Whether you're training for the junior varsity or the Olympic team, you need the best wrestling shoes available. They help you get a better hold, keep you safe from injury, and make the match more bearable. To help you find the most suitable and effective wrestling footwear for your own personal requirements, we have compiled this guide.

Close up action shot of wrestler walking forward with laced up boots.

In what ways do wrestling shoes contribute to the sport?

I think it's time for us to be completely forthright here. That market doesn't get a lot of attention. When most people think of wrestling, they don't immediately consider the shoes worn by the competitors. The tactical advantage provided by wrestling shoes is often overlooked, however. They are possibly the most crucial piece of wrestling equipment a competitor can have.

Shoes designed for wrestling offer extra support and stability to the feet and ankles. You won't have to worry about your feet slipping on the mat as a result of the sweat. Wrestling shoes, in addition, offer more protection for the upper part of the ankle than regular shoes. When wearing these, you won't have to worry about your ankles rolling or spraining when making sudden, jarring movements.

Over the course of a high-intensity wrestling match, the amount of traction typically required can be staggeringly massive. Good wrestling shoes grip the mat and aid in the wrestler's stability in all directions.

There is a wide variety of wrestling footwear available to meet the needs of wrestlers at every level, from beginners to professionals. Wrestlers can reach their physical potential and perform better when they invest in a high-quality pair of wrestling shoes.

Shoe sizes for wrestlers range from those worn by experts to those worn by novices. Wrestlers can select from a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns.

Find out which wrestling shoes made the cut in our reviews down below! Substantial study and development work went into the development of these recommendations. Our own testing was done In addition, we compiled testimonials from a wide variety of authoritative websites. You'll notice that the three leading brands, adidas, ASICS, and Nike, account for all nine of the options. Clearly, this is not a fluke. These manufacturers produce the best wrestling shoes on the market.

List of the Best Wrestling Shoes on the Market from ShoeGuide

2 adidas Tech Fall 1. These Are Currently The Top Wrestling Shoes On The Market

adidas Tech Fall 2.0 - ShoeGuide's pick for best wrestling shoe.

This is the second edition of the adidas Tech Fall shoe. Without a doubt, the pair of wrestling shoes rated 0 is the best of the bunch. After a long day in the ring and on the sidelines, these high-quality shoes' impressive combination of synthetic and mesh construction will come in handy.

In addition, the Technology Decline 2 With its optimal combination of slipperiness and traction, 0 wrestling mats allow their wearers to execute a wide variety of moves.

Since it strikes a good balance between the two, it's a fan favorite among mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fighters and boxers as well.

It has been reported that there is no need to size down when purchasing these wrestling shoes, as adidas anticipated the demand for their (fairly pricey) wrestling shoes by making them available in the same sizes as their casual and running shoes. These shoes, made from high-tech mesh, have the quickest drying time of any footwear we tested. However, because of the difficulty in cleaning them, they quickly become soiled. With a weight of 1, these shoes are among the lightest of the wrestling footwear we recommend. Priced at $3.00 per pair

2 Asics JB Elite V

Asics JB Elite V in black and gold with profile view.

In terms of reviews, the ASICS JB Elite V wrestling shoe consistently ranks near the top. The shoe's split sole design improves friction, grip, and flexibility in the heel and toe box compared to footwear without a split sole. When compared to wrestling shoes of lower quality, the JB Elite V has a distinct advantage due to the sole design that gives it an incredibly adaptable and versatile feel.

Because of the shoe's thinner tongue, the front of the foot is less constrained, which reduces the risk of cramping, while the ankle region remains securely fastened. In addition, Asics intended for this shoe to be laced quickly. Our investigation did reveal one drawback, however: the split sole has a propensity to peel away from the shoe over time. Whether this is a widespread problem that Asics plans to fix in future iterations of the shoe or a fluke remains to be seen. A pair of these shoes weighs in at 1 Together, they weigh 7 pounds.

The Third Nike Inflict

Black and Gold Nike Inflict 3.

When compiling a list of the best wrestling shoes, it is impossible to leave out at least a pair from Nike. As a result of our examination, we have settled on the Nike Inflict 3 as the top model in the Nike lineup. On the other hand, a couple of other Nike shoes show up a little further down the list, and you shouldn't rule them out if they meet your particular needs. The most recent iteration of this shoe looks great, and its price is right in the middle of the range we've established here for similar options.

