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When blood flow is compromised, the first areas to suffer are the extremities. If you have diabetes, you may experience problems with your feet.

Podiatrist Michael J. Kneebone St. Louis-based orthotic company Forward Motion Orthotics was founded and is led by Mike Rushton, M.D. George, Utah, diabetes can negatively impact feet in two main ways. The symptoms of neuropathy range from "odd sensations in the feet, all the way to no sensation in the feet" for some people. Sensations of heat, cold, and everything in between are all possible with neuropathy.

Rushton cites "losing protective threshold" as the second most pressing problem. Someone with impaired sensation and circulation might injure themselves by stepping on an object but not feel it. As he puts it, "you won't start to notice it until you've started to have issues." Left unchecked, a minor annoyance, like a rock in a shoe, can turn into a serious injury.

Rushton has witnessed this phenomenon with foreign objects ranging in severity from a nail that a patient couldn't feel to as innocuous as a feather or apple seed stuck in a shoe. Rushton warns diabetics that they must "watch feet carefully." He continues, "Wounds are harder to heal," particularly because many diabetics have vascular disease or an abnormal condition of the blood vessels in the feet. Accidental injury could result in a limb loss.

Diabetics should prioritize a roomy fit when shopping for shoes. Rushton explains that wide-fitting shoes with "plenty of depth" are essential for preventing the rubbing and chafing that can lead to more serious sores and injuries. Shoes with roomy toe boxes and padded soles and linings are also helpful. Rushton explains that there are shoes designed specifically for diabetics that have low-friction insoles and other features.

You'll find a list of the top 10 pairs of shoes for diabetics, ranging from those designed for walking to those designed for running and even lounging.

All-American Made New 990v5 by New Balance

Shoes to Prevent Neuropathy from Diabetes

If Dr. Rushton, diabetic neuropathy frequently causes feet to feel numb. Because of this, it's crucial that their footwear is loose enough that it doesn't cause any chafing or rubbing (which they might not even feel) that could be potentially harmful. He recommends New Balance, saying, "They make a great diabetic shoe and Medicare will pay for them." The New Balance 990v5 is a Made in USA sneaker with a firm but supportive midsole and an Ortholite insole. Wide toe box that's great for diabetics with neuropathy.

New Balance Made in USA 990v5

Buy: New Balance Men's Made in USA 990v5 $169-$233 Get the New Balance 990v5 for Men for $169-$233.

Buy: New Balance Women's Made in USA 990v5 $137-$249 Women's 990v5 from New Balance, priced between $137 and $249.

Skechers Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe for Women.

Most Comfortable Diabetic Work Shoes

Women's walking shoes with high-rebound cushioning and responsive Skechers cushioning. Light and flexible, they have been praised as among the best shoes for standing for long periods of time. The mesh upper lets air circulate and the fabric lining keeps you comfortable no matter where you wear them. These are fantastic slip-ons for everyday use, and the highly grippy outsole only helps. Pick between a wide and standard cut.

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Buy: Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe $35 - $114 Invest in a pair of the Skechers Women's Go Walk Joy Walking Shoes ($35 - $114).

Cloudfoam Qt Racer by Adidas for Ladies

The Cloudfoam Qt Racer by Adidas is a super comfy sneaker. Cloud-like cushioning can be found in the outsole, and the knit upper allows air to circulate freely. Almost 8,000 reviews give it a 4.5/5 rating, making it the most reviewed These sneakers have a 4.5 average rating on Amazon, so you know they're a safe bet for any activity from jogging to walking to brunch.

adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Qt Racer Running Shoe

Buy: Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Qt Racer $37 - $120 Women's Cloudfoam Qt Racer from Adidas, available for $37 to $120.

Shoes, Nike Zoom Winflo 6 for Running

These Nikes are "light as a feather" and have "excellent arch support," according to reviews. They have a knit upper that molds to the shape of your foot, a soft lining, responsive, low-profile cushioning, and a lot of other comfort features.

Nike Women’s Zoom Winflo 6 Running

Buy: Nike Men's Zoom Winflo 6 $100-$164 To shop, look no further than the Nike Men's Zoom Winflo 6 ($100-$164).

