how to put on peloton shoes

Indoor cycling performance can be improved by wearing shoes that provide optimal comfort. Bicycle-specific footwear keeps you at the top of your game. Peloton's specialized cycling footwear is equipped with cleats and buckles to ensure a safe and secure fit.

The process of putting them on, especially for first-time users, may be quite difficult. To begin, a pair of peloton shoes is not the same as a pair of sneakers with laces or a Velcro closure. They're soled specifically for Peloton bikes, and have a unique locking system.

Putting on your Peloton shoes: a guide Follow this manual's detailed instructions to accomplish your goal. Putting on the cleats and shoes and attaching the Peloton to the pedals of the bike all fall under this category.


Prerequisites for this Guide

Shoes designed for use with Peloton indoor cycling machines. You can improve your cycling comfort and stability with these shoes. When you're wearing Peloton shoes, it's much simpler to depress and raise the pedals.

Even if you step up the intensity of your workout, your feet will feel supported. These shoes will keep you from pedaling on your toes, which will ease pressure on your knees, hips, and hamstrings while you ride. The design encourages healthy posture by supporting correct foot and body alignment.

You'll be less likely to sustain an injury while cycling if you follow these guidelines. Because of the support it provides, you'll be able to ride for longer periods of time without experiencing fatigue.

Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to use peloton shoes so that you can get the most out of them. Having the following items on hand will make getting your Peloton shoes set up in no time:

  • To get the best grip, try the Delta cleats or the Shimano SPD-SL cleats.
  • Leg warmers for cyclists
  • Shoe designs for the peloton
  • Spinner bike

Then, here are the measures you should take to put on your Peloton shoes:

  • Constructing cycling cleats and shoes for the Peloton
  • Adjusting the fasteners by undoing the buckles or removing the Velcro
  • The Peloton shoes must be worn.
  • Put on the shoes' covers or buckles
  • To use Peloton shoes with your bike, you must use a clip.

How to Properly Slip on Your Peloton Shoes


Step 1 Putting together cycling cleats and shoes for the Peloton

Cycling cleats are an essential part of any pair of peloton shoes. For cleats, you have a choice between the Look Delta and Shimano models. Assembling a pair of Peloton shoes requires attaching the cleats.

You can do this by wearing a pair of Peloton shoes and leaving a mark on the sole. With a pencil or a marker, you can make a trace of the ball of your foot. As a result, the middle cleat can be moved across the ball of the foot for optimum comfort and performance.

Then, attach the cleats to the soles of your Peloton shoes using the corresponding markings. The three screw holes on the shoes must line up with the cleats for a secure fit.

Finally, insert the washer into the cleats' designated hole, followed by the screws. To make sure the cleats are in place safely, tighten the screw with a 4-mm hex key. Switch shoes and do the same thing again.

(Pro-Tip: if you want to see if your cleats are properly aligned, start pedaling and see if the pressure is being applied to the ball of your foot. If you're still experiencing pain after doing so, it may be time to tighten the screws.

Step 2 Taking off the belts or undoing the Velcro straps


Velcro straps or a buckle fastening system are two options for clip-in shoes worn on the peloton. It's important to remember to undo any buckles on your shoes before putting them on. Simply push the buckle's button and wait for it to release. The buckle strap needs to be loosened so that a foot can fit through. Simply detach the Velcro straps to remove shoes. In order to get your foot in, you'll need to gradually tighten the strap.

Step 3 Slip on your Pelotons.

Socks on, foot in the Peloton shoe clip opening. Keep from donning the footwear barefoot. It won't feel good, and it could even be harmful to your foot's soles.

You need to find your footing before you can put on your Peloton shoes and start pedaling. In order to prevent falling while wearing it, you can sit on a chair. Slowly place your foot inside the shoe. Check that your foot fits comfortably and completely into the shoe. Switch feet and repeat the process

(Pro-Tip: Don't let your heels hang out while lacing up.) It's crucial that your foot fits completely inside the shoe. You need to put your feet up and make sure they're safe. )

Step 4 Put on your shoes and buckle them

When your feet are in a place where you feel secure, you can begin lacing up your shoes. Start by threading the string through the buckle's loop; then, fasten the buckle by lifting the button and letting go of the string.

If the straps feel too loose, you can tighten them to your preferred level using a slow, steady pull. Switch feet and do it again You have now donned your Peloton shoes and are ready to begin riding your Peloton bicycle.

Step 5 Peloton shoe-to-bike attachment


You have to go through the clipping process before you can ride your stationary bike while wearing your Peloton shoes.

You can do this by standing astride the bike with your legs spread wide. In order to ensure a successful clipping, you must be upright. The bike's handlebars serve as a stable base from which to reach the pedals.

Then, insert your toes into the pedal's opening with a downward pointing toe. Check that the cleat is touching the pedal's opening. In order to attach your peloton shoes to the pedal, you must first observe the cleat and then press your heel down until you hear a click. There's a click, so your shoe is securely fastened into your bike pedal.

If your Peloton cleats aren't engaging, jiggle your foot in the shoe. Examine the attachment once more by going back over the preceding steps if your shoes are coming off with a slight wiggle or if your Peloton shoes won't clip in.


Bicyclists will appreciate the innovation of Peloton shoes. There's no reason to risk an injury by cycling in shoes that are too tight or too loose. You can enjoy your cycling workouts without worrying about your feet hurting thanks to its innovative and smart design.

Not being your average slip-on shoe, there are some precautions to take. Here, we have laid out the specifics of donning Peloton shoes so that you can get the most out of your purchase. I pray that they're straightforward and simple to grasp.


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