The shoes weigh just under 1.5 pounds per pair and have all the features necessary for effective wrestling, such as:

  • Internal compression fit boot systems
  • Built-in storage for lace
  • Improved traction and mobility thanks to a split sole
  • Upper made of synthetic material, mesh at the ankle
  • Totally rethought outsole construction that greatly enhances mobility.
  • Made with the nimble, active wrestler in mind, these traction zones are designed to grip the mat.

Sizing runs a bit small compared to the standard size-down approach for selecting wrestling shoes, which is the only complaint that has been voiced so far and which we struggled with during our review. It's recommended that you order two sizes and return the one that doesn't work.

(4) adidas HVC 2

adidas HVC 2 red and grey shoes for mat work.

As a throwback to adidas's original Combat Speed wrestling shoe from the 1970s, the HVC 2 is a wrestling shoe that gives its wearer a nostalgic feel. They have a classic design, come in a rainbow of colors, and let a true wrestling fan feel like Dan Gable as they step onto the mat. These Adidas shoes were made specifically to aid the quick, agile movements of a wrestler. The wrestler can use this to their advantage right away. Because of the ankle brace, the possibility of injury is diminished.

From our Ultimate Guide to Choosing Quality Wrestling Shoes, these are some of the best options for having a wide range of children's sizes. The sturdy soles help those with pronation issues like flat feet and high arches. Because of its excellent grip and lightweight construction, the HVC 2 is also popular among martial artists. Wrestling shoes are notorious for their low quality construction, but you get what you pay for. Also, at only 1 ounces, they're the lightest pair of shoes we've included. 2 pounds

5.adidas Fight Night V

adidas Combat Speed V wrestling shoe with red and black colorway

Compared to its predecessor, the Adidas Combat Speed 5, this model features a number of improvements. For good reason, it scored high marks in our comprehensive guide to buying wrestling shoes. This sneaker has a retro design, resembling the classic Adidas runners of yesteryear. It's available in three of the most popular colors, and its low starting price makes it a great choice for high school and collegiate athletes on a budget who must adhere to strict color requirements.

Tactical improvements over the Combat Speed 4 include a more ergonomic handle, an updated look, and increased material durability.

These are special wrestling shoes with a single sole. Wrestlers will benefit from the Combat Speed 5's superior tightness around the ankle, which provides ample support during fast mat movements. Wrestlers who suffer from fallen arches or flat feet will appreciate the extra cushioning provided by the soles. These shoes, like their forerunner, are featherlight (at 1 Priced at 2 lb. for the set, The leather and mesh upper and Velcro ankle strap closure still manage to make these shoes feel surprisingly lightweight on your feet in comparison to the others on our list. The best low-cost, high-quality shoe option, if there ever was one.

Sixth-grade Asics Matflex

Profile of blue kids size Asics Matflex 6

Asics has produced a fantastic shoe in the Matflex 6. Having a weight of 1 7 pounds The sole (a split sole) of the shoe does not provide sufficient cushioning. Wrestlers with flat feet (for more on this condition, see our article on the best running shoes for flat feet) should consider an alternative, as the lack of substantial padding could prove problematic.

As a result of the ASICS Matflex 6's thinner sole, the wrestler has a better sense of the surface beneath their feet. This not only offers better traction, but also a better hold. As a result, you can also use these shoes for boxing.

Reviews of this shoe have pointed out two important details:

  • Ball-of-foot blisters may develop from prolonged use of the Matflex 6.
  • In the same way that wrestling shoes in general tend to run small, these do as well. Order a full size to a size and a half smaller than you would for a pair of sneakers or running shoes.

SEVEN. adidas Mat Hog 2 0

Profile of adidas Mat Hog 2.0 youth size shoe.

Adidas's Mat Hog 2 A major improvement over their wildly successful 1 0 version There are seven eyelets to tie the laces on this shoe. The wrestler can customize the tightness of the shoe against their foot and ankle by using the many different lacing options available. Offering a wide variety of customization options is a major selling point. Users with larger feet can get the room they need, and wrestlers who want more support can cinch them down.

These shoes' upper are made of a synthetic material and open mesh, which actively wicks moisture away from the wrestler's foot for greater breathability and performance.

Since these shoes are not mesh, the moisture-wicking sock liner is a welcome addition. Although, some reviews have mentioned how slippery the sole is. Cael Sanderson's signature can be found on the back of the non-split sole. These footwear weigh a respectable 1.5 pounds, putting them smack in the middle of the weight spectrum.

