If you find yourself in a constant loop of purchasing and returning shoes due to wider feet, you're not alone. For many women, standard shoe sizes can't provide sufficient comfort or support. Nevertheless, while there are plenty of trendy shoes available in mainstream sizes, many designers are expanding their range of styles to include sizes suited for wider feet.

In order to make your shoe-shopping experience a bit easier, Shop TODAY consulted with a podiatrist about the common problems faced by those with wider feet. Additionally, we've curated a selection of stylish women's wide-width shoes that will provide plenty of room without cramping your toes.

How can you be certain if you have wide feet? According to Dr. Najwa Javed of California's Silicon Valley Podiatry Group, it's best to get your feet measured by a shoe fitting expert or try a foot measuring device available at a shoe store. Alternatively, you could trace your foot on a piece of paper and then place your shoe over the trace to determine if you have enough room.

When searching for dress shoes for wider feet, Javed recommends finding shoes that feature a good heel counter of at least one inch. This ensures that the foot is elevated, which in turn reduces the widening of the sole of the foot. She also suggests looking for footwear with a square toe box since it inherently provides more space around the front of the shoe. Additionally, it's essential to purchase shoes with upper materials that easily stretch or are made of a stretchable material, such as genuine leather, suede, mesh, or canvas.

While clogs and mules with heels are two of the most popular shoe styles for women with wider feet, Javed advises against them. Their interesting heel styles can cause an altered pressure distribution that may lead to painful balls of the feet. Additionally, elongated pointed toes give off the illusion of more space in the shoe, but they can actually cause cramping of the metatarsals.

Whether you prefer flats or heels, there are plenty of brands featuring comfortable footwear options specially designed for wider feet:

  • Wide-Width Flats to Shop:

Bellini Fabulous II Slip-On: These elegant flats from Bellini feature rhinestone detailing on the suede-like upper and a comfortable interior that will keep your feet feeling just as great after a night of dancing. Wear them with slacks or a flowy dress to best showcase their feminine feel.