those looking for reliable disc golf shoes from Vans, the Vans UltraRange EXO shoes are the ultimate choice.

Professional disc golfers Drew Gibson and Ben Callaway are avid users of the Vans UltraRange EXO shoes.

Check out the Vans here on Amazon.

7 Best Disc Golf Shoes of 2022

1. Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX Disc Golf Shoe

best disc golf shoes 2021

The Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX is an exceptional disc golf shoe highly favored by many players. Though it comes with a slightly higher price tag of over $100, it boasts excellent quality and is considered one of the best disc golf shoes available today.

When it comes to disc golf, these shoes are a must-try. Adidas describes them as follows: "Move swiftly across alpine terrain in these trail shoes. A low-cut, durable upper with speed lacing supports your feet on uneven ground, while a Continental™ Rubber outsole sticks to wet and dry surfaces. A breathable, waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry every step of the way."

If you're interested in the Swift R2 GTX, you can get a pair here on Amazon.

2. Merrell Moab 2 Vent Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Best disc golf shoes 2022

The Merrell Moab 2 Vent Waterproof Hiking Shoe is a fantastic option for tackling unpredictable terrains and trails. While it is primarily a hiking shoe, its versatility makes it suitable for various movements and activities, including disc golf. Merrell consistently delivers high-quality shoes, and the Moab 2 Vent is no exception. The shoe is priced at around $100.00, with slight variations.

These shoes are incredibly comfortable and have become a personal favorite for many users. Merrell's Moab 2 Vent is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable sport hiking shoe. You can confidently rely on Merrell's quality for a long-lasting and comfortable shoe.

Here's how Merrell describes the Moab 2 Vent: "Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator hiking shoes offer ventilation, out-of-the-box comfort, durable leather, supportive footbeds, and Vibram® traction. Wear them and see why Moab stands for Mother-Of-All-Boots."

You can get a pair of these awesome shoes here on Amazon.

3. Asics Gel-Kahana 8 Trail Running Shoe

best disc golf shoes 2021

The Gel-Kahana 8 is an intriguing shoe that has received positive reviews. Its unique design caught my attention, along with the positive feedback from current owners. After trying them out both on and off the course, I found them to be comfortable and good looking. However, they are bulkier and heavier compared to most trail shoes I've tested. Despite this, they are still a decent pair of shoes.

Here's how ASICS describes the Gel-Kahana 8: "Go wherever the trail takes you in the durable and rugged GEL-Kahana® 8 shoe. Feel the energetic bounceback of the SpevaFoam™ Midsole and rearfoot GEL® cushioning as you connect with the ground and push past the outdoor elements. Reversed lugs on the outsole deliver enhanced traction that's essential for the path less followed."

If you'd like to give the Gel-Kahana 8 a try, you can find them here on Amazon.

4. Saucony Excursion TR12 Trail Shoe

Best disc golf shoes 2022

The Saucony Excursion TR12 is a new shoe that has caught my attention. Although I haven't personally played with them, the online reviews from current owners have been positive, mentioning the exceptional comfort and lightweight and breathable design. Priced around , these shoes offer excellent value for a reliable trail shoe. They are definitely on my list to consider for the upcoming disc golf season.

Here's what Saucony has to say about the Excursion TR12: "Rugged, durable, and good looking - the mesh upper with supportive overlays locks your foot into place, while the trail-tested outsole with a triangular lug pattern keeps you from slipping."

If you're interested in a pair of Excursion TR12s, you can find them here on Amazon.

5. Adidas Terrex AX3 Sport Hiking Shoe

best disc golf shoes 2021

I own an older pair of the AX3 sport hiking shoes, and I must say they have proven to be reliable and of excellent quality. While I don't wear them extensively, they have lasted quite well. These shoes are lightweight, comfortable, and look great in dark grey. They typically range in price from to , making them a fantastic option for those seeking a high-quality hiking shoe at an affordable price. Personally, I have been pleased with the AX3s and will always have a pair in my closet.

Here's how Adidas describes the AX3: "Tackle any terrain in any conditions. This winterized and insulated version of one of our most popular hiking shoes, the AX3 Beta CW, blends the performance of the AX3 and the weather-resistant features of some of our winter boots. The upgraded Continental® rubber outsole keeps you planted with unmatched grip, while the Climawarm® synthetic insulation keeps you warm in the coldest conditions."

If you'd like to grab a pair of Adidas AX3s, you can find them here on Amazon.

6. Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe

best disc golf shoes 2021

The Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes have a distinct and unique appearance that may not be for everyone, but many disc golfers appreciate their style. These shoes have received rave reviews, with many users considering them the best trail running/sport hiking shoes they have ever owned. Although I haven't personally tried them, they have caught my interest, and I may consider them for my next purchase. The price for these shoes typically falls between $130 and $150, making them a higher-end option.

Here's how Salomon describes the Speedcross 5: "The latest version of the icon. Speedcross 5 GTX has a new Gore-Tex construction with a floating tongue that improves comfort and streamlines the overall look and feel of the shoe. It maintains the renowned grip, outstanding cushioning, and precise fit that have made this shoe a favorite."

If you'd like to grab a pair of the Speedcross 5, you can find them here on Amazon.

7. New Balance 410v7 Trail Running Shoe

Best disc golf shoes 2022

The New Balance 410v7 trail running shoes have an appealing look, with New Balance doing an excellent job with the design and colors. These shoes could be a great option for your disc golf game. They are reasonably priced, typically ranging from $50 to .

Here's how New Balance describes the 410v7: "The New Balance MT410V7 helps you expand your running routes with an AT Tread outsole for reliable traction on both on and off-road terrain. These men's trail running shoes have a soft midsole for underfoot comfort and durable overlays for lasting wear. The ripstop nylon material and understated silhouette add style and versatility."

If you'd like a pair of the 410v7 trail shoes, you can find them here on Amazon.

Coming soon! - The Idio Syncrasy Disc Golf Shoe

I am incredibly excited about the upcoming Idio Syncrasy Disc Golf Shoe. It is the first shoe specifically tailored for disc golf, and its release is expected in the spring of 2022. Although it is still in the production stages as of the start of this year, I will make sure to update this page once the shoe is available. You can read more about the Syncrasy shoe here on their Kickstarter page.

Here's what Idio says about their new disc golf shoe: "Disc golf has evolved from a peculiar pastime into a sport that demands precision, power, and finesse to outperform competitors. The Syncrasy is a custom-tailored shoe designed to meet the needs of disc golfers. It represents the fusion of comfort, performance, and style that seamlessly integrates with this way of life.

In conclusion, finding the best disc golf shoes is essential for optimizing your performance on the course. With a wide range of options available, it's important to consider factors such as comfort, durability, traction, and waterproofing. Whether you prefer Adidas, Callaway, PUMA, or other top brands, there is a shoe out there that will meet your specific needs. So lace up, hit the fairways, and elevate your disc golf game with the perfect pair of shoes. Happy disc golfing!