Shoe: Asics Men's Aggressor 4

Asics Mens Agressor 4 in profile view.

Among the wrestling shoes we've tested, the ASICS Aggressor 4 is the most fashionable. You can wear them on or off the mat, they're that fashionable. For the sake of your feet, we recommend that you not wander around in wrestling shoes. Due to their non-split rubber outsole, suede and Ecsaine upper, and breathable mesh tongue, these shoes sacrifice some mobility for the sake of style. However, the asymmetrical Duosole sole design helps compensate for this to some extent.

The laces can be tucked into the shoe's side pockets. In the final section of this guide, we discuss this practical and strategic element as an "integrated lace garage." The suede material ensures robust and long-lasting stitching, as is typical of ASICS footwear. One of the problems with suede is that it doesn't let air in very easily. There is a lot of weight savings in these shoes, as they weigh only 1 Ideal for training in agility, at just 4 pounds

Nine. Nike Speed Sweep VII

Digital camouflage colorway of the Nike Speed Sweep VII

In terms of price and features, the Nike Speed Sweep VII falls right in the middle. Surprisingly, they have excellent traction, and their level of comfort is among the highest we tested. When compared to the model they replaced, Nike made some significant improvements to the fit and comfort of these shoes for the wrestler. It is offered in four different color combinations and weighs roughly 1.5 pounds per set.

Featuring a unisex silhouette and a breathable mesh upper, this design is ideal for the gym. To prevent wrestlers from tripping over their laces or scratching their opponent, there is an asymmetrical lacing design and an integrated lace garage. This is a great new addition to our list of the best quality wrestling shoes because it is a solid wrestling shoe with a great mid-range in all regards.

Where Can I Find Different Wrestling Shoes?

Olympic wrestling image of Finland wrestler wearing adidas shoes.

Wrestlers can select from a wide variety of footwear styles. The aforementioned recommendations barely scratch the surface of what's available that offers such good value. But aren't these just regular sneakers for the gym? In what ways do they vary? Get right into it, shall we? Further, we provide details on the anatomy of shoes in general.

Instead of using other types of footwear, wrestling shoes have been developed and designed to more closely resemble the human body. The shoes are soft and lightweight, giving the wearer the sensation of walking around barefoot. Toenails and toes need protection because wrestlers are constantly bending and getting close to one another.

Wrestling shoes, as we discussed up top, are of a higher quality and look different than regular running shoes. In most cases, wrestling shoes will extend above the ankle. The purpose of these high-top shoes is to prevent the ankle from rolling or spraining while contorting in the course of a wrestling match or a practice round of sparring. Wrestlers frequently injure themselves by locking their lower legs in a wide range of moves.

The soles of many wrestling shoes are made of rubber. The traction offered by these rubberized materials far exceeds that of competing options. Those who have ever taken a gym class know how dangerously slippery wrestling mats can get. When the mat is freshly cleaned or sticky with sweat, this becomes an even bigger issue. It's crucial to wear footwear that won't cause you to slip on these surfaces.

Wrestling shoes with studded soles aren't universal, but we've included a few options on this list that have them. When compared to soles made of traditional rubber, the traction provided by these studs is significantly greater. You won't find this slip-prevention technology limited to the wrestling shoes we carry by ASICS and Adidas, but rather built into all wrestling shoes.

Split sole and non-split sole are the two main types of wrestling shoe constructions. Let's compare and contrast some of these two.

Split Sole

Wrestling shoes with a split sole have had the sole cut in two. There is a rubber bottom, similar to what one would find on any pair of regular shoes. The sole rubber has been split into a front and back piece, but other than that, they are identical.

The benefit of this is that bending the shoe in half while holding it in your hands is possible. Wrestling shoes with split soles are the most similar to going barefoot because the rubber components of the sole do not cover the entire bottom of the shoe.

Wrestling shoes with a split sole are preferred because of their extreme flexibility. Wrestlers who wear split-sole shoes have an advantage over their counterparts who don't because the former are more agile and responsive to changes in direction and speed. This is why split-sole shoes are the footwear of choice for many professional and Olympic wrestlers.

The Uniform Sole

In contrast to the split-sole wrestling shoes described above, non-split-sole shoes have a solid sole all the way around. The sole of these shoes is one continuous piece of rubber that runs the entire length of the shoe. You may also hear these called "unisole" shoes.

Closeup shoe of man tightly lacing shoes for mat work training session.

