If you have flat feet, finding comfortable walking shoes can be a challenging task. Along with a detailed overview on what you need to know if you have flat feet, we've got you covered with the best walking shoes available.

    Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet:

      With our team testing over a dozen walking shoes recommended for individuals with flat feet, we have narrowed down the best options in five categories. Whether you have flat and wide feet, prefer feather-like shoes, or have a budget under , there is an option for you in each of these cases.


        Please note that this guide does not offer medical advice or diagnosis. It has been designed for educational purposes only.

        The CoreScore:

          We take pride in our unique system, known as the CoreScore. This system enables us to collect walking-shoe reviews from 5 experts and 54,482 users, eradicate spam and rank all flat feet walking shoes on a 0-100 scale. With this ranking, you're able to sort the entire collection by popularity, ratings or apply filters to meet your specific needs.


          Identifying Flat Feet:

            There are two types of flat feet: rigid and flexible. If you have rigid flat feet, which means the arch of your foot is always missing, whether it's a weight- or non-weight bearing condition, it's advisable to seek medical attention. Flexible flat feet, the type that misses the arch only when weight bearing, is what this guide focuses on.


            Possible symptoms of flat feet include achy and painful feet, leg and back pain, swelling on the inner side of your feet, and feet that are quick to get tired.

            Determining arch type is essential in selecting appropriate walking shoes. Do a quick wet test to find out, wet the sole of your foot and stand on a piece of paper, letting the moisture from your feet sink in, and step off. Look at the shape of your footprint and compare it to images indicating the different arch types.


            Features of Walking Shoes for Flat Feet:

            • - Arch support: A suitable arch support can make walking more comfortable by decreasing oxygen consumption.
            • - Stability for overpronation: Stability features are needed to support the foot and distribute weight evenly.
            • - Stiff heel counter: Heel support ensures that the foot doesn't roll inward, and look out for a padded heel for comfort.
            • - Snug fit: Look for a snug fit in the heel area.
            • - Wide-fit shoes: Individuals with flat feet tend to choose wide models most often and ensure the shoe doesn't squeeze the toes.
            • - Removable insole: This feature comes in handy when purchasing insoles for flat feet.
            • Average Price of Walking Shoes for Flat Feet:
            Best walking shoesBest walking shoes for women

            Walking shoes tend to be more expensive than other types of shoes. However, prices are often negotiable, so be sure to look for good deals or enjoy discounts available.

            FAQ about Flat Feet:

              - Flat feet may be hereditary or acquired. Acquired flat feet result from obesity, aging, pregnancy, certain health conditions, and excessive tension in the triceps surae.

              - Weakness of the muscular, ligamentous, or bony arch supporting structures leads to a collapse of the arch caused by insufficient support or too much arch-flattening effect.

              - Plantar data significantly increases in individuals suffering from flexible flatfoot, making it necessary to wear orthotic insoles to prevent further deformation.

              - There is no evidence that supports the strengthening of muscles by walking barefoot improves flat feet.

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              • Conclusion:
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              Having flat feet is not a barrier to walking comfortably. By selecting the appropriate walking shoes that cater to your specific needs, your walking experience will be both supportive and comfortable. With the CoreScore system and various guides, you can rest assured knowing you're making an informed decision in your shoe selections.