Smake Anderson is the founder and lead writer of, a leading shoe review website that provides in-depth analysis, comparisons and recommendations for different shoes. With a background in the footwear industry and years of experience working in a variety of roles, Smake brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the website. He is passionate about helping people find the best shoes for their needs, and his in-depth reviews and insightful commentary reflect this dedication.

Smake received his Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design from the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he honed his skills in designing, marketing, and managing footwear products. After graduation, he began his professional career in the athletic shoe industry, working in various roles such as product development manager, brand manager, and marketing director. Through these experiences, Smake has developed a deep understanding of the athletic shoe market and the needs of consumers, making him a trusted authority in the field.

At, Smake and his team are committed to providing impartial, unbiased reviews and analysis of the latest shoe offerings. They purchase each pair of shoes they review at full price and subject them to rigorous testing, ensuring that their recommendations are based on first-hand experience. They also create in-house product photography and custom infographics to provide additional detail for each review. With Smake's leadership, has become a go-to resource for those looking for high-quality, reliable advice on choosing the right shoes.