Despite their lack of give, non-split sole wrestling shoes are still relatively lightweight and give the wrestler good freedom of movement.

Wrestlers often prefer non-split sole shoes over split sole ones because of their superior durability. As a general rule, these shoes are much more long-lasting than their split-sole counterparts.

If you're on a tighter budget and can't afford to buy a new pair of wrestling shoes every few months, non-split sole shoes are the best option. Again, they are quite strong and sturdy despite being a little less flexible than the alternate.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both split-sole and non-split-sole shoes. It's important to put both on and see how they feel and how much freedom of movement you have.

Please Note: Boxing Shoes are NOT Wrestling Shoes

This has happened far too often. Boxing shoes and wrestling shoes are not the same thing, and that needs to be made clear. Here, at MMA Gear Addict, you can read a fantastic comparison of the two. Never confuse these two things or treat them as if they were the same.

Boxing shoes, on the other hand, are entirely flat. Also, a wrestling mat is not the intended surface for the traction control features found on the bottom of boxing shoes. This may not seem important at first, but when compared to the hyperextension and contortions used by wrestlers, the difference between the two sports becomes clear. Boxing shoes, put simply, do not help with quickness of footwork when jumping.

In addition, a boxing shoe's rubber outsole will have very different designs than those of a wrestling shoe. Conversely, wrestling footwear is characterized by more circular patterns. Wrestlers benefit from these because they provide traction from multiple angles and mimic the ribbed foot pattern of lizards and geckos. Conversely, boxing shoes come in a variety of designs to accommodate the unique stance and movement of each boxer during sparring.

One pair of shoes for both boxing and wrestling may seem like a practical and cost-saving choice, but the sports are very different. Getting a good pair of wrestling shoes should be a top priority.

How to Pick the Best Pair of Wrestling Shoes

Maroon and white high top wrestling shoes on a blue background.

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking, "This is great and all, but how do I go about choosing the best pair to meet my specific needs?" To help, let's take a closer look at the first steps toward narrowing down your wrestling shoe options.

Try asking yourself some of these

First, let's cover the fundamentals. How serious are you about this? To what extent do you commit yourself to this? Do you have a deep, abiding love for wrestling and the sound of the referee's whistle? Or perhaps you're just a high school newbie looking for a way to pass the time (and maybe win the admiration of your peers) with something interesting.

Providing truthful responses to these questions will greatly aid in determining the appropriate level of financial investment in a good pair of wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes can be expensive, so it's not a great idea to buy them if you aren't committed to using them for a long time. One mistake on the mat, however, can easily be the difference between a win and a loss if you're trying to win a scholarship or compete at a professional level.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of wrestling shoes, everyone has different requirements. Ultimately, ease of use should be the deciding factor. Please try these on. Wear them Use them Them with Exercises Wander around in them Are they so natural that you hardly notice they're not there? Perfect, you should keep them and use them to propel you to the top of the wrestling mat.

You shouldn't rush into buying a pair of wrestling shoes. It takes dedication, and the success you have on the mat is inversely proportional to the quality of the shoe you wear. You'll notice an altered sensation of the shoe's grip on your foot and increased mat adhesion. You'll be able to tell if it's encouraging or discouraging.

You Should Step Into It

There are many factors to consider when purchasing wrestling shoes, but perhaps the most crucial is how well they fit. When compared to the fit of, say, a pair of running shoes or a pair of casual sneakers, a pair of wrestling shoes is a totally different animal. Specifically, a wrestling shoe has a high top and a low instep to provide a secure and stable fit.

It's time to turn on the stove if the shoe doesn't feel like it was made for your foot. There should be no more than two fingers' worth of space between the end of your shoe and your ankle. The sizing is likely to be different than regular footwear. When deciding to buy, it is important to keep this in mind and to look at customer feedback. The general rule of thumb is to get a shoe that is half a size to a size smaller than what you normally wear for running.

It's easy to lose a match if your wrestling shoe feels loose when making quick, jerky movements on the mat. Wrestlers' ability to maintain balance and stability and keep their rhythm will be severely disrupted. No support will be given to the wrestler's ankles. You may find that this is too snug at first, but with time and wear, the shoe will loosen up and become more comfortable.

We won't go into great detail, but heavyweight wrestlers don't need shoes with as much give as those competing in the lightest and middleweight divisions. Wrestlers who are heavier tend to put less emphasis on quickness and dexterity during their matches.