Buy: Nike Women's Zoom Winflo 6 - $222 Women's Nike Zoom Winflo 6: –$222.

Catamount Sneakers by Brooks

Type 2 Diabetes: The Top Running Shoes

The Brooks Catamount sneaker is widely regarded by podiatrists as an excellent choice for both men and women in need of an orthopedic shoe. In order to protect diabetic feet from blisters and chafing, the tongue and collar of these shoes are padded for comfort once you've laced them up. The breathable soft mesh lining and responsive insole make for a winning combination.

Brooks Catamount Sneaker

Buy: Brooks Men's Catamount $120-$286 Choose from $120 to $286 for the Brooks Catamount for Men.

Buy: Brooks Women's Catamount $121-$286 Invest in the Catamount by Brooks for Women, available for $121.

The Escalante 2 from Altra. 5

Dr In particular, Rushton suggests Altra footwear for diabetics because of their "really wide toe boxes to prevent rubbing and nice thick soles." The Escalante 2.5 is highly regarded because of the neutral support it provides, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses, from athletics to daily life.

Altra Footwear Escalante 2.5

Buy: Altra Men's Escalante 2.5 $119-$170 Men's Escalante 2.5 by Altra, available for $119-170

Buy: Altra Women's Escalante 2.5 $119-$170 Women's Escalante 2.5 by Altra, available for $119-$170

Men's Walking Shoe: New Balance 577 V1

Shoes Ideal for Diabetics Who Want to Walk

The 577 V1 walking shoe from New Balance is highly regarded as one of the best options for men. (It's worth noting that the company also produces some of the finest walking shoes for ladies.) ) The polyurethane midsole and the added heel cushioning work together to absorb shock. The hook-and-loop fastener allows the wearer to find the optimal fit, ensuring that the garment is neither too tight nor too loose and thus impeding blood flow. And there are many width options available for the shoe.

New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Walking Shoe

Buy: New Balance Men’s 577 V1 Walking Shoe - $101 Get the New Balance 577 V1 Walking Shoe for Men, available for -$101.

Buy: New Balance Women's 577 V1 Walking Shoe The New Balance 577 V1 Walking Shoe for Women is a steal at (reg. ).

Sky Kaha from Hoka One One Hiking Boots

Diabetic Footwear Optimal for Hiking

The Hoka Sky Kaha hiking boot is a great option for hikers with diabetes and is widely considered to be among the best hiking shoes available. The ultra-plush interior prevents blisters and rubbing for happy, healthy feet. Plus, the shoe is long-lasting, has excellent traction, and is lightweight, making it easy to move even over rough terrain.

HOKA ONE ONE Sky Kaha Hiking Boot

Buy: Hoka Men's Sky Kaha Hiking Boot $219 The Hoka Men's Sky Kaha Hiking Boot is a great choice and only costs $219.

Buy: Hoka Women's Sky Kaha Hiking Boot $219 Get the $219 Hoka Sky Kaha Women's Hiking Boot.

Indulge in Some Vionic Relax Slippers

The Optimal Pair of Indoor Shoes for Diabetics

The Vionic Relax slipper is a top choice for women because of its cushioned, ergonomic footbed. Plush terry cloth fabric, a flexible midsole, and hook-and-loop closure for a personalized fit all contribute to their widespread popularity; even Oprah Winfrey is a fan. Unfortunately, men can't get their hands on this particular style; however, while you're here, have a look at our selection of top-notch slippers.

Vionic Relax Slippers

Buy: Vionic Relax Slippers $54-$109 Purchase a pair of Vionic Relax Slippers for $54-$109.

Diabetic Shoes from Yibobay

The Finest Diabetic Velcro Shoes

Customers over the age of 65 tend to rave about the comfort and support of Yibobay's extra-wide diabetic shoes. They have a memory foam insole to distribute your weight evenly and a padded tongue and collar for comfort. You can adjust the fit with a velcro strap.

Yibobay Diabetic Shoes for Men

Buy: Yibobay Men's Diabetic Shoes $58 Get the $58 Yibobay Diabetic Shoes for Men.

Buy: Yibobay Women's Diabetic Shoes $56 Women's Yibobay Diabetic Shoes are 56 dollars.