Are you expecting a little bundle of joy? Congratulations! Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it can also bring a few challenges, like swollen feet and discomfort. That's why finding the best slip on shoes for pregnancy is crucial to keep you comfortable and stylish throughout your nine months. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of choosing the perfect shoes for your pregnancy, and we'll also share our top 11 recommendations. Get ready to take care of your swollen feet with the best footwear options available!


How To Choose The Best Shoes For Pregnancy


When you are pregnant, your feet are likely to swell up, making it difficult to determine the correct shoe size. To be safe, it is best to buy shoes that are half or one size larger to accommodate the average range of swelling. Larger shoes will be more comfortable and will not cause any discomfort.

Maternity footwear aims to reduce the pain and discomfort that the body experiences during the third trimester. Therefore, choose shoes that provide the highest level of support for the arches and ankles. This will help distribute your body weight evenly along your legs and minimize pain in your back, neck, and joints.

As much as you may love wearing heels, it is advisable to avoid them for the duration of your pregnancy. Instead, opt for comfortable sneakers and flat boots. Pregnancy causes weight gain, which changes your body's center of gravity and puts strain on muscles and joints. Heels increase the risk of losing balance, so it's important to give your feet a break and prioritize comfort.

During the third trimester, bending down can be challenging. An easy solution is to invest in slip-on shoes that don't require lacing. Slip-ons allow you to effortlessly slide in and out of your shoes without any discomfort or the need to bend over.

Pregnancy brings hormonal changes that can cause nausea, body aches, and discomfort. Additionally, the increased weight puts pressure on your feet. To alleviate this pressure, it is crucial to wear shoes that offer good support. Look for shoes with a good grip and breathable material to keep you comfortable. Pregnancy shoes are designed to accommodate swollen feet. However, avoid shoes that lack cushioning for optimal comfort.


11 Best Shoes For Pregnancy To Take Care Of Swollen Feet



Best Breathable: Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes



Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes Image: Adidas 

These comfortable shoes by Adidas have a nearly perfect rating and come in over 30 colors, making them a stylish and comfortable choice for pregnant women. The Cloudfoam memory sockliner molds to your foot shape, providing pain-free comfort. The rubber sole offers excellent traction, preventing slipping on smooth surfaces. The stretchy mesh upper allows for breathability, keeping your feet cool. Originally designed for runners, these shoes are also great for preventing blisters. With over 73,000 reviews, they are well-loved for their fit and comfort.


  • Slip-on shoes
  • Wide and stretchable
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Soft, Cloudfoam midsole
  • Sock-like fit and construction
  • Available in 30 colors


  • The arch support might not be sufficient for some.

protip_icon Did you know? Increased levels of progesterone during pregnancy causes valves of veins to weaken and forms swellings under the skin. Symptoms of varicose veins include cramps, swelling, and itching in your legs.

Price at the time of publication: .5

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Best For Wide Feet: TOMS Alpargata Loafers




Thanks to the clean and unique slip-on design, light-as-air fabric, and beautiful color options, TOMS Alpargata Loafers have become a favorite among shoe lovers and pregnant women. These loafers are especially ideal for those with wider feet due to their flexible material. They come with removable insoles, allowing for customization of the fit and easy washing. The canvas-style construction provides ample space to accommodate changes in foot size. With over 15,000 reviews, these loafers are praised for their true sizing, comfort, and arch support. They are perfect for various casual occasions.


  • 100% canvas
  • Grippy rubber sole
  • Lightweight fabric
  • Removable insoles
  • Available in 30 colors


  • The cushioning might not be thick enough.

Price at the time of publication: $50.95

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Best Travel-Friendly: TIOSEBON Casual Mesh Sneakers



TIOSEBON Casual Mesh Sneakers Image: Tiosebon 

These TIOSEBON Casual Mesh Sneakers stand out not only for their sleek profile and highly elastic outsole but also for their extremely supportive arch insert. The topline fabric is tender and doesn’t irritate the skin, which makes them great for long walks. The pigskin latex insole provides cloud-level comfort without adding weight to the shoe. The cushioned outsole absorbs shocks and provides flexibility. These sneakers are lightweight, breathable, and travel-friendly. With over 29,000 reviews, customers love their lightweight feel, true sizing, and ankle support.


  • Wide toe box
  • Wash-resistant
  • Cushioned insole and outsole
  • Superior shock absorption
  • Breathable lining
  • Super-lightweight
  • Available in 30 colors


  • Slightly difficult to slip into

protip_icon Pro Tip: For proper support, comfort, and balance, wear shoes with heels less than 2 inches long during pregnancy.

Price at the time of publication: $34.99


Best Lightweight: Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Madison Sneakers



Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Madison Sneakers Image: Dr. Scholls 

These slip-on sneakers from Dr. Scholl’s are a go-to for expecting mothers due to their soft lining, lightweight microsuede fabric, and ergonomic cushioning. The padded collar protects vulnerable areas around the ankles. These shoes are perfect for both mid-pregnancy and post-birth, offering flexibility and superior arch support. With over 17,000 reviews, customers have praised their comfort and ease of wear.


  • Microsuede material
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to break in
  • Sustainable construction
  • Available in 20 colors


  • The design might be too plain for some.

Price at the time of publication: $57.94

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Best Durable: Skechers Empire Fashion Sneakers



Skechers Empire Fashion Sneakers Image: Skechers 

These Skechers Empire Fashion Sneakers are known for their comfort and durability. Designed to maintain their form, they are perfect for the entire duration of your pregnancy. The high-quality mesh uppers promote airflow, and the raised heel panel protects against blisters. The slip-on style with bungee lacing ensures a secure fit. With over 13,000 reviews, customers appreciate their comfort and relaxed fit.


  • Air-cooled memory foam insoles
  • Smooth and breathable
  • Spring-like walkability
  • Stitched toe seams for durability
  • Available in a wide variety of colors


  • The wide tread underneath is susceptible to dirt.

Price at the time of publication: $54.95



Best APMA- Approved: Vionic Gemma Mule Slippers




Slippers can be a comfortable footwear option for pregnant women who want to prioritize relaxation. The Vionic Gemma Mule Slippers are incredibly soft and cozy, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The rubber outsole provides traction, and the microfiber footbed ensures comfort while walking. These slippers are APMA-approved, guaranteeing their safety and effectiveness. They are also suitable for foot-related issues like plantar fasciitis. With great arch support and effortless slip-on style, these slippers are available in 10 colors.


  • Great arch support
  • Soft and lightweight
  • APMA-approved
  • Effortless slip-on
  • Available in 10 colors


Price at the time of publication: .95

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In conclusion, taking care of your feet during pregnancy is essential, and finding the perfect pair of slip-on shoes can make all the difference. From supportive insoles to stretchy uppers, the 11 best shoes for pregnancy listed above offer a variety of features designed to accommodate swollen feet and provide ultimate comfort. Remember to prioritize your comfort and choose a pair that suits your style. With these shoes by your side, you can confidently take each step of your pregnancy journey with ease and style.