Wrestling shoes are designed to protect the ankle.

Once you've found a pair of shoes that feels great on your feet, you should check to make sure they provide adequate support for your ankles. For the most part, this type of support is only found in wrestling shoes.

Two Olympic wrestlers grappling.

When wrestling, the ankles take the brunt of the force during a match. A pair of high-top wrestling shoes is a blessing because of the tremendous force exerted on the ankles when changing directions.

Wrestling shoes rely in part on the lacing style chosen to provide the necessary support. The laces of a wrestler's shoes should be snug around his or her ankles. Some wrestling shoes even go further, providing the wrestler with an extra layer of ankle support via a strap that goes across the front of the ankle.

What Really Counts

The wrestling shoe's construction material is the next crucial factor to consider. To begin, there is a wide variety of materials available. The primary consideration should be whether or not the material slows down your movements too much. A wrestler's foot speed will increase in proportion to the lightness of the material used to make their shoes.

Fabrics like mesh, leather, nylon, and suede are common in these footwear styles. There won't be any lingering sweat thanks to the breathability provided by the materials you pick.

The price of a pair of shoes is often indicative of the materials used to construct them. Leather and suede are common in high-end footwear, which explains their high price. At the center of the price spectrum, you can anticipate a mesh material with vents. In order to keep costs down, most entry-level wrestling shoes are made of a nylon and vented mesh hybrid.

  • Suede and leather, which are used in more expensive options, do not allow much perspiration to evaporate. However, they hold up to repeated uses without losing their shape or comfort.
  • The midrange options typically offer the highest resistance to moisture and the best wicking.
  • If your feet are still growing and you're on the younger side, the cheaper options are a good bet. On the other hand, this can serve as a solid introduction to wrestling for newcomers. These alternatives are a lot more wallet-friendly, and they're great as first pairs of shoes. You should upgrade your wrestling shoes whenever you notice a rise in your wrestling skills. There are no shoes on our recommended list that fit this description.

Wrestling Shoes and Their Aesthetics

Strong wrestling shoes prioritize function over style. Nonetheless, they are still important factors to think about when picking out a great pair of wrestling shoes. It's important to keep in mind that your team may have rules about the footwear you wear when participating in team activities. Wrestling shoe color standardization could be important if design restrictions were unnecessary.

Nonetheless, there is nothing to worry about There is a wide variety of wrestling shoes to choose from. Brands and styles of these footwear come in a wide variety. The increased versatility of these footwear options extends beyond just boxing and MMA to include strength and power lifting. However, you probably shouldn't take them out for a jog on the gravel.

Wrestlers are more likely to put their shoes to use if they like how they look in other contexts besides just matches.

Further Points to Think About

Although the aforementioned factors are the most important, there are still others to think about when shopping for a good pair of wrestling shoes.

An example of such a quality is the durability of the stitching. For shoes, the term "stitch strength" refers to the resilience with which the fabric or material stays put. Considering the high degree of motion involved in wrestling sparring, this is even more important for wrestling shoes than it is for, say, casual or running shoes.

A wrestling shoe with poor stitching may need to be replaced after just one season of use.

When looking for wrestling shoes, asymmetrical lacing is another important feature to consider. For aesthetic reasons, some shoemakers choose not to align the front of the shoe's eyelets. The wrestler can make a tighter knot with these laces than they could with traditionally lined laces. If you're going to be doing a lot of pivoting, this will give your ankles a little

The "integrated lace garage" is yet another fantastic addition. The plastic tips of your shoelaces, known as aglets, are tucked away inside the shoe. Because these aglets can cause serious scratches or scrapes to your opponent if they aren't fastened, this is more of a safety feature than anything else.

This built-in lace storage area also helps you avoid tripping over your laces during a game.

In Conclusion

Close up of unbranded black and white shoes with suede upper.

By now, you should be well-versed in the factors to weigh when shopping for wrestling shoes, as well as the pitfalls to avoid and excellent recommendations we have gleaned from extensive testing and research. Now is the time to make a move and locate a compatible pair.

The concepts, features, and reviews above will help you find a great pair of wrestling shoes that works for your needs. But before you buy, you should walk around in the shoes to see how they feel. Not being picky here is not a good idea.

Check out the rest of our Shoe Guide today if you're interested in reading more in-depth guides for other shoe types and eventually overhauling your wardrobe with the perfect shoes for every situation. Wishing you a pleasant shopping experience